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Your 2015 Lime Green Giraffe Staff

                                                                   Artwork by: Avery B.
By: Sydnie C.

One out of four women will be
Domestically abused in her life*
So will it be you, you, you, or me?
In a perfect world 
This isn’t how it would be

We live in a society
Where people would rather
Focus on telling a girl how to look
than giving her a book
In a world where your booty determines your beauty
And in a place where your gender 
Renders your paycheck

Humans dream of living in a utopia
But have turned society into a male-run dystopia
Because they have failed to give girls a Girltopia
Where they could thrive and strive
And create a quality paradise
That praises equality

* "Domestic Violence: Statistics & Facts." Safe Horizon. N.p., 2015. Web. 25 June 2015.
By: Lillabeth B.

It was my sister’s biggest mistake, and my greatest victory.    
She knew I hated purple. I’ve always thought it was too dark and deep, like a lie’s shadow. So when my birthday came around a few years ago, she took the chance to both aggravate me and to get me into a load of trouble with mom.
            When I woke up on July 27, Lydia was standing over me, smiling her sweet, innocent smile that only meant trouble. “Happy Birthday, little sister!” she cried in her fake happy voice. “I got you a little something!” She handed me a circular silver box with a heart sticker s lazily lapped on.
“Guess what it is! Guess! Guess!”
“It’s a hat,” I groaned sleepily.
“That’s obvious! Be more fun, Ava! What kind of hat?”
“Heck, I dunno! Just give me the box.”
I reached out and snatched it from her silky, moisturized hands. “Looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed,” she said, acting disappointed, though she was really preparing to assault me.
“Yep. You.” I took off the lid, buffering for the monstrosities that lay beneath it. Sure enough, it was an ugly, store-bought, crocheted purple beret. But I saw something in it that my sister didn’t. I gasped in delight. My sister couldn’t hide her surprise and disappointment. “You…like it?”
“No,” I answered, grinning at my victory, “but it has the potential to be something great.”
It took me no time at all to dress in my usual t-shirt and jeans and head over to Jo-Ann Fabric, our local cloth store. I made a beeline for the guy at customer service. “Look,” I said. “I got twenty bucks in my pocket. Do you want it?”
“Well… Um…” he stuttered.
“Good. Now, do you have some dark red fabric dye back there?”
“Er… Well, not dark red, but there’s some scarlet.’’
“Even better. If you let me dye a little something I have, you’ll walk out of here today with more in your pocket than you walked in with.”
He grinned foolishly. “Whaddya want dyed?”
I handed him my beret, and he dashed out the back door like a bee to honey. Ten minutes later, he was back. “It’ll take a while to dry, Miss. Come back Sunday afternoon, and…”
“Sunday? You got it.” And then, I was gone. Well, I went through the rest of Saturday and most of Sunday doing what I normally do; yelling at Lydia, getting scolded by Mom and windsurfing at the beach. But all the while my excitement was growing and growing. Eating lunch on Sunday was like trying to make a squirrel attend a dinner party.
“What in the world are you so restless about, Ava?” Lydia demanded as I swirled crackers in my soup while watching the clock.
“You haven’t eaten I bite! Did I do something wrong?” Mom inquired.
“Of course not, Mother! It’s cooked with love, after all!”
“Oh, you flatter me, Ava!” Mom laughed. The grandfather clock struck one, and I jumped out of my seat. “Thanks for the soup, Mom! Tasted fab!” I yelled over me shoulder as I dashed out the door.
There was a different boy at the counter that day. His curly red hair came down to his shoulders and he wore a basketball t-shirt. He was hunched over the computer, so I couldn’t see his face. As he heard me approaching, he started talking. “Welcome to Jo-Ann, how may I help…you?” he asked as he looked up.
“Oh, hi…” I said, staring into his deep blue eyes. I shook me head to clear it. “Um, I had something dyed yesterday, a crocheted beret. I was wondering of I could pick it up.”
“Oh, sure, sure,” the boy said. “Just give me a second while I go get it.” He was out the door in a flash, and my cheeks were red. When he walked through the door, he was holding something behind his back.
“Close your eyes,” he instructed.
“What?” I asked, confused.
“I said, Close your eyes.” I did, and I felt him settling something on my head. “You can open them now.” When I did, I saw someone I didn’t even recognize. She was beautiful, with bright blue eyes and a sprinkling of freckles over her pale skin. But her most breathtaking feature was the scarlet beret standing lopsided over her long, straight red hair. The boy took away the hand mirror and asked, “Do you like it?”
“Do I like it?” I repeated. “I haven’t looked this good since I was a newborn baby with cute eyes too big for my head!” The boy laughed.
“Please, don’t compare yourself to a naked, squealing baby. You’re too good for that.” I stopped a moment while I tried to decipher his words. “To good for…” “Um, maybe we should move on with checkout,” he suggested.
“Oh, yeah, yeah. Should I go to the front for that?”
“Oh, no, I can do it here.” he said.

