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Welcome to a new school year and to a new edition of the Lime Green Giraffe. What do Destinations, music, camp, life advice; girl empowerment, recipes, serial stories and literature all have in common? They’re all covered this issue of the Lime Green Giraffe!

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Saturday, August 6, 2016

By: Eyana R.

      Do you have a favorite YouTube personality that you just love to watch whenever you get the chance? Did you know that when you view their videos, they’re earning money? Companies are willing to pay YouTube creators a lot of cash to have them promote their products. This depends on the YouTube creator’s audience and objective, of course. Let’s say that someone got around 100,000 views, a company will give approximately $10,000.
      Ever heard of PewDiePie? This comedian makes an estimate of $12.7 million, recording videos that get approximately 4 million views PewDiePie is actually the number one most subscribed channel on YouTube with 44,090,040 subscribers! His videos consist of gaming, reacts and just regular vlogs.
      The YouTube channel Smosh, who has 12,745,646 subscribers. This channel consists of two individuals: Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox. Smosh does not specialize in a specific niche they just do whatever. Anthony and Ian earn about $10.5 million and each video receives 1 to 3 million views
      Markiplier is yet another gamer whose channel doesn’t focus on a specific genre. It’s Markiplier’s personality that makes him stand out above others gamers. This channel makes 7.1 million and receives roughly 1 to 2 million views on some videos. I think Markiplier is another one of the most enjoyable channels. 
By: Joyce S.

So You’ve Caught the Feels...

Heart melting smile, dazzling eyes and a heart of gold; who just popped into your mind? It sounds like you have been struck by the Love Bug.

Don’t worry, I won’t tell! It’s our little secret. But, now that we’re on the topic of crushes, what’s your plan? Will you express your feelings or wait until your crush makes the first move? Oh, calm down, I can hear your heart beating from here! I’ll help you get your heart straightened out.

        Personality comes first! When choosing a crush, there is absolutely nothing wrong with liking how they look. But, please don’t fall victim to the “Looks-Make-You-Good-Person” thought. Even their face makes you melt inside, don’t get attached just yet!

        What do you look for in a crush? Someone funny? Someone creative? Make sure you know what you like so you don’t end up with feelings for the wrong person.

        Crushes aren’t everything! No matter how nice or awesome they are, remember that they are human, just like you. Although I’m sure your crush is amazing make sure to stay true to yourself. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in bubbly fun of a crush but make sure you have a support system just in case it comes crumbling down. Heartbreak hurts, and make sure you can always pick up the pieces.

By: Avery B.

We’ve all made to-do lists, and written goals, and even written reminders to finally do that one thing someday, but have you ever made a bucket list? Bucket lists are essentially a list of things you want to accomplish or see before you die. They can be a simple list like five quickly jotted down activities or as complicated as seven detailed pages of things to do on every continent.

Here at the Lime Green Giraffe, we decided to create a bucket list specifically for Girl Scouts. While ours isn’t seven pages long, whether you’ve been a Girl Scout for 11-years or just started out, there are plenty of places to go and things to do! Here’s our bucket list.

No matter where you are, these activities are Girl Scout classics.

1.    Sing some campfire songs like Tarzan, Princess Pat and Little Sally Walker!
2.    Trade SWAPS-small handmade keepsakes, generally found at summer camps or troop fairs
3.    Host a badge workshop and help younger girls earn a badge while having fun!
4.    Attend a Cookie Rally and get pumped for Girl Scout cookie season
5.    Earn your Girl Scout Bronze, Girl Scout Silver and Girl Scout Gold Awards! To learn more about these awards click here 
6.    Try some traditional camp activities like canoeing or archery or even take on a high challenge course!
7.    Go geocaching or letterboxing and search for hidden treasure.
8.    Cook a meal entirely over a campfire. Try popular recipes include Monkey Bread, tinfoil wrapped quesadillas and s’mores!
9.    Be a CIT or Counselor-In-Training at a Girl Scout summer camp. You will get a camp nickname and all!
10. Go tent camping with your fellow Girl Scout troop members.
11. Try awesome crafts like finger knitting.
12. Participate in a Girl Scout flag ceremony.
13. Go a weekend long Camporee for all ages. Your service unit might host one.
14. Try a night hike under the stars!

To give our hometown a shout out, here are some things that are these are some cool to do right here in Atlanta!

