By: Savannah F.
        Have you ever been to day camp? I’ve been many times and it is so much fun. An added bonus is it’s just like regular camp. The only difference is that you don’t stay overnight. You get to do all the
things that you usually do at camp, including meeting tons of new
friends. I’m going to explain what one of the day camps was like as a Program Aide (PA).
        I know this PA and camp stuff so well because I worked as a PA at day camp. First of all, day camp is so much fun! I always have a blast there. The activities are endless, so you’re going to have something to do whether it’s an activity or learning about safety or camping.  You can meet different girl scouts around you and learn the traditions.

        If you’re an older girl (past the 7th grade) you can become a
PA. You will have to take a lot of training but it’s worth it to play and see all the smiles on the girl’s faces. You can also lead a group or an activity. Last year I taught hiking and absolutely loved it! The little kids listened and learned about it and some even said it was their favorite activity.

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