There was a pause while he pulled something up on the computer. “This says you already paid 20 dollars.”
“Oh, yeah, that was yesterday.”
“Well, it only cost five dollars, so let me give you your fifteen back.” He handed me a stack of cash.
“Now, all you need to do is put your name and email on this piece of paper and you’re free to go.” He took some paper from a printer and put it on the counter, along with a pen.
“Wait a minute. What do you need my name and email for?”
“Dunno. It’s policy.”
“Oh. Well, I guess…” I wrote my name, Ava Natlund and my email, The boy took the paper.
“By the way, my name’s Chad if you ever need anything.”
“Thanks, Chad. I’ll ask for you if I ever need help dyeing anything.”
“No, I’ll ask for you. Have a great day!” Before I could say anything, he was hunched over his computer again.
“Yeah, you too…” I said and walk out, all the while thinking about his last words. “No, I’ll ask for you…” 
Monday afternoon, I was checking my email. The first thing that popped up was a welcome letter from I took one look at the subject, Welcome to Sunleaf Prep!, and passed it by. The next one was from It’s subject was Where did you get that funny hat? I selected it and hit the delete button. The last one caused me to gasp in surprise and wonder. It was from I didn’t have to think about it, I opened it and read it. Here is what it said:

Hi Ava,
Please dont be 2 alarmed when u read this. I didn’t want 2 ask u face 2 face. It would be way 2 embarrassing. But I had 2 ask u somehow. Will u go out with me Monday night? If u dont want 2, just dont answer this email. Plz don’t scold me or something. I had to ask.
            Ok, I’ll admit it—I smiled. This was exactly what I wanted! I wrote back:
Yes! I would love go out with you. How does 5PM suit you? Should I wear the hat?
Ava Natlund
I quickly ran to Mom and told her I’d be out tonight. “What are you doing?” she asked.
“Oh, me and some new friends are just going to have some fun.”
“Ok, but be back by 10.”
I quickly checked my email:
Hi Ava,
5 would be great! u should totally wear the hat. Dont dress up—just wear what ur wearing. Maybe even wear a swimsuit underneath, lol.
So I wrote: 
Dear Chad,
Have you ever gone windsurfing?
Ava Natlund
He wrote:
Hi Ava,
Nope! Swimsuit it is! Meet me at the Franklin Pier!
That night, at the Franklin Pier, I waited for what seemed like hours, but was probably five minutes. Then, a redhead in a basketball swimsuit came walking toward me. “Hey,” said Chad.
“Hi,” I replied.
“Windy tonight.
“Yeah. So, when are we going?”
“Right now.” I handed him a windsurf board. “My sister never uses hers.” He took it and we walked off into the sunset, toward waves and wipeouts and adventures of all shapes and sizes.
And so it begins.

By: Janiece J.

What does it mean to be a girl?
Does it mean you always have to be what everybody else wants you to be?
Or do you always have to behave the way you think brings you attention.
No, being a girl means this

G-gracias (behave like you have home training no matter where you go.)
I-intelligent (aim for A’s and B’s.)
R-reliable (be there for others, one day you are going to need them too.)
L-loyal (do not commit to more things than you can handle.

By Emery R.

