Friday, October 28, 2016

By: Mimi M.

Dear Diary,
Well, the flight went well. I'm at the airport in Sydney, Australia. I can see why mom and dad moved here but I still do not understand why they left me.  Anyway, it is SUPER pretty here.
Well, time to start my search. According to the World Globe, they should be on Old Hall Lane. I must now figure out where exactly on Old Hall Lane.
As it turns out, Old Hall Lane is super big. I spent the whole day looking, and I only covered about half of the neighborhood. I did find a place to sleep though. If you count sleeping on someone's roof a suitable location, that is.       Anyway, roof or dumpster, I have to get some rest. And the roof was tad bit cleaner than a Dumpster. So, dreams, here I come!
            Time to take on the rest of Old Hall Lane! After I find food, that is. Maybe I can grab some food from a passing drone delivering pizza to someone.
The search continues after a breakfast of pizza with anchovies.
I FOUND THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or, at least I found, my mom. When I rang the doorbell and asked who she was (Yes, I'm doing this the old fashioned way and ringing people's doorbells), she said her name. It was my mom!!! Now, she doesn't know who I am yet, but I am going to talk to her. I have to find a way to get to talk to her, I will. I think honesty will work best. I'll just ask her if she had a daughter named Riley Johnson, and then tell her that I'm her daughter. But sleep is calling me.
Right now, its time for a bit more rest.
So, that chat went super well. She is my mother, but I don't have a father anymore. When she realized that I was her daughter, she told me the story of my father, and why she couldn't take care of me.
"Your father was a kind and brave man. When you were born, he loved you very much. We were a happy family until the fire. On the night of the fire it was a nice, warm fall evening.  We had just put you to bed when the blaze began.
It was a horrible, big, raging fire that turned the entire house in a wall of flames. I grabbed you and ran and while your father ran to get the fire extinguisher. I warned him not to, but he wouldn't listen. He kept yelling to get you of danger and that he would follow. I wanted to go stop him, but I couldn't risk your life.
I ran outside and waited, but he never came.  He was gone. I couldn't handle the grief, and gave you to my sister, Sally and her husband. They were to take care of you for a while so I could get a full time job and get us a house. I missed you so much.”
“Please, will you stay here with me?” she asked. Of course, I said yes, so Dear Diary, I am writing this from my new room in Australia.  At last, I am home.


Riley Johnson

Friday, October 21, 2016

By: Mimi M.

Dear Diary,
It's hard to believe that I found the World Globe and that I am on my way to find my parents. This morning, I used the touch screen to locate my parents. They are in Sydney, Australia. So, I'm off to Sydney.
Thanks to my handy-dandy maps, I know how to get there. But, I have to fly. My magic carpet is broken so, I need to take an airplane and I need money. Hopefully, $50 is enough to get me a trip to Sydney.  The closest airport to catch a plane to Australia is, unfortunately, 100-miles away. And without a magic carpet, that means I have to walk to the airport. So this is going to take awhile.
Walking is hard. Like, super hard. Like, I-walked-the-entire-day-and-only-went-about-20-miles hard. Now that I only have 80 miles left, I should be on a flight to Sydney in three days.
More walking tomorrow, I need to make a shelter. Unfortunately, there aren’t any caves around here, so I slept under the stars. Well, it wasn’t that bad, no rain.
Aaah. Everything feels much better after food and a full night's rest. All right food was more like a raw lizard (I ran out of food. And there are no stores around here, because even after walking 20 miles, I am still in a BARREN WASTELAND!) And I had about five hours of sleep (if you can call it that). But, ya know, whatever. Guess I have to start walking now. Yay.
I think I'm close now. If it was light outside and I could, ya know, see, I would be able to see the airport. I know I could walk to it in like, 30 minutes. But it's getting dark, so I'm going to sleep.
Turns out, I was right. What I wrote last night was true, after walking for, like, 25 minutes, I saw the airport. It would be hard to miss it. Sure, it's dirty, and grimy, and smelly, but it has electricity. And, more importantly, a way to my parents!!! 
            Right now, I'm about to get my ticket. Unfortunately, the only place to get a ticket is staffed by… NO ONE!! So, guess it's time to sit back, and sleep.
Well, after a few hours of sleep, there finally was someone at the ticket booth. So I bought my ticket. Unfortunately, I only had enough money to buy a one way, third class ticket to Sydney. Hopefully, my parents have a nice home, and can take care of me, because I am out of money and have no way of getting back home.
I am on the plane. Time for sleep..
Riley Johnson

