By: Hunter F.

There are many different camps all around the United States and on other continents but there are only a small number of Girl Scout Camps around the world.
Each Girl Scout camp has its own characteristics. Some camps may have horses. Some may be built around a lake so you can go tubing and canoeing. A few camps have rope courses. Some even have zip lining and gorging (where you jump into a river off of a boulder).
Some camps have cabins or tents and some have both. There is always a camp that fits your unique personality. I have been to all of the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta original camps and Camp Misty Mountain fits my personality just fine.
          Camp Misty Mountain is located in Armuchee, Georgia. The camp is located on John’s Mountain.
I have only had one chance to go there and I am glad I took that chance. One of my best friends, Hayley, and I went up there three summers ago. I am now going to put you in my view of this little adventure that lasted a week and probably was the most memorable summer camp I ever attended.
When you are at bottom of the mountain you can see the little trails of power lines that lead down John Mountain. It doesn’t seem like the height of the mountain is so well, high. As you start going up you start to see little farms and houses on the roadside. You also start to see more and more trees and cows. As you go up higher all you see is beautiful mountains and countryside.  You also see crops growing and no department store in sight! Everything is so beautiful you forget to look down. 
Then next thing you know pines obscure your sight and oaks and your car goes higher and higher. Then you’re looking down at a huge hill full of growing trees and trees that have fallen. Scattered leaves lay everywhere. When you get to a power line trail you look down and can see the whole town and all the other mountains in the distance. You wish you were on the other side of the car so it wont fell like your weight will flip the car down the mountain. Everything looks like little ants below. You scrunch down in your seat so you can’t look down. But you are so curious you look out again and you see the hill again. The road gets curvier and your mom or dad slows the car down. Then there’s another power line trail and then another and you’re at the top.
There’s a certain spot that lets you see Camp Misty Mountain where it sits in its little valley. The camp definitely lives up to its name. It’s so misty that you can hardly see the camp. You keep driving and you don’t even have to press the gas pedal anymore and then you are at the camp gates.
You get nervous. There is so much to do that you can’t wait to get started! Horseback riding, swimming, archery, canoeing, hiking, dance, arts and crafts, basketball, sidewalk chalk, singing and more! You love the counselors. and your campsite Windy Hill. You fall in love with the camp and you can’t wait to come back next summer.
That is how I felt on my camping trip to Camp Misty Mountain. I loved it so much that I am planning on being a counselor or wrangler in training when I get older. I originally went to Camp Misty Mountain for the horses but I came back with so much more! I love Camp Misty Mountain and maybe one day you may get a chance to love it also.

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