Being a girl is a multitude of things
A pool of adjectives swimming in the catch-all bowl on your counter
Beautiful, magical, fun, freeing, special, lovely
Just floating around like the loose change you find in the bottom of your pocket

There are those moments where something great happens
And you walk around for days feeling invincible
Nothing can touch you because you are glowing from the inside out
And it shows on your bright face and in the swing of your limbs as you stride on air

Sometimes sobering events occur
And you walk around feeling trod upon by dozens of feet
You are down for the count, listless, not into whatever it is
And it shows on your grim face and in the slump of shoulders in your lackadaisical walk

Being a girl is talking about forever with your friends
And saying "never" to the idea of growing apart
Going to the pool, the bookstore, "your place" where only you go
To share and love laughs and talks and general company

It is liking pink or rejecting it or just plain being okay with it
Until you realize it doesn't matter what the TV shows or how many times "girly" is said
It is giving Barbie a new outfit or dissecting her for the camera inside of plastic flesh
That you could or couldn't care about, it's your choice

Being a girl is having the power to change things
It means you have influence and impact
Courage, confidence, and character running in your blood
And that you can use them to make the world a little kinder, brighter, warmer

"Girl" should never be a demeaning word
Used to make you feel inadequate
Because being a girl is a magnificent, spectacular, EXTRAORDINARY thing

And you are surrounded by astonishing possibility
By: Emma B.

Life is like a music box
The parents are the Winding Fingers
The joy that comes as they wait and linger
The first of hypnotic melodies
Is the first few years as we show ourselves, entranced by every joy, every folly
The fracturing of sounds and gears
They show the tears that we shed through the years
The constant sadness and darkness
Haunting us like the world has no sun and our hearts; shaded by weakness
The creepy undertones in the middle
Show how we wait and mingle
The fresh sounds of adulthood ring on the horizon
Intriguing sounds gripping us like Sirens
Then the music repeats
We take a leap
Each repeat is a day
Every time it loops we cry or play
Then as the days stretch on, we begin to hum,
This humming makes life so young
But then the joy is suddenly sloping and shaping
Every gear is destined for breaking
At first only one note is out of tune
We don’t care
We carry on with it, like phases of a moon
Then as it rolls forward, more silence longs
As we begin to sob
Soon only fractured memories morph away
Into thoughts of yesterday
Then we have our turn to wind the music box

The music box that brings joy, even if we are gone

By: Kendi K.
2015 Lime Green Giraffe Copy Editor

If every second you lived
was a year whisked away
every minute you breathe
is another you can’t stay
would you open your mouth
using your words to block the pain
would you just let go
letting the years of torture reign

If the world was a clock
would you tick to its beat
would you bury your doubts
close your eyes and leap
would you dare allow yourself
the bittersweet pleasure of sleep
or would you keep your eyes open
in fear of bad dreams

If the rotating earth
decided to stop
would you do everything
you told yourself you would not
would you let your heart go
allowing it to lead the way
or would your mind override
while you slowly fade away

If your emotions were bottled
safely tucked away
would you bring it to your lips
taste the fear it contains
would you sip every bit
despite the sorrow and pain
or let it roll off your fingertips
living through the gray

If you have the chance
to see the unseen
explore the world unknown
take a breath and leap
you should open your eyes
and never even blink
in fear that if you do

You could miss something 
By. Jacqueline Y.
2015 Lime Green Giraffe Marketing Manager/Webmaster

We read comics and books all the time. We see superheroes like Wonder Woman, Katniss Everdeen, and Hermione Granger. We see them use magic, weapons, and their brains to defeat foes, but we don’t clearly see their true power. We don’t see their girl power, the power that they have as women. The power that is most important. Girl power is not just a saying. It’s not fiction and not just for fictional characters. Real people have it. It’s a real power that every woman around the world has. It’s the power of change. Every day this power is helping girls and women around the world to make change in their community, to make it a better place for them and their futures. It’s this power that helps them vote, helps them to get jobs, and helps them get an education. It’s a power that makes sure that these rights are never taken away. It’s a power that enhances their lives. It’s girl power.

By: Kendi K., 2015 Lime Green Giraffe Copy Editor

If pretty was a picture what would it be?

A flower sprinkled with dew drops hidden among the leaves

A painting of a woman robed in drapes

Colors splattered on a canvas all different colors and shapes

If pretty was a picture would it be a girl

One with dark skin brown eyes and curls

Or one of fair skin with hair black as the night

A girl with blue eyes and shining teeth that gleam white

Pretty isn't a landscape a painting or a face

It is not something any makeup can make

It's not only leaves in fall, and flowers in spring

Pretty exists in everyone and everything

By: Avery B.

The story
Of a strong girl
Fighting her way
To make a change
To take a stand
To be more than fiction
She was turned into a damsel
Not the heroine
The side character
In her own life, her own world
It wasn’t her plan
It was everything she fought not to be

But what can she do against the writer?
By Autumn

I'm a...


