Lime Green Giraffe -- Fall 2021

Editorial - Bailey M.

Totally Girl Scouts

Which Girl Scout Cookie is Best? - Lea M.

Best Girl Scout Traditions to Try at Camp - Maggie E.

Girl Talk

Sexism and Misogyny in Various Environments - Cameryn P.

I’m a Barbie Girl - Diversity in the Beauty World - Jaiden H.

Hair: Trending - Ashley W.

Femininity is Not Required - Ally W.

Fun Stuff

Recipe - Crispy Sesame Chicken - Isabelle W.

Stuffed Animal Tier List - Evelyn H.

Quiz! What School Supply are You? - Lea

Two Awesome Book Reviews - Bailey M.

50 Things to Do Before the Year is Out - Bailey M.

Did You Know?

Testing on Animals and the Alternative - Ally W.

What is a Fanfiction and How to Write One - Alyssa N. & Kayleigh N.

Makeup Throughout the Centuries - Ally W.

Music Through the Ages - Jessica L.

To Be or Not to Be Sued - Cameryn P.

Modern Spirituality through TikTok - Mimi M.

How did “Cancel Culture” Start? - Kylie J.


Poem - Nature’s Last Breath - Kylie J.

Artwork - Stars - Lea M.

Poem - Leader - Kylie J.

Short Story - Why it Rains - Isabelle W.

Poem - A Miraculous Poem - Zora F.

Art Collection - Outrageous Influence - Jesse B.

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