By: Lily M.
Everyone has a unique style and shoes to match, but sometimes it’s hard to feel comfortable with finding your own style.  If you feel like you are trapped in someone else’s closet, finding the right shoes can be a great place to start. Shoes can define your awesome personality just as well as your clothes do.        
If you are a sporty girl, you might feel like a real winner in Converse or sneakers. If you are a preppy girl, you could feel like your style is all buttoned up with Keds or TOMS. For all the glamour girls and girly girls out there, where would you be without flats and boots to turn all those heads your way!
This school year put your right foot forward and get some shoes that define your style! Of course, you don’t have to pick just one.  Most of us are sporty, preppy, girly, and glamorous, it just depends on the mood that day! Give them all a try and see which ones fit!

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