Will Riley reunite with her parents? Find out next week in the final installment of Dear Diary.

Friday, October 14, 2016

By: Mimi M.

Dear Diary,
OK, so maybe I overstated when I wrote that I was well rested. It turns out, that I had not slept at all, so I might've, just maybe…umm…collapsed from exhaustion on the ground. And, I might not have woken up until it was dark. I mean, who cares that I wasted the entire day sleeping when I could've been finding my parents? And that I now I have to wait until tomorrow before I can find my parents because I don't want to search an old, possibly haunted castle in the dark. You know what? No. I don't care about the dark. I am going to find my parents, dark or no dark. So you know what? I'm walking right in there, and I'm going to start looking around. 
Ok, it was really creepy in there. Umm, ok, weird tapestries to the left, door to the right. Right or left? Door or tapestries? Tapestries. OK, call me a 'fraidy pants, but for all I knew, there could've be a secret passageway there. Or not. Behind that tapestry was a wall, a dry, crumbling wall. I found the same behind the next tapestry, and the next, and the next, but not the next one.
Behind the tapestry with the unicorn killing a soldier, there was a slide or a ramp, or a weird, slanted hallway. Whatever it was, I took it to wherever it led. Random place in a castle, here I come or something like that!
(Mental note to self: Don't slide down ramps that have brick walls at the end. They hurt. A lot. Like, huge knot on your forehead a lot.)
 So the tapestries were a dead end or more like a brick end, so time to try the door.  And, maybe I should've tried the door first, because I found a hallway that led to a room. The room had tons of maps, and now, I might've taken most of them, and put them in my bag. Well, all of them except for the…. MAP OF THE CASTLE!!!!!!!! Now, I know the possibility of finding the exact Globe location on the map wasn’t very likely but at least the castle map could help me locate the dead ends, so I don't bonk my head.
So first, I planned to search the room of "Pie Charts," whatever those were. Maybe they show you what types of pies are most popular? Anyway, it'll be fun, right?
Boy, it was creepy. I mean, there were pictures of circles cut up into different colored pieces. Talk about weird. Well, no world Globe there. Maybe the "Room of old, dusty things that no one uses" would have what I was looking for?
And, OMG!!!!! I FOUND IT! At least I thought I did. I mean, it’s a globe, with weird words on the bottom, and for some reason, a touch screen on the side. Hopefully, the touch screen is a directory where I can look people up.
Any ways, tomorrow, I'll test it out and find my parents. Right now, I'm sleeping because, between you and me, I don't want to collapse again. Frankly, it was embarrassing. Fortunately, there was no one around to see it because I'm in a freaking barren wasteland!


Riley Johnson

Did Riley find the real World Globe? Find out on October 21 in part 3 of Dear Diary.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Written By: Sabrina Y.
Photographed By: Emily B.

At the 2016 GSGATL Volunteer Leadership Conference, I had the opportunity to interview the new GSGATL Chief Operating Officer, Vikki Millender-Morrow. She came to the Lime Green Giraffe booth, which I was helping out with for the day, and Allison B. (our amazing photographer), Ms. Millender-Morrow, and I left the busy room to scout out a location to hold
the interview. As we searched, we began talking, and she gave off a kind, caring, and professional air. Eventually, we found a nice space, and we were able to begin.