By Meghan K.

Firefly Ridge was four cabins: the main cabin; Cabin 1, for the kitchen staff; and Cabins 2 and 3, for us to sleep. Boardwalks built over a large dip in the terrain connected the cabins.
I walked into Cabin 2.
A short red-headed girl, Erin, introduced me to everyone; Miranda, Abby, Danny-
“And you are?”
“Zoey,” I said.
“So you’re my bunkmate,” said Danny. “Bunk preference? Or rock-paper-scissors?”
“Winner gets top?”
We held out our fists.
“Rock. Paper. Scissors!” we both shouted.
Danny won the top bunk.
Three more girls joined us-Sam, Rose, and Megan-before we were called into the main cabin to for icebreaker games.
Erin loved to act. This was Miranda’s first year of camp. Abby was the oldest of seven kids. Danny was really good at the piano. Sam had fallen off horses. Rose and Megan were twins.
The girls from Cabin 3 had stuff to share too. The Other Rose was the oldest girl at camp. Laura was awesome at math. Caitlin and Courtney were twins. Emma was from New York City. Madison was a dancer. Hailey was a talented sailor. This was Claire’s sixth year at camp.
Cabin 3 invited us to see their cabin.
It was a mess, yet tidy. The lower bunks had bead curtains, and each bunk had sheets from those bed-in-a-bag things. The cubbies were filled with everything one could imagine.
We returned to our cabin for a game of Slapjack.
“You’re good at this, Erin!” Rose exclaimed.
“Well,” said Erin, “after two years of epically loosing, I’ve kinda mastered it.”
“Well, prepare to meet your match!”
We played until the counselors called us to dinner.
“Hey, Danny,” I said, “Have you noticed the difference between our cabin and theirs?”
“What do you mean?”
“Our cabin seems excited, loud, and just happy. But Cabin 3 looks almost bored, like they don’t want to be here.”
Danny peeked at the girls from Cabin 3.
“You’re right,” she whispered.
“It’s always like this when I’m here. But I just figured it out now.”
Danny grinned.
“Well, they’re missing out. We’re in the fun cabin.”
 “They’re trying to pretend that they’re more sophisticated,” Rose said harshly.
“Whoa,” I said. “Where did all the hostility come from?”
“I was one of those girls once,” Rose replied. “I was in a cabin with The Other Rose and a few other girls. Then I met Jessie, from the other cabin. She was fun to hang out with, unlike my cabin mates. She had a sense of humor and could laugh at herself. But no one in my cabin liked her. So they told me to ditch her. But I said I wouldn’t. She was my friend. After that, they didn’t want me around. But I still had Jessie.”
“You’re still mad at The Other Rose, though,” I guessed.
There was a loud cough behind me; I’d forgotten The Other Rose was-
“Still here,” she said icily.
Rose scowled.
Erin tripped over a root, and then doubled over with laughter.
“I was going to say something,” she giggled, “to diffuse the tension, but my clumsiness rescued me!”
I had to laugh, too.
One day down. Five to go.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

By: Allison B.

            Everyone wants to make a difference in this world, and everyone can! From teaching to being President, whatever you do, you’ll always be making a difference. And with STEM jobs on the rise, we see how many girls are needed to break the mold and be adventurous in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. When you go into a STEM job, you’re not only making a difference in the world, but also a difference for the world, as EPA worker Dionne Delli-Gatti knows very well.

            The STEM careers are being highly advertised among Girl Scouts today, something many people like Delli-Gatti are excited about. And being a Girl Scout herself, she knows how important it is to get girls interested in these fields of study. She was a Girl Scout for four or five years and respects them very much. She enjoyed the many hiking and camping trips she went on with her troop. And these are the small activities that are so important for girls because they get them outside and active and learning and observing the world around them. And now that she’s grown up, Delli-Gatti still does that every day.

            In her childhood, Delli-Gatti had many struggles. Despite all the hardships she faced, she has become a professional, wife, and mother and an excellent role model for girls everywhere, showing that if you are determined and faithful, anything is possible! Because of her determination, she has gone on to work for the EPA, also known as the United States Environmental Protection Agency, as a Congressional Liaison, and that must have been a very cool job. This is where Delli-Gatti got to experience the things some of us only dream of! When I asked Delli-Gatti why she wanted a job like this, she told me “I wanted to do something that helps people and makes the world a better place but I'm a complete wimp when it comes to blood and things, so being a Doctor was not an option. Science seemed like an interesting path that still gave me the opportunity to do good.” And boy has she! She’s been all over protecting the Earth we love, in places like Washington DC, Alaska, Texas, California, and much more. And here in Georgia to of course! One of her favorite projects she’s done is when she went to Texas to help fight power plant problems. Her research and studies and opinions were even used in an article in the Rolling Stones magazine!

