Lime Green Giraffe -- LBTQ+ Edition 2020

Editorial: We Are Here - Emma B. (Art by Lea M.)

Explanation of the LGBTQIA+ Acronym - Alyssa N.

History of the LGBTQ+ Community - Ally W.

Lesser-Known Sexualities in the LGBTQ+ Community - Alyssa N.

Lime Green Giraffe -- Fall 2020

Editor's Note - Lillabeth B.

Totally Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts in the Movement - Zora F.

Sister and Sister: Different Girl Scouts, Same Girl Power - Emma B.

Camp In - Camp Out - Zora F. 

How to Plan a Girl Scout Trip - Ally W.

Girl Talk

How to Stay Motivated - Ally W.

Self-Care - Isabelle W.

How to not Feel Pressured to be Productive During Quarantine - Alyssa N.

Fun Stuff

Quiz: What Spooky Object are You? - Lea M.

Cooking with Kennedy - Kennedy J.

Why The Dog Show Wins Best in Show on Thanksgiving - Lillabeth B.

Entertaining Tricks to Teach Your Dog - Jessica L.

Quiz: What Season are You? - Evelyn H. & Maggie E.

Recipe: Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcakes - Cameryn P.

Must Watch Netflix Shows of 2020 (for Teens Only) - Kamani P.

Did You Know?

College Advice: Putting Yourself out there without Dying - Emma B.

Boarding School: My Story - Mimi M.

How to Entertain Yourself in Quarantine - Alyssa N.

Tips for Editing Your Writing - Sarah K.

Theatre - Emily B.

Eight ways to Spice up your Room - Kylie J.

A Guide to Bullet Journaling - Maggie E.

All About the Junior Theatre Festival - Lea M.


Short Story: The Mother's Daughter - Katie H.

Artwork - Mimi M.

Poem: Leona Harmons - Libby D. 

Artwork - Lea M.

Short Story: Springtime Melody - Jessica B.

Artwork - Sarah K.

Poem: The Points of View on Quarantine - Cats vs Dogs - Evelyn H.

Lime Green Giraffe -- Special Edition 2020

Editorial - Maggie E.

DIY: Bandana Face Mask - Zora F.

Cooking with Kennedy - Quarantine Edition - Kennedy J.

13 Fun Things to do in Quarantine - Zora F.

Service Projects to do while Self-Isolating - Lillabeth B.

A Poem - Emma B.

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