Lime Green Giraffe:  For those who don’t know, can you please describe the role of the GSGATL Chief Operating Officer or COO?

Millender-Morrow  The Chief Operating Officer at Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta is responsible for really the mission-centered aspects of the council.  So I’m responsible for all of membership, that’s recruiting and retaining existing girl and adult members. And, our council has a little over 60,000 members, when you include the girls and the adults together.  In addition to that, I’m responsible for making sure you have access to the Girl Guides and the uniforms, etc.  The Badge and Sash stores, which are our, Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta retail stores, are part of my responsibility.  I’m also responsible for our programming experiences. We have council-led programs, like our STEM program, cookie Rally, etc. Those types of programs fall under my jurisdiction and many other smaller programs that are council-led.  I’m also responsible for camp, so not only our council-led programs but our outdoor programs.  We have four phenomenal camp sites, actually five, but four of them where we have resident programs as well as day camps that are a couple of our facilities for girls.  I’m also responsible for the wonderful Cookie Program!  We also have our fall program, which we call Treats and Keeps, and in addition to that our cookie entrepreneurship program that we have for our girls. In addition to that, I have Customer Care, which we have an 800 number for any calls and we also have direct emails that come into council with questions.  So, I think that’s about it.

LGG:  Why were you interested in this position?

M-M:  Well. I have been interested in girl-centered and women-centered organizations all my life.  I’ve just always loved empowering women that were younger than me or that have worked with me as well as young girls.  I spent 20 years as an engineer at Bell South, which was a phone company that now AT&T owns.  And after that I was on the board for an organization called Girls Inc.  And for the last nine years I’ve been working in the nonprofit arena at girls serving nonprofits.  I just love watching other girls grow, and I get inspired and get the chance to grow just as much as they do.

LGG:  What do you hope to accomplish as COO?

M-M:  We want to make Girl Scouts available for every girl that’s interested. We find that there are so many girls who can benefit from Girl Scouts, and they aren’t able to generally for two reasons: they either don’t have the money for a Girl Scout Experience which includes membership dollars, uniforms, books, trips, etc… or they don’t have an adult leader, a troop leader, to help lead their troop.  So we want to do everything we can to make sure that we have the financial resources to support any girl that is interested in Girl Scouts, and we want to make sure that we have enough adult leaders to lead troops and to help girls create wonderful experiences.

LGG:  What in life has prepared you for this leadership position?

M-M:  I have to be honest and say its maybe two main things: great parents and I’m originally from Birmingham Alabama, born in the sixties in a time where there was a lot of unrest like there is in our country today and so I always became, as a result of the Civil Rights movement, interested in helping what I considered the underdog, people that needed help. So that really influenced me and prepared me for helping folks that needed a little more assistance. In addition to that, working for a telephone company, I mentioned to you that I had 20-years at Bell South and I started out as an electrical engineer. I did that for a couple of years, and I also had sales positions, and I had marketing and project management positions. Through those different roles that I had, I got a chance to understand finance, marketing, sales, and my engineering background gave me great analytical skills. That foundation that I built, working for 20-years at a wonderful company with great values, really prepared me for Girl Scouts.

LGG:  How did you initially get involved with Girl Scouts? Were you a Girl Scout yourself?

M-M:  I was not a Girl Scout, but my first job in the nonprofit arena was with an organization called Girls Inc. and Girls Inc. is an organization that also inspires girls. I was the CEO there, and their mission is that they build girls that are strong, smart, and bold. It’s very similar to our concepts of Courage, Confidence, and Character.  So that’s how I originally began to become interested in helping girls and working with girls. Then a friend of mine who was working in Girl Scouts recruited me, and she said, “I think you would be a great fit for the Girl Scouts organization.”  So I interviewed and Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta CEO, Amy Dosik and she hired me two years ago.

LGG:  What does the Girl Scout motto of Courage, Confidence, and Character mean for you?

