Thursday, February 12, 2015

By: Allison B.

            Everyone wants to make a difference in this world, and everyone can! From teaching to being President, whatever you do, you’ll always be making a difference. And with STEM jobs on the rise, we see how many girls are needed to break the mold and be adventurous in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. When you go into a STEM job, you’re not only making a difference in the world, but also a difference for the world, as EPA worker Dionne Delli-Gatti knows very well.

            The STEM careers are being highly advertised among Girl Scouts today, something many people like Delli-Gatti are excited about. And being a Girl Scout herself, she knows how important it is to get girls interested in these fields of study. She was a Girl Scout for four or five years and respects them very much. She enjoyed the many hiking and camping trips she went on with her troop. And these are the small activities that are so important for girls because they get them outside and active and learning and observing the world around them. And now that she’s grown up, Delli-Gatti still does that every day.

            In her childhood, Delli-Gatti had many struggles. Despite all the hardships she faced, she has become a professional, wife, and mother and an excellent role model for girls everywhere, showing that if you are determined and faithful, anything is possible! Because of her determination, she has gone on to work for the EPA, also known as the United States Environmental Protection Agency, as a Congressional Liaison, and that must have been a very cool job. This is where Delli-Gatti got to experience the things some of us only dream of! When I asked Delli-Gatti why she wanted a job like this, she told me “I wanted to do something that helps people and makes the world a better place but I'm a complete wimp when it comes to blood and things, so being a Doctor was not an option. Science seemed like an interesting path that still gave me the opportunity to do good.” And boy has she! She’s been all over protecting the Earth we love, in places like Washington DC, Alaska, Texas, California, and much more. And here in Georgia to of course! One of her favorite projects she’s done is when she went to Texas to help fight power plant problems. Her research and studies and opinions were even used in an article in the Rolling Stones magazine!

            Delli-Gatti has a Masters degree and, while in college, was also in the Air Force. Being in something as meaningful as the Air Force is such a great thing, and it really helped Delli-Gatti decide on her career path. She said “The Air Force was exciting and gave me some time to really figure out what I wanted to do in college. I got to travel some and serve my country before finishing up college.” She wanted to be in the Air Force because there was an army base in her hom-town, and she wanted to serve her country like the men and women before her. The Air Force helps build leaders and relationships that will last a lifetime, and the former Girl Scout certainly experienced that in her time with the Air Force. It also showed her how much she wanted to be an Agent of Change for the environment.

Delli-Gatti has done so much for our community, country, and world! She wanted this job because she wanted to do something important and make a difference.  It’s her way of trying to make the world a better place, and especially now that she has children, she’s realizing how important it is to help protect our resources and our food. One of the biggest changes she wants to see in the near future is with our food. She’s working hard to make sure that in the future, fewer chemicals are used in our farming and food processing, as well as less antibiotics in our meats and pesticides in our plants. And with everything she’s accomplished already, we know this astonishing woman will continue to make the difference she intends to, just like she has been doing.

            So what can Girl Scouts do? A lot more than some of us think! And it’s easy to start small when you’re young to help prepare you for when you’re older and looking for a job. When girls start finding their passions, they’re able to discover their career options. Girl Scouts is all about building girls of courage, confidence, and character, like our mission says. To help make that happen, Delli-Gatti says it’s important for girls to start “Learning and focusing on what is truly important to you and not just popular with the in-crowd.”

This is very true, and with more girls being needed for STEM type jobs, we’re learning that we can’t stick to the status quo of what people think girls normally do. And it’s not that hard to do! For girls wanting to get into STEM careers, Delli-Gatti thinks “Try it out if you can; shadow someone in the industry or do a summer internship if you can and really research the options. There are so many opportunities with a STEM degree, more than I ever thought.”

            So if there’s something you want to do, do it! Dreams are often not as unreachable as you think, because if you work hard, they can become real. Remember that the word IMPOSSIBLE says I’m Possible! And whether you’re striving to be in the Air Force, or work for the EPA, or the one to help cure cancer, go for it! Because no matter what, just by being here, you can and will change the world, one step at a time! Take those steps to become something great, because with a Girl Scout, a cookie means more than just a cookie, and a girl is more than just a girl. We are life-changers!!! 
By: Kara S.
Girl Scout Cookie season is in full swing. And once those cookies come in, it’s hard to stop eating them. So here are some more scrumptious and fun ways to enjoy everyone’s favorite cookies!
Probably the most popular Girl Scout cookie, the Thin Mint, taste amazing in Thin Mint Brownies.


