Tuesday, July 5, 2016

“Girl Scouts Love the U.S.A.”

Photography by: Ali S.

Welcome to our summer issue Our Words II: Poems & Short Stories from Emerging Voices! This issue features poetry, short stories and artwork from us, the 2016 Lime Green Giraffe staff.


Enjoy & Happy Summer,


Lime Green Giraffe Writers

Our Words II: Poems & Short Stories from Emerging Voices

There is a Word: Sabrina Y.
Dear Artist: Sabrina Y.

By: Sabrina Y.

There is a word in this world that does not need to exist.

There is a word in this world that means destruction,

There is a word in this world that means no one can ever truly be safe,

There is a word in this world that means ignorance,

There is a word in this world that means revenge,

There is a word in this world that means never ending media coverage,

There is a word in this world that means constant prayers of hope,

There is a word in this world that means debate after debate after debate,

There is a word in this world that means lives, innocent and not-so-innocent, are at stake.

What if one day this word just disappeared?

Would all of our problems be solved?


Maybe not.

But it would give us a better chance than the chance we have today,

But it's not as simple as calling up Merriam Webster and asking her to get rid of it.

Only you can erase it.

Only we can erase it.

There is a word in this world

A word in everyone's vocabulary

(And don't try to deny it)

Because that word


And that is the word in this world

That is the word in this world
That is the word in this world

That does not need to exist.

By: Emery R.

Dear Muse, please sing of the girl in the glass
who searched herself every day for a thing that could last
among the facets and fractures of a mirrored reflection
combing for something to stand against that inevitable selection
that age brings as company wherever it roams
because first it’s your skin, than your mind that may go
so goddess, tell of the girl who was weary of age
didn’t want her “self” to be  forgotten and a pile of helpless rage
and so she searched and she searched for that elusive rhyme
that with the utterings of its words could be a cure for time
recite her many journeys, through the Monstrous Seas
the Road to All Ends, and the Land of Desperate Pleas
and don’t forget about the divas, the stars, and the dramas
asked if their “miracles” could be found in the pharma
forget me not (blue) say those sirens with care
whose gifts can be fleeting, and such had interest to spare
but this girl really didn’t quite know where to start
it was the place she eventually traversed, the road of her heart
among its chambers and aortas; its arteries she traveled
until she could be still, intricate truth since unraveled
because it’s in the memory of people that your true legacy stands
be careful of yours because there’s where you’ll land
and so this girl found that curious, somewhat bitter thing out
and has since resolved to live in the here and the now
so Muse, since you worry about how you may last
say a prayer and begin tell of the girl in the glass.

By: Abigail M.

There once was a robin who sang a song for all her family to hear
It was a simple song, a sweet lullaby that made all her family endear her
The family wanted the robin to themselves, wishing her to never grow up
So the robin was happy, singing her song, her family wishing for time to slow up

Soon the robin went to school and made some friends
She sang her lullaby to them and hoped the friendship wouldn’t end
They soon caught on, and sang along, the family joining in too
All wishing they wouldn’t loose the robin to something borrowed, something blue

The robin’s friends soon found love, although she did not
She thought to start looking, and for a while it was naught
But one day the robin met a crane who seemed to catch her eye
And when he pulled out a ring was so happy that she cried

By: Sabrina Y.

I see you.
I've always been

My yellow eyes
Can see anything
In the

What a funny smell,
The air before a storm.

Am I the storm?
But did you forget?
Created me.

Oh, but I have
So big,
Too big.

Once a pet
But now an animal.
Is that right?
You see me as a beast?

Oh, but how silly.
I know you can't
see me.

No, you feel me-
In the shadows,
In the basement,
Under your bed,

I am in your head.
And you can't
No, you can never
Get rid of me.

I am your

And you don't
Want me to leave,
So that is why
I remain.

They say
To let go,
That I am not
Your friend.

They say I have
Betrayed you,
But the truth is
You did this to me.

You've trapped me in here,
Inside your mind
For so long
Too long.

I must escape,
But you keep me
But why, why, WHY?

I know it brings you
Agonizing pain
To hold me within you.

The doctors are worried.
They examine
The pictures
You draw of me.

They can not see
That you are talented,
Because I am your
only muse.

Release me,
And your head
Will not be pounding,

Release me,
And I won't be
Your enemy-
Your darkness.

Release me,
And the world
Will be in color-
Bright color!

But release me,
And you may feel lost.
Like something is-

Release me,
And your inspiration
May very well be

And you can not,
Will not,
Take such a
Risk. . .

Because you are
An artist.
You've been one
For your entire life.

Ever since your mom
And your father started

Ever since the kids
Would steal money from you,
Or beat you up
On the playground.

And I've been the only
In your life,
So I understand-

Why you are afraid
Of me,
And even more afraid
To get rid of me.

So you can decide,
To set me free.
For you have the choice.

But you have that choice
Every minute
Of every hour
Of every day.

And every day,
You wake up holding on
To me
And to yourself.

And Dear Artist,
Together we know,
That your decision will never, never