1.    Tour Chamberlain’s Chocolate Factory and earn a badge!
2.     Hogwarts here we come! Participate in a “Harriet Potter” week at Camp Meriwether as well as other specially themed camps at Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta camps.
3.    Join a Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta Lego Robotics team.
4.    Become a writer with Lime Green Giraffe! Applications are due in April.
5.    Spend the night right next to the fishes at a  “Scout Sleepover” at the Georgia Aquarium.
6.    Participate in Camp CEO at Camp Timber Ridge and learn from women executive mentors..
7.    Attend the Girl Scout themed Braves night and be a part of the pre-game parade!
8.    Camp overnight with your troop at all five Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta Camps. These are Camp Meriwether, Camp Misty Mountain, Camp Pine Acres, Camp Pine Valley, and Camp Timber Ridge
9.    Shop at the Badge and Sash Girl Scout store in Mableton.
10. Participate in a badge session at the Chattahoochee Nature Center. We hear there are animal encounters.
11. Visit the Museum of Design Atlanta on Scout Night, the second Tuesday of every month and earn cool badges like comic artist or inventor!
12. Take a restaurant tour at places like Chick-Fil-A, Mellow Mushroom, or Krispy Kreme.
13. Sleep overnight at Zoo Atlanta and earn badges while discovering what happens at the Zoo after dark
14. Visit one the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta STEM expo. Where you might see awesome demonstrations like hover boards and crime scene forensics!

Since World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts or WAGGGS members can be found in 146 countries, these are awesome activities for Girl Scouts to do around the world. 

1.    Visit Girl Scouts of the USA founder, Juliette Gordon Low’s birthplace in Savannah, Georgia.
2.    Visit one of the five WAGGGS World Centres - or visit them all! There are World Centres in United Kingdom, India, Mexico, Switzerland, and Africa.
3.    Take a special trip and hike around Mont Blanc and through France, Switzerland, and Italy with fellow Girl Scouts!
4.    Go on a Girl Scout Destination. A Girl Scout Destination is a special Girl Scout trip to places all over the world with Girl Scouts from around the country. Some Destinations include working with pandas in China, hiking in the Andes Mountains of Peru or tasting the great foods of the U.S. on a food tour. The cool thing about going on a Destination is that you get to grow your leadership skills too. (See Sabrina's article about destinations)
5.    Attend CampHERO in Wisconsin and experience what it’s like to be a police officer, firefighter, and paramedic.
6.    Participate in World Thinking Day celebration. You can also earn the WAGGGS World Thinking Day award.
7.    Visit the Girl Scouts of the USA national headquarters in New York City. You can see various exhibits including uniforms throughout the years and the original trefoil patent.
8.    Visit New York City and experience a Broadway Badge Workshop at Pearl Studios.
9.    Take part in an international scout jamboree like the Essex or Pinakarri International Jamborees or Girl Guides of Canada’s Guiding Mosaic and meet thousands of fellow Girl Scouts from around the world!
10. Participate in the Charnwood International Scout and Guide camp in the United Kingdom.
11. Go on an overnight backpacking trip, whether in a country across the sea or a state park closer to home!
12. Take part in Free Being Me, you can earn a patch that is recognized worldwide, and learn more about being comfortable in your body and standing up to social pressures.
13. Find an international Girl Scout pen pal!

Wow, there’s quite a lot on our bucket list. We hope you go out there and try it all, and make sure to let us know if you do because there’s lots of fun, amazing, totally Girl Scouts things to do!
By Avery B.

Music! It ties the world together, doesn’t it? Every culture, no matter what language they speak, understands rhythm and beat. Music is also a form of personal expression, from songs for bad breakups to songs calling for political change. There is a song for every mood and feeling the human soul can express! And, since there is so much music available out there, we have collected a few songs for certain moods. It’s a little compilation of go to songs for each feeling, so that next time you’re ready to dance or feeling completely confident, you have the perfect music to match!

Nostalgia - For whenever you’re feeling a little down
1.    “Streets of Gold” by NeedtoBreathe
2.    “Oh, What a Life” by American Authors
3.    “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol
4.    “Shadow of the Day” by Linkin Park
5.    “The Call” by Regina Spektor

You go girl! - For when you need a little confidence boost!
1.    “Wings” by Little Mix
2.    “All Star” by Smash Mouth
3.    “Get Back Up” by tobyMac
4.    “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten
5.    “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” by Kelly Clarkson

Smile! - For when you need a little happiness
1.    “Keep Your Head Up” by Andy Grammer
2.    “You’ll Never Be Alone” by Capital Kings
3.    “Stay Beautiful” by Taylor Swift
4.    “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield
5.    “Headphones” by Britt Nicole

In the mood for love - For those romantic or sappy moods
1.    “Rhythm of Love” by Plain White T’s
2.    “Hey There Delilah” by Plain White T’s
3.    “Hey Soul Sister” by Train
4.    “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz
5.    “Ours” by Taylor Swift

