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Lime Green Giraffe Staff 2019

By: Lime Green Giraffe Service Director, Zora F. 

My Girl Scout Destinations trip through Outward Bound was amazeballs. I enjoyed every moment of it. This trip really took me out of my comfort zone and exposed me to a lot of new things. I meet lots of people from different backgroundsThis trip for me was once in a lifetime. I’ll admit there were times when I doubted the environment but because of my instructor, Grace G., I learned to “embrace it!” The different places we stayed at while I was on my course were truly breathtaking.  
The scenery was so nice. I enjoyed going to the San San Pon Sak in Panama to release baby Leatherback sea turtle. I really enjoyed going to Talamanca and playing soccer with the kids and painting. 
I liked being exposed to the Costa Rican and Panamanian culture and food. Going on this trip I got to experience a lot of first time moments like zip lining, rafting, releasing sea turtles, I can say I swam in a lagoon, I have watched manatees from afar, and so much more! The Service Challenge was so much more than a Girl Scout Destination.  
I saw so many different types of wildlife during my Girl Scout Destination. It was incredible! There was a big array of butterflies all over Costa Rica, especially in Talamanca.  In both Costa Rica and Panama I saw stray dogs, and seeing them made me really sad. 
There were a lot of different types of insects that were really fascinating because before my trip I read a little about the insect population, I was excited to see them. Two of the insects that I thought were really cool and I wanted to see was a Bullet Ant and Tarantula hawk wasp. I actually saw two Tarantula hawk wasp, but I made sure to keep my distance.  

In Panama, I saw Leatherback sea turtles, three-toed sloth, manatees, pelicans, geckos, toads and even more insects than what I mentioned in the paragraph above 
This trip really helped me to appreciate wildlife because I got to see them in their natural habitats. I think it was really cool to see them in their natural habitats because it makes me more aware of myself and how the habitats are disappearing for different species of animals because of human impact. What got me excited and inspired was working with the sea turtles and seeing how much effort is put into the conservation to help them thrive 
Upon my return I am inspired to help educate people on the impact they have and how they can change and help save various species. I will also start back to volunteering at my local zoo.  

The bonds I made with my instructors and the girls on the course were very raw. I didn't feel forced at any point. We had a lot of laughs. I enjoyed singing songs with them. We even planned to come back and do another course together almost like a little reunion! Outward Bound Costa Rica is a great place to take a risk like getting out of your comfort zone, meeting new friends, and make life long memories. 
 I can say I learned a lot of new things about myself from what I experienced, and I do recommend it to anybody who is looking for a thrill, any first-time travelers like myself or anybody just looking for a good time to make memories! This Girl Scout Destination is one to remember because I did so many different things like leaving the country for the first time and taking a bucket shower. also learned how to make sidewalks, I learned different leader roles and even picked up a few words in BriBri the native language the kids spoke.  
Girl Scout Destinations is a way to get out of your comfort zone and explore the world around you. I have experienced so much in such little time. I am happy to say I have experienced a Girl Scout Destination! 

To learn more about how you can apply for a Girl Scout Destination click here. 
By: Copy Editor + Editorial Team Lead, Lillabeth B.  

The chaos and bustle of the school year is here, as is the annual circus of extracurricular activities, academics, social events and everything in-between. To add to the fun, time is running out to make any final changes to students’ schedules. Every student struggles with balance at some point in her high school career; however, I believe, this conflict can often be avoided through an evaluation of one’s priorities and goals. I sat down with students of varying interests and ambitions to discuss why the balancing act seems inevitable and how it can be avoided. 
Shivani N. is familiar with these internal disputes. “Last year, I had to decide if I wanted to continue doing all my rigor classes, or if I wanted to continue to do something I’m passionate about,” says the rising seniorTo her, extracurricular activities take precedence and give her “peace of mind” she doesn’t find in her high school halls. 
Rising junior Maya O.’s beliefs differ from Shivani’s. “If you're letting your extracurriculars come first, drop some of your extracurriculars. School should always take precedent.” However, her expectations of her peers seem to have grown less stringent: “I used to think everyone should be taking a rigorous class, but after seeing others struggling to find the capacity and the work ethic, I decided it’s okay.” She always sets high standards and reminds herself that “If you are capable, it’s very important that you strive to meet your capabilities.” 
Shivani’s family hold her to standards that motivate her to be her best; however, their influence isn’t always positive. “I come from a family where there’s a lot of ‘You need to do rigor. That’s the only way to get into college. Anything lower than that makes you dumb.’” Her experiences in high school changed her perspective. “Especially in middle school, I only strived to take high school classes. I wanted to go to an Ivy League school and I was working my butt off for that, but I realized in high school that rigor doesn’t define my intelligence. What defines my intelligence is how I interpret the outside world.”  
 As Elise O. transitions into her senior year, the outside world is exactly where she advises underclassmen to be active. “A rigorous schedule can prevent students from leading fulfilling lives if they’re stuck inside hunched over a textbook all day,” she cautions. Shivani concurs. “Remember that your mental health comes before anything,” she warns, “because the moment you start throwing away your mental health is the moment you start throwing away pieces of your life that you can’t take back.” 
Shivani has found that prioritizing a future career path helps her focus her attention on what matters.  “I know for a fact that I want to be in medicine, so I surround myself with classes that apply to that field because I’m passionate in the subject of medicine.” Furthermore, she uses this focal point to eliminate unnecessary rigor. “If you want to go into medicine, don’t take AP Physics because it won’t benefit you at the end of the day,” she believes. “Yeah, you get the college credit, but what will you learn from it that you can apply to your goals after high school?” 
Rising senior Lisa O. uses a different strategy which she has coined the “try before you buy” approach. “Take an AP or honors level course and see how well you can handle that level of rigor. If it works great, keep adding on courses little by little. If it doesn’t, ask yourself why it wasn’t great. Was it the difficulty of the course or was it your work ethic? Then you can adjust your schedule accordingly.” 
All four girls agree that priorities are essential to academic success. Shivani prioritizes her extracurricular activities and her future career goals; Elise prioritizes peace of mind and personal fulfillment; Maya focuses on challenging herself; Lisa strives for academic success. If anything is to be taken from these ladies’ testimonies, it is that no single strategy works for everyone, but everyone can find a strategy that will be helpful for them. All of the students, I spoke with, stress the importance of making these decisions at your own pace. In the words of Shivani, “We’re high school students! I mean, like, to throw in a little bit of science for you, our myelin sheath and our neurons are not completely developed yet, so that explains our reckless or indecisive behaviors.”  
My final thought, don’t be too hard on yourselfIts okay, if you feel unprepared to make choices that can sometimes be life-changing. As long as you are doing the best you can, be proud of yourself.