Lime Green Giraffe -- Fall 2022

Editorial - Fall 2022 - Zoey L.

Totally Girl Scouts

How Girl Scouts Can Help Ukraine - Mariah W. 

Real Talk

What are the Different Sexualities and What Do the Flags Represent? - Zoey L.

How to Come Out of the Closet - Leroy V.

The Connection Between Food Insecurity and Climate Change - Jordan T. 

4 Makeup Must Haves! - Maya S. 

Types of Fashion and Your Fashion! - Kendall M. 

Your Mind, Body, and Soul are Interconnected - Jessica L. 

Middle School Drama - Kailey G. 

Fun Stuff

How to Make a Pet Rock - Maya S.

How to Write A Poem - And Make It Your Own! - A.S. Wynterway

Best Met Gala 2022 Looks - MJ W. 

Met Gala Best Looks of All Time - Kylie J. 

Top Five Sitcoms to Watch - Lea M. 

50 Things to Do When You Are Bored - Maggie E. & Evelyn H. 

How to Draw and Paint a Picture - Willow H. 

How to Write Calligraphy - Maggie E. 

Creative Writing Prompts - Kaleigh A. 

How to Make a Boredom Buster Jar - Jaclyn M. 

How to Write Your Own Music - Kailey G. 

How to Make Slime - Maya S. 

Did You Know?

Staying Organized in a Busy World - Mimi M. 

Vedic Astrology - Reema S. 

Autism Spectrum Disorder, What Should I Know? - Mx. Jenny B. 

Debating 101 - Cameryn P. 

The Ax Murderer - Rosa F. 

Study Tips - Jessica L. 

Moody Fashion - Lei’Lani J. 


Butterfly Rain - Kayla G.

Fine China - Kylie J. 

Paper Quilling Flowers - Jaclyn M. 

Growing Up with Freckles on Your Nose - Jenny B. 

Like Mother, Like Daughter - Reema S. 

Room - Lea M. 

sUcKeD - Bailey M. 

Insanity - Kayla G. 

Interview with a Tree - Jaclyn M.

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