Stand, Stand Strong - For when you need a push to keep going
1.    “Move (Keep Walkin’)” by tobyMac
2.    “Breakthrough” by Lemonade Mouth
3.    “Move Along” by All American Rejects
4.    “Don’t You Worry Child” by Swedish House Mafia
5.    “Meant to Live” by Switchfoot

Just Breathe - For when you just need to feel calm
1.    “Fireflies” by Owl City
2.    “C’mon” by Panic! At the Disco ft. Fun
3.    “Home” by Phillip Phillips
4.    “To The Dreamers” by For King and Country
5.    “Learning to Breathe” by Switchfoot

Fun and funky - For when you’re ready to get groovy!
1.    “What’s the Pressure” by Laura Tesoro
2.    “Safe and Sound” by Capital Cities
3.    “Say Yay!” by Barei
4.    “Stereo Hearts” by Gym Class Heroes ft. Adam Levine
5.    “Counting Stars” by OneRepublic

I woke up like this - For those moments when you know you’re amazing (or need to be reminded!)
1.    “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars
2.    “Who Says” by Selena Gomez
3.    “Gold” by Britt Nicole
4.    “Classic” by MKTO
5.    “Nobody Ever Told You” by Carrie Underwood

Hardcore - For all your passionate (slightly angry) moments in life
1.    “Dear X (You Don’t Own Me)” by Disciple
2.    “How Far We’ve Come” by Matchbox 20
3.    “Ready Aim Fire” by Imagine Dragons
4.    “Immortals” by Fall Out Boy
5.    “Citizen Soldier” by 3 Doors Down

Feelin’ Good - For when you’re just having a good day
1.    “I Lived” by OneRepublic
2.    “On Our Way” by The Royal Concept
3.    “Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey 
4.    “Party in the USA” by Miley Cyrus
5.    “On Top Of The World” by Imagine Dragons

Hope you jam out and enjoy! Are we missing any songs? Any moods you want us to create a playlist for? Let us know!
By: Julia H.

Where can you go to have a fun time with friends, explore being a Girl Scout and do fun outdoor activities? The answer is: Girl Scout Camp! According to "Explore 4 wonderful camp locations, 4 resident (overnight) camps and 2 local day camps. In addition to having a summer full of trying new things and meeting great friends, you’ll discover teamwork, leadership and confidence skills you never knew you had."

Girl Scout camp can be an overnight or a day camp experience where you can do many things like crafts, swimming, canoeing, hiking, and much more. There are 4 camp locations and each one has a different program focus. For example, Camp Pine Acres is on Lake Allatoona, and focuses on boating and swimming in the lake. Camp Misty Mountain has horses and focuses on horse riding. Every camp is special in its own way. 

Girl Scout camp is tons of fun and no matter what you do or bring, you will definitely have a great time, but here are five tips that I think will help you have an even better time at camp.

  1. If you think you would prefer to have a close friend come to camp with you, bring a buddy! Find someone who wants to go to camp and invite them to come along. You will still be able to make new friends, but it can be cool to bring a friend too. There will be other girls that don't have friends with them so you and your friend can find new friends too! 
  2. Make a packing list and stick to it. Bring at least two bathing suits and bring a pair of pants and a sweatshirt for cool nights. Also, make sure you are bringing clothes that you are okay with getting dirty. Also, bring flashlights and extra batteries for campfires and late nights. Make sure you bring all the essentials that you might forget like sunscreen, bug spray, detangling spray for your hair (for after the pool and lake), Aloe Vera, and sunglasses. It is also okay to bring a thing or two that will make camp feel more like home.
  3. Choose camp-tivities that you will actually enjoy doing. At Girl Scout, you can choose your camp-tivities, these are the activities that you will do during the day. Be sure to pick things that you really love doing and not just things that your friends are doing. You might be able to make more new friends that enjoy the same things!
  4. Stay positive! A lot of people get homesick at camp but just remember to be happy! You will see your parents in less than a week and you should focus all your energy into having fun! Your new and old friends will be your family for the week. 
  5. Meet the camp staff.  At Girl Scout camp, you will have experience to meet counselors that all have different backgrounds. For example, at some camps, there is a program where people from England and other countries come to be counselors.

Also, counselors don't go by their real names! Everyone has a camp name that is different from their actual name such Skittles, Dancer or Freckles. 

All in all, Girl Scout camp is one of the most fun things you will do all summer. You get to be independent, hang out with old friends, make new friends and participate in fun activities for a week. Girl Scout Camp is something that you will never forget. From arts and crafts to swimming to archery to paddle boarding, it is a great way to enjoy summer!

