Lime Green Giraffe -- Spring 2022

Welcome to our Spring 2022 Issue! - Bailey M. 

Totally Girl Scouts

My Last Lime Green Giraffe Essay - Zora F.

WOOSAH! PAINT AND DANCE - My Gold Award Project - Kennedy J.

WIT Gold - The Story of My Girl Scout Gold Award Project - Zora F.

Cool Girl Scout Badges & Girl Scout Journeys - Maggie E.

Girl Talk

Guilty Fabric - Lei’Lani J.

Fun Stuff

How to Learn Languages - Jessica L.

Fun Sleepover Ideas - Maggie E.

How to Make Your Own Buzzfeed Quiz - Bailey M.

Fun Ideas to Fill Your Journal With - Kaleigh A.

Song Suggestions - Kaleigh A. 

How to Make Your Own Posters - Kylie J.

A Study of Snowflakes - Evelyn H.

Did You Know?

The Good and Bad of Stereotypes - Kylie J.

Step by Step Gardening - Ally W.

Understanding & Respect: Supporting the LGBTQ+ Community - Jenny B.

Cool Vegetarian Recipes - Alyssa N.

The Benefits of Meditation - Jaiden H.


A Lonely Street - Lea M.

Poem: A Season with a Reason - Cameryn P.

A Short Mystery Story - The Case of Lady Harrison - Jenny B.

The Ballad of Erin and Charles - Jenny B.

Untitled - Jenny B.

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