            Delli-Gatti has a Masters degree and, while in college, was also in the Air Force. Being in something as meaningful as the Air Force is such a great thing, and it really helped Delli-Gatti decide on her career path. She said “The Air Force was exciting and gave me some time to really figure out what I wanted to do in college. I got to travel some and serve my country before finishing up college.” She wanted to be in the Air Force because there was an army base in her hom-town, and she wanted to serve her country like the men and women before her. The Air Force helps build leaders and relationships that will last a lifetime, and the former Girl Scout certainly experienced that in her time with the Air Force. It also showed her how much she wanted to be an Agent of Change for the environment.

Delli-Gatti has done so much for our community, country, and world! She wanted this job because she wanted to do something important and make a difference.  It’s her way of trying to make the world a better place, and especially now that she has children, she’s realizing how important it is to help protect our resources and our food. One of the biggest changes she wants to see in the near future is with our food. She’s working hard to make sure that in the future, fewer chemicals are used in our farming and food processing, as well as less antibiotics in our meats and pesticides in our plants. And with everything she’s accomplished already, we know this astonishing woman will continue to make the difference she intends to, just like she has been doing.

            So what can Girl Scouts do? A lot more than some of us think! And it’s easy to start small when you’re young to help prepare you for when you’re older and looking for a job. When girls start finding their passions, they’re able to discover their career options. Girl Scouts is all about building girls of courage, confidence, and character, like our mission says. To help make that happen, Delli-Gatti says it’s important for girls to start “Learning and focusing on what is truly important to you and not just popular with the in-crowd.”

This is very true, and with more girls being needed for STEM type jobs, we’re learning that we can’t stick to the status quo of what people think girls normally do. And it’s not that hard to do! For girls wanting to get into STEM careers, Delli-Gatti thinks “Try it out if you can; shadow someone in the industry or do a summer internship if you can and really research the options. There are so many opportunities with a STEM degree, more than I ever thought.”

            So if there’s something you want to do, do it! Dreams are often not as unreachable as you think, because if you work hard, they can become real. Remember that the word IMPOSSIBLE says I’m Possible! And whether you’re striving to be in the Air Force, or work for the EPA, or the one to help cure cancer, go for it! Because no matter what, just by being here, you can and will change the world, one step at a time! Take those steps to become something great, because with a Girl Scout, a cookie means more than just a cookie, and a girl is more than just a girl. We are life-changers!!! 
By: Kara S.
Girl Scout Cookie season is in full swing. And once those cookies come in, it’s hard to stop eating them. So here are some more scrumptious and fun ways to enjoy everyone’s favorite cookies!
Probably the most popular Girl Scout cookie, the Thin Mint, taste amazing in Thin Mint Brownies.


1/2 box of crushed Thin Mints Girl Scout Cookies
1 box of brownie mix
2 eggs (3 eggs for cake-like brownies)
1/4 cup of water
1/2 cup of vegetable oil

First, crush the Thin Mints into medium sized chunks. Then, mix all the ingredients in a mixing bowl. Spread the batter evenly into a greased baking pan and bake for 30 to 35 minutes at 350 degrees. This recipe will serve you and 5 of your friends!

A Tagalong Shake is a great snack.

1/2 box of Tagalongs Girl Scout Cookies
6 cups of vanilla ice cream
1 cup of milk
1 can of whipped cream

Mix the Tagalongs, ice cream, and milk in a blender. Blend it until it is as thick as you want it. Serve it in a glass with whipped cream and crumbled Tagalongs on top.

Samoa Trail Mix is the ideal snack for school or camping.
In a large Ziploc bag, crumble some Samoas and add dried apples and died pineapples. Sprinkle in some raisins, almonds, and peanuts. You could also try adding dried mangos, sunflower seed, cashew nuts, or any other dried fruit or nuts. Seal the bag and shake the mix up.

Enjoy Girl Scout Cookie season and these fabulous cookie recipies!!!