By: Jordan F.

Whether it’s your first day of middle school or the first day of your senior year, these 
Back To School DOs and DON’Ts will help you conquer the big day!

DO get a good night sleep so you can make a good impression and not doze away the 
first day.

DON’T be tardy. Get there early so you can get settled into the school swing.

DO dress to impress…yourself. You will feel your best by putting on a new or favorite 
outfit. Feel like a rock star student and you will act like one too.

DON’T go to school on an empty stomach. Make sure you eat a hearty breakfast so you can start your first day back full of energy.

DO know where you are going. Attend school meet and greet activities to familiarize yourself with your

teachers and your classrooms so you will not get lost on the first day.

DON’T be scared. Following these tips will help you have a great first day and a great 
school year!

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