To learn more about the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta camps, click here
By: Meghan K.

For the past year and a half, I have been spending many evenings running lines in a tiny studio with a bunch of people, most of whom I’ve known about a month. Translation: I’m a drama kid. And I love it. Even though our studio is quickly becoming too small for our rapidly growing casts, and sometimes the heating and air doesn’t work, it is a second home to me.
Being a drama kid has been one of the most exciting, adventurous, crazy things I’ve done. It’s brought me out of my shell and helped me come into my own, boosting my confidence. I’ve had the opportunity to work with some amazing, confident people, both castmates and directors. I’ve worn high heels, dyed my hair, pranced around a church basement in a tutu, and jumped headfirst into a man-eating plant, all for the sake of theatre. The super cool people, crazy shenanigans, and theatre building itself have taught me some important lessons about life and loving myself. Here’s my 10 things drama has taught me.
1. What people mean by “second family.” From the moment I walked into my first rehearsal, I felt like my castmates had my back. I’ve noticed that in every show I’ve been in; the players have very quickly become some of my closest friends, and they’ve seen me at both my best and my worst, and still they stick by me and support me through everything. I feel like these crazy people are my adoptive brothers and sisters and I always miss them at the end of a show.

2. Sometimes, you have to think fast. There’s always going to be that inevitable moment; someone messes up a line, a hat falls off, et cetera. I’ve learned that part of the art of theatre is being able to recover from these moments and make them look like they were part of the script. It’s the same in real life; sometimes you have to pull something out of your hat very quickly and improvise. The more time I’ve spent acting, the better at improvising I’ve become.

3. Nobody’s perfect. Clich├ęd and trite as it is, it’s true; nobody’s perfect. I have a horrible case of perfectionism, but in theatre, I learned very quickly that being a perfectionist throws me off and causes me to make mistakes, and then I get stressed because of those mistakes. Eventually, that becomes a vicious cycle, so sooner or later; I have had to accept that “good enough” is good enough.

4. Trying to impress people takes too much effort. There was one girl in one of my casts whom I had seen in a lot of shows but never worked with, and I spent many a rehearsals trying not to mess up because I wanted her to think I was a good actress. This just stressed me out a ton and in the end; I gave up trying to impress her because it was hurting me more than it was helping.

5. Don’t try too hard. This ties back to points three and four, because as soon as I stopped trying to impress the girl in point 4, I actually did a lot better, and my acting and dancing very quickly improved. But more than that, I had a lot more fun just being myself.

6. Ask and you shall receive. From asking people if I can hug them to saying, “Hey, why isn’t this bit a solo anymore?”, I’ve learned that if I don’t ask questions, I don’t get answers, and that I can’t always expect others to ask questions for me.

7. Give your all in everything you do. I’ve had to do some pretty strange things for theatre; for instance, having one of my friends giving me a crazy stare while being two inches from my face, or remember that time I mentioned when I had to wear high heels? But even if I’m doing something I would normally never do, I try to put my heart and soul into the role, because the people who are really good at what they do are the ones who take what they’ve got and give it their all.

8. How to speak in public. In theatre, enunciation, projection, and posture are just as important as emotion. Everything, I’ve learned in theatre about delivering monologues, I’ve also used when I have to deliver a speech. Not to mention that theatre has taught me how to memorize things quickly and accurately!

9. It’s completely okay to ask for help. There are many people who don’t like to ask for help, and I’m one of them. But sometimes I do actually need to lean on others, whether what’s bugging me is something as tiny as needing help with one of the dance steps or as big as needing someone to drive me to rehearsal tomorrow or even listen to me ramble about life crises. Asking for help isn’t a crime, and while I still don’t like to do it, drama has definitely made this a little bit easier for me.

10. There are some situations where you forget everything that’s bugging you. I could be having the worst day offstage, my life could be spontaneously combusting behind the scenes, but as soon as I get onstage, I’m in the zone. I don’t just play a role; I become the character I’m playing. Theatre has taught me to seek out those moments where nothing matters but the present.

11. BONUS THING! Be confident in your talents, failings, and quirks. One of the most important things I learned in theatre was how to be confident in all those weird little things that make me who I am. I learned to be proud of everything: my inability to sing quietly; the drive to be good at things that my perfectionism creates; my somewhat awkward dancing; my love of giving people hugs. All these things are what make me “Meghan.” I’m proud of them.

To all my fellow drama kids, thank you for being great castmates and friends, and keep on acting! To you who are unsure if you should try out for a play, go for it! You only live once! And as we say in theatre, break a leg!