Table of Contents

Lime Green Giraffe - Fall 2019

Totally Girl Scouts

The Importance of SWAPS -  Grace J.  

Did You Know
Sports: It’s a Mind Game – Dance -  Kylie J. + Basketball -  Libby D. 
The American Flag -  Joyce S. 
Vex IQ 2019 Competition -  Lea M.  
A Day in Washington DC – Emma B. 

Girl Talk

Fun Stuff
Watercolors -  Mimi M. 
DIY Lava Lamp - Maggie E. 
Potterhead Quiz -- Kamani P.  

Short Story- A Peculiar Kind of Train Station - Jessica B.  
Ode to Beauty – A Poem – Ali S. 
Drawing: Pegasus - Sarah K.
Flash Fiction: A Day Before a New School -  Kristyn K.  

If you would like to read previous issues of the Lime Green Giraffe, just click the Past Issues dropdown at the top of this page. Yes, we have issues back to 2013! 

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