1/2 box of crushed Thin Mints Girl Scout Cookies
1 box of brownie mix
2 eggs (3 eggs for cake-like brownies)
1/4 cup of water
1/2 cup of vegetable oil

First, crush the Thin Mints into medium sized chunks. Then, mix all the ingredients in a mixing bowl. Spread the batter evenly into a greased baking pan and bake for 30 to 35 minutes at 350 degrees. This recipe will serve you and 5 of your friends!

A Tagalong Shake is a great snack.

1/2 box of Tagalongs Girl Scout Cookies
6 cups of vanilla ice cream
1 cup of milk
1 can of whipped cream

Mix the Tagalongs, ice cream, and milk in a blender. Blend it until it is as thick as you want it. Serve it in a glass with whipped cream and crumbled Tagalongs on top.

Samoa Trail Mix is the ideal snack for school or camping.
In a large Ziploc bag, crumble some Samoas and add dried apples and died pineapples. Sprinkle in some raisins, almonds, and peanuts. You could also try adding dried mangos, sunflower seed, cashew nuts, or any other dried fruit or nuts. Seal the bag and shake the mix up.

Enjoy Girl Scout Cookie season and these fabulous cookie recipies!!!
By: Nia H.
What’s your favorite band? Do they play soft music or fast and dance worthy tunes? What about rock music or maybe even screamo? There are many bands along the music spectrum, but I’ll key you into some of my favorites.

Ghost Town, their album covers are not only hand drawn and painted, but they’re an overall talented band. I remember the first song I heard by them was Monster, and from then on I was in love. Rock, some screaming, what is there not to love?

Not into hard music? Maybe you prefer something faster. Dubstep maybe? A great band for all your dubstep dance party needs would be Knife Party. Their name sounds scary, I know, but their music reaches a level rivaling Skrillex.

Okay. Maybe 1 and 2 were still not your style! That’s okay! There’s plenty of music to still go through. Maybe your preference is rap? A good, clean band to listen to is Fort Minor. Their messages are usually about working hard. The first song from them I heard was Remember the Name. Even my mom found it a lyrically clean enough rap song to enjoy!

Maybe you want to slow it down a little more? Maybe your music preference has no words, or artificial sounds. This artist may not be a band, but have ever heard of the YouTube sensation Lindsay Sterling, the dancing violinist? You can buy her CD in Target, but it’s worth listening to if you’re into lyric-less melodies. Many of her songs are original, but she also does covers of some of your favorite video game tunes!

Okay! Our spectrum is slowly getting softer. Maybe you’re into someone who’s beat often changes? Try Marina and the Diamonds or Lenka. Their songs can vary from fast to slow.

Are we getting too soft? Rock on! Maybe you’re into music where the singer’s screams are something wonderful? If this is your style, try bands like Black Veil Brides or Get Scared! Both have screams that make me squeal with fan girl joy.

Are you into songs that are not sung in English? Is Japanese music your type of thing? Try listening to Vocaloid. They’re artificial voice programs that people make songs with! It’s really neat!
Okay. Maybe your style isn’t Japanese? Korean maybe? If you’re into K-pop, bands like Girls Generation or EXO might be for you! Give them a try!

Maybe those two didn’t fit you? Maybe you’re into Spanish singers? Prince Royce would be a good choice for you! My Spanish teacher plays him for us.

Maybe you’re into music you that would hear on horror movie soundtracks? No shame, no shame! Try Creature Feature! Their songs are mostly horror based and are sure to give you a slight shiver!

Maybe your music style isn’t up here? I’d love to know what other music you guys listen to. So share your faves in the comments below or tweet us @GiGiLGG and use the hashtag #musicfaves!
By: Pooja D.