M-M:  When I think of building girls of Courage, Confidence, and Character, it resonates with what I believe is important for a young girl. Courage: to take risks, to take chances. What I find often is that women, as well as young girls, aren’t willing to take as many chances naturally. So for Girls Scouts to build programs that give girls the opportunity to start taking risks and to accept challenges and to learn how to lead is so very important.

Confidence: you develop confidence when you have an opportunity to try new things and succeed. But you won’t always succeed, and that’s part of building that confidence to know that you can try things even if you fail the first time. You can build new skills, gain new knowledge, and then end up succeeding in whatever you were trying to do.

And Character: you know character is such a foundation for what is important to all of us. All you have is your reputation, and developing a great character, and that’s coming off the foundation of excellent values, the things that Girl Scouts talks about all the time. I think it’s all really foundational and important.

LGG:  If you could give one piece of advice to a Girl Scout, what would it be?

M-M:  If I could give one piece of advice to a Girl Scout, I would say to try as many experiences as you can. I think the Girl Scout Cookie program and our fall sale program really give girls the confidence to know that they can ask for what they want. Girls also learn to strategize, work with a plan, and build the skills to be a great businessperson and an entrepreneur.

I’d say the next thing I would want every Girl Scout to do is to experience camping and going outdoors. That’s one of the great treasures of Girl Scouts that not enough of our girls take advantage of. Only about 5% of our girls come to our wonderful camp facilities. And so it starts with an outdoor experience that’s overnight and then leveraging that to more traveling experiences, whether its to Savannah or to Our Chalet in Switzerland or all of the other wonderful places you can go to in this country and in this world. It just builds a broader person.

LGG:  Being a Latina, it’s very empowering for me to see women of color in
leadership positions and doing positive things in the world and really making an impact, so how does it feel to be a role model in that sense?

M-M:  I think it’s fantastic! I didn’t come into this work thinking that I would be a role model, but its been a wonderful perk of coming to a job that I love and that’s missioned centered. Using my skills to make the world better and to make people better, but then to know that people look up to me and know that if they see me in a certain position when they don’t see as many women of color in positions like this, that I can serve as a role model and let them know that they could inspire to do what I’m doing and more, you know it’s a wonderful privilege that I don’t take lightly. And I think it is important for people to see diversity in every place of leadership. We don’t often see enough of that.

LGG:  Last question, and this is very important: what is your favorite Girl Scout Cookie?

M-M:  Trefoils, I love our shortbreads!

Thank you to Ms. Vikki Millender-Morrow! You are truly an inspiration, and after interviewing you I feel even more proud to be a part of such a wonderful program that strives to build girls of Courage, Confidence, and Character.

Friday, October 7, 2016

By: Mimi M.

Dear Diary,
This morning, I had shuddered as I looked at the ancient ruins of the old, crumbling castle. I knew that the only way to find my parents was to search for them. And the only way to find them was to find the World Globe. The legends say, the Globe was lost in the confusion of the battle that defeated Evil forever.
My parents left me in 2020, when I was a baby, with my aunt and uncle. I never saw my mom or dad again. My Aunt Sally said that they had died in a carpet crash. It seemed like a good answer, because magic carpets were then and are now the cause of 55% of deaths in the world. But I just knew that my parents were alive, somewhere.
I had been living with my aunt and uncle for about 10 years when I couldn't stand just waiting for my parents to come for me. So about a week ago, on my 11th birthday, I took an old magic carpet that I'd been fixing and left. If after 11 years my parents had not been able to find me, then I was going to find them.
A year ago, I would have laughed my head off at the thought of this. Me, tiny, redhead, little book nerd Riley Johnson going to the castle ruins on a quest to find her parents? No way. At least that’s what my friends and me would've said a year ago. 
My friends, except for my best friend, would never have believed that I would do something so impulsive. (They might not even believe that I have impulses.)  Most people would say I was the smart, shy girl with basically no personality. Well, most people would say this but not my best friend, Anna. With Anna I was the smart, brave, spunky girl who loved to plan. 
I started planning for this moment about five-months ago. I just realized that I had to go out into the world, and find my parents. I started planning important things like food, and unimportant things like whether or not I would be able to bring a tent and inflatable mattress with me on my carpet. I decided to bring enough food to last me a week, and enough money to buy food for two more weeks. (Hey, I'm optimistic!) Unfortunately, I couldn't fit an inflatable mattress or tent in my bag. But, I have enough equipment to last me until I find the World Globe, and then I’ll, hopefully, restock on supplies, and find my parents.
All right, I have always hated suspense, especially in stories, so here is what happened. I walked right on in, found the World Globe sitting right on a table, below a giant neon sign that said " WORLD GLOBE RIGHT HERE!!!!" I then picked up the instruction manual, and found my parents. I wish.
So, what really happened was I walked around and found a cave or what was more like a couple of rocks put together into the shape of a shelter and ate some food. I then slept in my sleeping bag. That’s right, I don’t have yoga mat or cushion of any sort. It’s just me with my sleeping bag, and the cold, hard, rocky ground. What fun.
I know, it take a while, but I'll get to sleep. I mean, how do you sleep when the key to finding your parents is just a little bit away? But somehow I'll manage.
The morning light makes everything better. I just woke up well rested-ish and I am on my way to the castle.

