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Hello and welcome to the Lime Green Giraffe. Wait, do you know what the Lime Green Giraffe is? Well if you don’t, then let me tell you.
    The Lime Green Giraffe or LGG (shorthand used by the staff members) is an online magazine that is written by girls for girls. In this magazine you can find everything that you need to know.  Everything from “Totally Girl Scouts” to “Girl Talk.” 
Some of the incredible articles you can read here tell you about travel destinations, so you can start planning your next trip. There are short stories and serial stories that can help you experience a new place or time period. You can read articles that can help you with new Girl Scout experiences or starting your Girl Scout Gold Award. There are other articles that give you advice on topics like dating and bullies. There are so much to read and artwork to see that you will absolutely love it.
I hope you enjoyed...oh wait I forgot to ask you something. Do you enjoy writing?  Do you enjoy creating art?  Then you should consider joining the Lime Green Giraffe’s staff. It’s so simple!  All you have to do is follow the steps provided under the Join Us tab in the top right corner of our website.
    I hope you enjoyed this brief overview and all of the other articles that you have or will have read on our website. Thank you for reading and we hope you will consider joining us.

Ali S. 
Copy Editor 2017
Lime Green Giraffe

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