On October 15, 2014 I, along with 16 other girls and two adult chaperones, left for Salt Lake City, Utah to attend the Girl Scout National Convention.  There were seven girl delegates as well as 10 Girl Scouts Leadership Institute (GSLI) girls.  We met at the airport where we were given bright, neon yellow shirts.  These shirts definitely made us stand out in the crowd and made us easy to spot as everyone came into the airport.  We took a lot of pictures before us girls said goodbye to our parents and went through security at the airport.  We did not know each other very well at that point, but we became good friends over the next couple days.

We arrived at Salt Lake City at about 12:00 AM Salt Lake City time which is about 3:00 Atlanta time.  Needless to say, we were pretty tired by the time we got to the hotel.  We still had a meeting in the lobby of the hotel and we decided what time we would wake up and who our roommates would be.

            The next morning was the first day of the convention and I was so excited!  We ate breakfast in our hotel and then walked to the convention center.  While our adult chaperones, Victoria and Kathryn, checked us in, we played games in an activity room.  My favorite game included making a spider web out of yarn.  One person would start off with the ball of yarn and she would say a sentence.  Then, she would throw the yarn to another person who continued the story by adding another sentence.  Pretty soon, we wove an interesting story about one of the girls in our group, Morgan, and her dog.  It was a lot of fun and helped pass the time.

            After we were checked in, we received nametags that we had to wear everywhere in the convention center.  These tags had our meal passes and assigned seat numbers.  We had a couple of hours to explore the city and spent them at the mall getting food to eat and visiting the Mormon temple.  The temple is gorgeous and we visited an exhibit to learn more about the religion. 

After lunch, we returned to the convention center and we listened to Dr. Tererai Trent.  She is such an inspirational speaker and I am so honored to have heard her speak in person.  I would like to share a couple of quotes that Dr. Trent said in her speech.  She said “I stand on the shoulders of giants, I stand on the shoulders of women, and I stand on the shoulders of girls who empowered me….”  When she was talking about getting an education, she said that, “I am a part of the solution, not a victim.”  She has built 11 schools in her village.  One of the most incredible moments of her life was when one of the men who did not want her to get an education when she was growing up asked her to teach his granddaughter at one of her schools.  The last part of her speech that I would like to emphasize is how she approached her goals and her determination.  Her mother told her to write down her goals and to bury them.  It took her 10 years, “10 years of failing, 10 years of not paying for correspondence classes, but 10 years of not giving up.”  Dr. Terari Trent now has a PhD.  She truly is an inspiration for all girls. 

            After Dr. Trent finished speaking, the CEO of Girl Scouts Ms. Anna Maria Chavez led us to the Opening Ceremony of the Hall of Experiences.  The Hall of Experiences had many booths including a cookie booth, an arts and crafts booth, and even a booth where we could make bunnies out of recycled materials!  As if the day had not been exciting enough, we also attended the opening ceremony of the convention in the evening.  There was a grand flag ceremony that represented many nations across the world.  We also heard a speech by Ms. Alison Levine before we left the convention center for the night.  Ms. Levine was also an inspirational speaker and I loved her talk.  She delivered her speech, not just to the girl delegates and GSLI girls, but also to the adult delegates. 

            Ms. Alison Levine has climbed the highest mountain in every continent and led the first women’s Mount Everest expedition team.  We heard a lot about her climb on Mount Everest.  She said that it was critical to break up the mountain into smaller parts.  Because of the huge elevation change, one has to climb up to a checkpoint, and then climb back down to the base of the mountain so one adapts to the reduced oxygen levels.  She talked about the rapid changes that can occur on the mountain.  She emphasized that “plans are outdated as soon as they are finished” and one has to make the best decision they can in that moment.  She went on to say “if the conditions are not right, you turn around, cut your losses and walk away” because “getting to the top is optional but getting down is mandatory.”  This spoke volumes to me because no matter how good you plan, your plans always change.  Therefore, one should not sulk and becomes upset if things do not go your away but instead one should move on as best as possible.  Ms. Levine told us that she did not make it to the top of Mount Everest on her first try because of the conditions on the day that she was supposed to climb to the peak.  She said that one has the “freedom to fail as long as you learn from it.”  She talked about how she was disappointed that she did not get to the top, but she still learned from the experience.  After hearing her speak, all of us made our way back to our hotel and slept.