Riley Johnston

What does Riley discover in the castle? Find out in Dear Diary: Part 2 on Friday, October 14.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Collected by: Lime Green Giraffe Social Media Director, Avery B.

            Can you believe it’s only been a few months since the 2016 Summer Olympic Games? Wow! Time flies by fast when you’re already looking ahead to the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea or the next Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan in 2020.
            To look back on an exciting month full of athletics, records, and gold medals, and maybe even show you a few moments you might have missed during all the festivities, the staff here at the Lime Green Giraffe has compiled some of our top moments of the Rio Olympics. Enjoy!

Usain Bolt Strikes Again!

In his final Olympics, Usain Bolt, representing Jamaica in Track and Field, didn’t fail to live up to expectation. He won gold in the 100-meter sprint, the 200-meter sprint, and the 4x100-meter relay, becoming the first and only person to win all three sprint events at three consecutive Olympics. And even as he ran for his final wins, he still had time to smile and pose for cameras. Talk about an impressive finish!

A Beautiful End to Michael Phelps’ Career

The end has finally come for an impressive career spanning five Olympic Games. Michael Phelps finished his Rio Games with three individual medals, a gold in the 200-meter medley, a gold in the 200-meter butterfly, and a silver in the 100-meter butterfly. He also won a team gold in the 4x100-meter freestyle relay and the 4x200-meter freestyle relay, as well as another gold in the 4x100-meter medley relay. This adds five gold medals and a silver to his 28 total medals, 23 of which are gold, the highest medal count for any Olympian ever. He was even named Male Athlete of the Olympic Games! There’s no doubt that this legacy in Olympic swimming will live on even after Phelps retires.

An Even More Beautiful Michael Phelps Meme
While his magnificent closing chapter is something no one can forget, Phelps’ game face may just be what most people remember from these Games. After Chad le Clos, a swimmer from South Africa, narrowly beat Phelps for the gold in the 200-meter butterfly at the 2012 London Olympics, the two have had a rivalry. When le Clos began to dance and shadow box before the 200-meter butterfly Rio semifinals , well, let’s just say that Phelps was not impressed. His angry scowl exploded on the Internet and is now a lovely meme. It’s made all the better in the fact that Phelps beat le Clos in the semifinal and eventually took gold in the finals.

Simone Manuel Makes History!
The 20-year-old swimmer from Texas made Olympic history, when she became the first African-American woman to win gold in an individual Olympic swimming event. Simone tied with Penny Oleksiak of Canada for gold. She also set a new world record of 52.70 seconds. Coming off of her win, Simone says that she was “super glad with the fact that [she] can be an inspiration to others and hopefully diversify the sport.” Simone also won a silver in the 50-meter freestyle, a silver in the 4x100-meter freestyle relay, and another gold in the 4x100-meter medley relay. The Rio Games were not her first Olympics, and after seeing her spectacular showing in Rio, who knows what she’ll accomplish down the road. She’s definitely one to look out for!

