By: Mykela C.

I had the opportunity to contact Mrs. Pam Britt and ask her several questions about how she deals with her career, her family and Girl Scouts. Britt has been practicing attorney in Gwinnett County for 15 years. While doing this she has worked over 3,320 cases in the Gwinnett Judicial Circuit. She is a member of the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys, the Georgia State Bar Association, and the Georgia Association of Women Lawyers. She is also a Girl Scout leader.

Lime Green Giraffe: How many years did you serve as a Girl Scout Service Unit Director?

Pam Britt: I was a service unit director in Lilburn for 4 years back in the 80's. We had a large area, from Jimmy Carter Blvd to southern Lawrenceville.  It was a wonderful experience and it was successful due to a great team of volunteers.

LGG: Did you have any unique experiences as a Girl Scout Troop Leader that you would like to share with LGG readers?

PB: I have always enjoyed being a GS Leader.  The best part is the FUN!  Everyone should remember that.  Working with many groups of girls over the years, watching them grow into wonderful young ladies is very rewarding.  I have wonderful memories of the many campouts, trips, fun activities, watching girls achieve their silver and gold awards, there are so many memories, it would be impossible to pick out just one.  Of course as a mother, seeing my own daughter achieve and receive her Gold Award is a highlight for me and now I am looking forward to seeing my granddaughter achieve her Gold as she starts on that journey this year.
LGG: What advice would you have for girls who are interested in your career? 

PB: As far as advice to girls, I would have to say stay in school and do your very best to get the best grades you possible can.  Your education is the gift you give yourself.  You don't do it for your parents...or for anyone else but for you!  Good grades opens doors in your future...doors to college and future job opportunities.  Your education is the foundation for your entire career.  If I could change any one thing, I would have gone to college earlier in life.  I went to college and law school in my 30's and I am grateful that I did.  As far as a job and career in the future, find something you love to do...find a passion...and you will never work a day in your life.

LGG: In 2012, Britt ran for Gwinnett State Court Judge. Most judges are elected in the United States. What have you learn from being in politics? 

PB: As far as my recent political campaign, I thoroughly enjoyed traveling over the county and meeting the citizens of Gwinnett.  I literally met thousands of people and enjoyed the campaign trail immensely.  On the down side, I also learned politics is a full contact sport and costs a great deal of money to enter any campaign.  I would encourage all girls to become registered voters as soon as you are 18, to learn about the candidates and to vote for the people who you feel will do the best job.  Be educated voters and become involved in your community.

LGG: How has Girl Scouting helped you to achieve your goals?
PB: Girl Scouts has always given me the courage to try anything!  It is ok to fail...almost all successful people will tell you of a long line of things they tried that didn't work, until they finally achieved success.  So my motto has always been that it is ok to fail at something, what is not to not try.  When things don't work out, it just means there is another opportunity waiting for you down the road that will be better.  Life is full of adventures...on to the next one!

Click here to learn how to register to vote when you turn 18. 

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