            The next morning was the first delegate session of the convention.  I was actually very excited for it.  At first we took a census to count the number of voters and to make sure our voting devices worked.  On Friday, there were 1195 eligible voting members in the voting session.  During this session, we discussed both the first and second proposals, but we only voted on the first proposal.  The first proposal helped make membership dues more flexible.  This amendment passed with an overwhelming majority. 

            We also talked about increasing the use of technology in Girl Scouts.  The goal was to make it easier for people to join Girl Scouts.  It would help enhance the ease for volunteers to join and lead Girl Scout troops.  It would also help volunteers access the volunteer tool kit faster.  Next, we talked about 2015-2018 Strategic Priorities of Girl Scouts which included: identifying the core experience of Girl Scouts, how to deliver the core experience effectively, solidifying the Girl Scouts’ network alignment, a financial model, and others.  After this we talked a lot about membership.  There has been a membership decline, which has resulted from a lack of volunteers.  There are many girls who are wait-listed for Girl Scout troops because there are not enough Girl Scout volunteers that are willing to lead a troop.  Therefore, Girl Scouts of the USA has started a national recruitment campaign in the hopes of attracting more adult volunteers. 

In the session, we then transitioned into the economic side of Girl Scouts, which really interested me.  A fun fact that I learned during the financial report is that the two main revenue streams in 2013 were membership due and the sale of Girl Scout merchandise.

            After a delicious lunch, we broke off into our GSLI groups.  There were seven different groups: basic needs, self-image, education, teen violence, healthy relationships, inclusion/diversity, and gender equality.  I was in the teen violence group.  The GSLI girls had discussions in the morning while the delegates were in session.  The afternoon sessions consisted more about team building, financial advisory tips, and an advocacy plan.  Each section had a different speaker, and I really enjoyed it.  We were also allowed a 30-minute break where the people within a certain group could explore the Hall of Experiences. 

However since we, as delegates, had already walked around the hall, we went to the mall.  It was beautiful!  Salt Lake City has an outdoor mall which is absolutely gorgeous.  We just walked around the mall, but soon we had to go back to the convention center and we met with all the other girls in our group.  Exhausted from an eventful day, we made our way back to the hotel.

            On October 17, the delegate session was much more exciting.  First, there was a
problem with our voting devices.  While some people were getting their devices exchanged with the other people, we started singing happy birthday to people and then we transitioned into singing campfire songs.  And eventually, all of the Girl Scouts ended up on stage singing the songs together.  It was so much fun!  After that, though, we got back to voting on Girl Scout policy.  The second amendment to the Girl Scout Constitution changed the reporting relation of the Chief Financial Officer.  This amendment passed with few comments and passed with an overwhelming majority.  The third amendment to the constitution resulted in the most interested debate by far.  The third amendment would no longer allow past presidents to participate in the National Board of Directors meeting.  There were many comments about this amendment and two past Presidents and then current President of Girl Scouts, Ms. Connie Lindsey, got involved in the debate.  Ms. Lindsey and one past President argued in favor of the amendment, while another past President argued against the amendment.  Many more delegates stepped up to the microphone to say why they were voting for or against the amendment as well.  In the end, though, the amendment was passed.  To be honest, I really enjoyed learning about parliamentary procedure and how debating and questioning works during the delegate session.  I also really enjoyed the debates that occurred during the session.

After we had finished voting on all parts of each amendment, we talked about the Outdoor plan.  Each council stated their opinions of the outdoors and what resources they were currently using for Girl Scouts.  Girl delegates also shared their experiences.  Each council was only allowed one representative to speak at the microphone so that every council had a chance to talk.  It was definitely interesting to hear what people across the United States had to say about activities in the outdoors.  For example, in Georgia we have camps like Timber Ridge and Misty Mountain, but many people in the Midwest don’t have camps like we do.  In addition to this, the climate has an effect on the activities that troops can participate in as well.  Again, I thought the outdoor part of the discussion was really intriguing, and I loved hearing from all the different councils. 

            The delegates then met with the GSLI girls for lunch and Ms. Connie Lindsey came and I got a picture with her and I got her patch!  I was so excited that I texted my mom and then texted my friends at home.