The “Iron Lady” Dominates
Katinka Hosszu of Hungary is a champion swimmer and a five time the world champion, but she has failed to grab a medal at the past three Olympics. However, she returned to Rio strong and won gold in the 400-meter individual medley. In doing so, she demolished the previous world record by 2.07 seconds. In addition, she won gold in both the 100 meter backstroke and 200 meter individual medley. It’s no wonder that her strong swimming has earned her the nickname the “Iron Lady!”

Newbie Katie Ledecky Steals the Scene
It was definitely a big Olympics for swimming, with another American female making our list. Everyone had high expectations for Katie Ledecky coming into the Games after she won gold in London as a 15-year-old, and she did not fail to disappoint. Her first gold medal was in the 400-meter freestyle, and she also set a new world record time of 3 minutes and 56.46 seconds, breaking the previous record that she also set. Ledecky also won gold in the 200-meter and 800-meter freestyle, again setting a world record in the 800-meter and becoming the first woman in 48 years to sweep the freestyle events. She also grabbed a gold in the 4x200 meter freestyle relay and a silver in the 4x100-meter free relay. Even after all this success, she was also named the Female Athlete of the Olympic Games. Talk about a champion!

Mo Farah is Back Again
Mo Farah, the 33-year-old track runner from Great Britain, won his fourth Olympic gold as he defended his wins from 2012. He became the second man in Olympic history to win both the 5,000-meter and 10,000-meter track events at consecutive Olympic Games. This firmly establishes his legacy as Britain’s most successful track and field athlete of all time and one of the world’s most successful distance runners. Sweet!

Memorable Golds for a Few Countries
A total of 10-countries won their first gold medals ever at the Rio Olympics. What a cause for celebration!

  • Bahrain won their first gold with Ruth Jebet in the 3,000-meter steeplechase.
  • Fiji declared a national holiday when its rugby team grabbed gold after winning against Great Britain in the finals.
  • While Kuwait didn’t send a team to the Olympics, Fehaid Al-Deehani, who competed as an independent athlete, became the first Kuwaiti with a gold medal after winning the double-trap shooting event.
  • Ivory Coast won the gold in Taekwondo after Cheick Sallah Cisse landed an important kick a second before the end of the fight.
  • Jordan, similar to Ivory Coast, won its first gold medal and only Olympic medal in Taekwondo with competitor Ahmad Abughaush. 
  • In its first Olympics, Kosovo grabbed a gold medal when Majlinda Kelmendi won her judo competition.
  • Puerto Rico’s Monica Puig won a gold medal in tennis.
  • Tajikistan got a gold in the men’s hammer throw, as well as its first track and field medal thanks to Dilshod Nazarov.
  • Vietnam’s Hoang Xuan Vinh has now won half of his country’s medals, including gold in the 10-meter air pistol competition.
  • And Singapore…

Joseph Schooling Beats His Idol
Singapore's first ever gold medal is thanks to Joseph Schooling. He actually swims at the University of Texas, but competed for his home country during the Rio Olympics. He won his gold medal in the 100-meter butterfly, beating Michael Phelps, Chad le Clos of South Africa, and Laszlo Cseh of Hungary, who all tied for silver. Schooling set an Olympic record of 50.39 seconds, but the awe inspiring part for him was beating Phelps, who has been his idol. Schooling even has a picture with Phelps taken after the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Schooling comments that he's "just ecstatic. I don't think it has set in yet. It's just crazy."

