Answer the following questions then count up your letter answers to see your result. Have Fun!

1.    If you were a mythical creature you would be a
A.    Mermaid
B.    Dragon
C.  Pegasus
D.   Friendly Fairy

2.    Your friends would describe you as
A.     Calm and Curious
B.     Outgoing and Bold
C.     Smart and Clever
D.    Kind and Caring

3.    When you are exploring a cave you spot a bear! You
A.     Stand as still as possible and let the bear walk away.
B.     Fight the bear.
C.     Think of a clever escape plan.
D.    Run Away! Wouldnt want anyone getting hurt.

4.    Your dream house is
A.     A beach house
B.     A city home
C.     A countryside home
D.    A cabin in the woods

5.     If you had a super power than yours would be
A.     Breathing underwater
B.     Starting fires and being resistant to heat
C.     Flying
D.    Healing all living things

6.     When you are at the library you go to the
A.     Fantasy Section
B.     Adventure Section
C.     Research Section
D.    Comic Book/Graphic Novel section

7.     For spring break, you want to
A.     Go to the beach
B.     Go someplace adventurous and far away
C.     See the different museums
D.    Hang out with friends

8.     Your favorite food is
A.     Seafood
B.     Beef, pork, and poultry
C.     Fruits and Vegetables
D.    Candy and anything sweet

9.     Your future job will be
A.     Artist
B.     Police Officer
C.     Teacher
D.    Counselor


Mostly As: You are Water! You are calm and curious and tend to want to hang around the liquid that you are. You are also very creative and dont let others judge who you are. When a tough time strikes you remember to keep a positive attitude. Way to Go!

Mostly Bs: You are Fire! You are Outgoing, bold, brave, and are not afraid to take charge. You tend to face your fears head on. You enjoy being a leader in a group of people and you would go on an adventure everyday if possible.  Awesome!

Mostly Cs: You are Air. You are smart clever and can come to conclusions at a fast pace. You share your knowledge with others and show them facts. Plus, you have the ability to let yourself be free when the rest of the world may not be able to. Keep up the Good Work!

Mostly Ds: You are Earth. You are kind, caring, helpful, and loyal to every creature big and small. You give great advice and help others out when they need it. You want everyone to be peaceful and happy in this world just like you. Amazing!


  1. Awesome Quiz, I ended up being water. I think it fits since most of the characters I write in my stories are not only developed and creative but they also love water! Cool quiz.

  2. I am also i water element because i really love swimming and stuff thx for this awesome quiz