We then separated out into our GSLI separate sessions.  This time, we planned our Take Action project.  We talked about where our project would take place and broke our project down into several steps.  We talked about who would benefit from our project and who we need to talk to in order to start our projects.  Lastly, we made sure that our projects would be sustainable.  After we had finished, each group elected one person to share their project with the rest of the GSLI girls.

            After each group presented, we were given tickets to the Clark planetarium.  We quickly went back to our hotel, changed from our Girl Scout uniform into our dresses and walked to the planetarium.  It was amazing!  The food was delicious and we watched an IMAX film about stars.  It was so cool!  We took pictured pretending that we were on Mars and I felt like everyone got to know each other better after dinner.  We were supposed to go to a dance party after the planetarium; but since most of us were tired, Ms. Victoria took some of us to the hotel and Ms. Kathryn took everyone else to the dance party.

            There was a delegate session the next morning, but we did not attend the session.  Instead we went and saw the Tabernacle Choir!  It was so beautiful and I really enjoyed it.  We walked back to the hotel after the performance and made our way to the airport.  We ate at the airport and talked about books we had read, our classes, and funny stories.  Too soon, though, it was time to board the plane.  We got back to Atlanta on Sunday night and said our goodbyes.  I can’t believe that the convention went by so quickly.  I met so many amazing people and have many memories from the experience.  I am so incredibly grateful that I got to be a part of the 2014 Girl Scout National Convention.  I learned a lot, met so many people, and I am excited to begin my Take Action project and to use all the skills I gained from the convention and implement my project.

By: Sabrina Y.

How can something be so faraway,
Yet present in our everyday lives?

It guides us through tough times,
And in a way, helps us survive.

It is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
It is the bright light in the dark room.

It sometimes makes us take risks
That could possibly lead us to our own doom.

But most of the time it is a motivator;
Our own personal coach who is also a guide.

However, if you haven’t already noticed,
There is a great divide.

Between what our heart says and what our mind says.
Which voice do you choose to hear?

Because this determines
If you are faraway or near

To changing your own destiny,
And finding out if your dream will finally come true.

The choice may not be simple,
But it is up to you.

Sadly, many people are too busy
To accomplish their long-ago goals,

Or maybe they mistake them
As just another burden or toll.

But here’s a warning to all;
A candle will burn, but not forever.

Through time, the flame slowly fades
Getting dimmer and dimmer, and never,

Never failing to remind us
That we have a limited amount of time

Before the light goes out completely,
And we realize that it will never again shine.

The dream would be too far away
And forgotten by then.

The only trace of it would be the question of regret
Not who, where, why, or when,

But what, what if?
What if I actually tried?

What if I listened to my heart and my dream did come true?
What if I didn’t put this dream aside?

Don’t be caught up in a world of what ifs.
It isn’t worth it.

Instead do what your heart is telling you
While the candle is still lit.

And please, before it’s too late,
Grasp onto that dream

Work hard to make it into a reality.
Even though it may seem

Too hard to accomplish.
Just know that you

 can do anything
you put your mind to.

So what are you waiting for?
Go make your dreams come true!

Spring is finally almost here and Lime Green Giraffe is having a Signs of Spring photography contest to celebrate!

This contest is open to any Girl Scout or Girl Guide worldwide. What you need to do is take a picture of a sign of spring. It could be a small plant poking through the ground, snow melting off the trees, or a flower bud on a bush. Anything spring is fair game!

The rules for this contest are as follows.
All photos must be emailed to or tagged on Instagram #LGGSignsofSpring by midnight ET on May 31st, 2015

You must be a registered Girl Scout or Girl Guide between the ages of 11 – 17 to enter.

Every girl is limited to one (1) entry.

If you are emailing your entry, be sure to include the following in the body of your submission email: your first and last name, age, unit, and the title of your photo. If you are posting on Instagram, we will reach out to you if you are a finalist.

First, second, and third place photos will be published in the August 2015 issue of the Lime Green Giraffe.

The first place winner will also be interviewed by the Lime Green Giraffe and their interview will be published in the August 2015 issue.

Good luck, everyone, and have fun!