Editor's Note

In early 2019, the Lime Green Giraffe had its first meeting for the new staff. For me, the mood was somber at first: two LGGers, who had been on the staff since I joined, had just graduated. These girls had set the tone for our issues and had mentored me through many periods of my life. I was uncertain what the magazine would be without them.

      However, the mood changed as more girls filed in. There were seasoned pros I had known forever; newer writers already making their mark, and girls I had never met before, who were attending their very first meeting. We started chatting, discussing, brainstorming, and soon our next issue started to take shape. We bounced ideas off of each other, challenged those ideas with better ideas, assigned articles, designed our t-shirts. A new dynamic was developing that would set new standards and push the Lime Green Giraffe even further.

     As we move into a new year of new obstacles, it's important to remember that although certain aspects of our lives may fade away, new friends arrive to replace those who have left us, and support systems such as our adult volunteers will always be there to rely on. We are so excited to bring you an issue that incorporates the same sensibilities you associate with the LGG with new features, as we continue to evolve and to grow. Here's to old friends and new beginnings!

Lillabeth B. -- Copy Editor and Editorial Team Lead -- Lime Green Giraffe 2019

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