By: Nia A.

Color blocking is to mix different types of colors to make an outfit that is like a rainbow for all color spectrums and fashion tastes.  September 6- 13 2012, was Fashion Week in New York City and color blocking is hot off the runway and the top fashion trend for Fall.  Fashion Week is a time where the world’s most famous fashion designers and models show their true fashion talents and Rip the Runway!  New York City is noted as one of the fashion capitals of the world after Paris and Milan. The world is always watching for the hottest trends and styles.  Designers and fashion houses use this opportunity to be creative and put their best “stitches” forward. 
If you love the bright colors and the option of being able to mix and match them all together in just one-outfit, then the color-blocking trend is just for you!  First, look in your closet and look at all of the colors you have. Use your inner fashionista and creative style, to put outfits together that you would wear out, and put bright color accessories with it. If you wanted to draw attention to your ears, you should put on brighter colored earrings.  If you wanted to draw attention to your entire outfit, then you should wear bright colored bottoms with even brighter tops!  Rich and bright colored purses and shoes help make an outfit more eye catching.  Color blocking not only adds different types of color to your look, but it also draws attention to whatever you want. 
Color blocking can be a hobby or a trend that you adopt for a long time!  It also shows your creative side even if you think you do not have one!  I found that mixing, and matching my colors and outfits brings a happier look to my personality, and once I began to experiment, I could not stop!  I even mix and match my nail polish to top off my looks.  For example, I am obsessed with ombre nails.  My nails are a bright pink, but one finger on each hand is gold.  For a more contrasting color to help it pop against your skin pink and shock blue are two completely different colors; however, they contrast each other enough to make the blue and the pink look great together.

Color Blocking is a unique fashion trend that girls all over the world are following. It is a great way to be an individual and a trendsetter!  It is a way to freshen up your style frequently while staying within the latest fashions.  Have Fun with your look, stay true to yourself, and follow these simple tips to keep your fashions top notch:

  1. Start with two colors
  2. Add a third or fourth color
  3. Use bright colored accessories
  4. Consider the use of prints to add edge to your look

Have fun!

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