Table of Contents

Lime Green Giraffe August 2017

Totally Girl Scouts

Did You Know?

Struggles of a Wattpad Writer- Emma B. & Autumn R. 
Nailing Your Audition- Lillabeth B.

The JTF Experience- Ali S. & Mimi M.

Girl Talk

Fun Stuff

DIY: Arm Knitting- Mimi M. 

What do you Meme- Sydnie C.


GiGi Comic- Sarah K.
Art: Wolf- Sarah K.

2017 Creative Issue: "Our Words III: Poems & Short Stories from Emerging Voices"

Cover- Sarah K.
Short Story: New Neighbors- Meghan K. 
Short Story: Sacrificing a Monday Morning- Emily B. 
Poem: Book Lessons- Emily B.

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