First Ever Olympic Refugee Team
Even when their home countries are war torn and chaotic, these refugee athletes manage to still persevere. The first ever Olympic Refugee team competed in this year’s Games. The team was made up of 10 athletes from countries like South Sudan, Syria, Ethiopia, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. They competed in judo, track and field, and swimming. One swimmer, Rami Anis received a standing ovation when he achieved a personal best. While none of them medaled, they all represented hope and inspiration for millions of fellow refugees around the world.

In Gymnastics, Simone Biles Reigns
It's hard to believe the Rio Games were Simone Biles’ first Olympic Games after you saw her execution and skill level, but it's true! Simone Biles walked away from her first Games with five medals to add on her to previous three consecutive world championship titles. As part of the "Final Five", named for the last Olympics under the tutelage of renowned gymnastics coach Martha Károlyi, Biles won a team gold. Individually, Biles won a gold in the all-around and a gold in the vault, as well as a bronze on the beam. Considering her success at these Games, we guess that she will probably be back in Tokyo to continue doing what she does best: striking gold.

Allyson Felix Swipes Historic Number of Medals
It was a Games to remember for Allyson Felix, a track and field runner on Team USA. She won a gold in 4x400 relay, a gold in the 4x100 relay, and a silver in the women's 400-meter race. These medals bring her grand total to six gold medals and nine total medals in her Olympic career. She is the third woman to win three Olympic gold medals in the same track and field event, which is the 4x400 relay for Felix. She is also tied for the most decorated track and field woman Olympian and is tied as the third most decorated track and field Olympian ever. In addition to all of these, her six gold medals leave her tied for fifth among all women in any Olympic sport. That's a lot of titles to remember and definitely a lot to be proud of!

British Couple Become the King & Queen of Cycling
British cyclists Jason Kenny and Laura Trott were undeniably the king and queen of the cycling track. After the Rio Olympics, the couple who recently got married, have a total of ten gold medals between the two of them. Trott now has four golds, making her the most decorated British female Olympian ever. Kenny now has six golds to his name, leaving him tied for most decorated British male Olympian. They have certainly earned the title of the most successful Olympic couple in history!

Two Shattered World Records
Ethiopian track and field competitor Almaz Ayana broke the reigning world record to win the women’s 10,000-meter race. The record stood since 1993 but Ayana beat it by about 14 seconds. Seven other runners set national records coming behind her and creating a momentous race.  On top of the momentous occasion, this was also the first world record broken inside the Rio Olympic stadium. Also in track and field, Wayde van Niekerk from South Africa broke the men’s 400-meter race world record by fifteen hundredths of a second. He revealed that he was inspired by Usain Bolt back in a training camp in Jamaica. Bolt apparently told van Niekerk that he would break the world record. And Bolt was right!

Amazing Show of Support Earn Rare Sportsmanship Award
Sometimes it’s not about the win at the end of the race but your attitude during it. Literally. Abbey D’Agostino of Team USA and Nikki Hamblin of New Zealand embodied the true spirit of sportsmanship during the women’s 5,000-meter race. During the race, D’Agostino stopped to help Hamblin to her feet after a fall that tripped them both. They then continued on, but D’Agostino soon collapsed in pain due to a torn ACL among other injuries. This time, Hamblin stopped and helped her up, encouraging her to keep going just as D’Agostino had done to her. They both eventually finished the race and due to their selfless actions, they received the prestigious Pierre de Coubertin award, also known as the International Fair Play Trophy. While neither of the women medaled, they captured something even better: the true spirit of the Olympics.

Watch Out for the American Women
The U.S. as a whole dominated the Rio Olympic Games but the U.S. women especially ruled. The 2016 U.S. Olympic team included the largest women’s delegation in Olympic history, with 292 women to 263 men. Out of the 121 medals brought home by Team USA, women took 61 of them. Out of the 46 gold medals, American women earned 27 of them. If the American women were competing as a separate country, they would have ranked third overall in the medal count. That’s what we call girl power! 

Wow, what an Olympics! Who else is already eager for the 2020 Games in Tokyo? Let us know your favorite 2016 moments in the comments below!