By: Savannah F.

We all know the common sports played in the United States on TV, but do we know the sports played in other countries? Most of you don’t look at other sports but there are millions out there. That’s why I’m going to explain three so you can try them out.

            The first is Octopush. It is played just like regular hockey but underwater. Each team has six players and they wear goggles, snorkels, and have hockey sticks. It is very popular in other countries, especially Belgium where they have many college teams and professional training as well.

            Another sport is wife-carrying. It originated in Finland in the 19th century and was based on men stealing wives from other villages. Today men race each other with their wives on their backs. The winner is crowned. Traditional wife-carrying is only played in countries that have villages now. This sport is becoming more rare because countries are going away from the village type environment.
            This sport is last and for a good reason. It is my favorite! It is called Man vs. Horse Marathon. Men or women race against horses to see who is the fastest. In its 10-year history, the race has only been won by humans twice.

            That’s pretty interesting right? I didn’t know this wonderful world had so many interesting sports. I hope that you look into more of these sports and try them.

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