By: Brittany G.

Has your Girl Scout Troop ever wanted to go on a big adventure? Have you ever planned and fundraised for a large trip? Well, my troop is in the process of doing this for the second time. In the summer of 2011, my troop went on a week-long trip to Seattle, Washington. This was a big feat for our small troop here in Georgia. We spent two years planning and fundraising for it so that we could see our dream become reality. That was one dream, and now we have another. This time we want to go across the ocean. Across to Europe.

Since 2011, we have been fundraising for the trip. Many car washes have been done to raise money as well as our own personal fundraiser called Campfire Meadow Magic. This is a fundraiser where we bring different troops down to the meadow behind our leader’s house and teach them different things and have fun. In the past we have had sessions on fire building, Girl Scout games, and one we called Songs, Skits, and S’mores (the name basically explains what it’s about). The girls we’ve taught have had such a good time, and we always enjoy seeing their smiling faces. This year, in hopes that we will see some familiar faces return we are adding a new session on camping skills.

Throughout these last couple years, we have also been researching where we want to go in Europe. Each girl in our troop was responsible for researching one or two European countries in hopes to find places to sightsee, places to stay, people to meet, as well as the cost of airfare and lodging.

Looking at prices and activities, we began to think about which country we wanted to visit. We thought about what we wanted to get out of this trip, what we wanted to do, and what we wanted to see. So, we had some time to think about it before coming back together for a vote. In our original vote, which was in the early winter of 2012, England and Ireland were our top choices. These are the countries we stuck with for awhile. However, in mid May, we ran into a complication with the budget and our ability to get from London over to Ireland. After a long discussion, we all began to see that we could only go to one of the two countries. Somehow, though, this conversation completely turned back the clock by a few months. We began talking about other countries we could go to instead. This led to our troop’s interest in Italy. So, with us possibly switching countries, only more research can lead to the decision on where we will go. I am sure, no matter which country we pick, this will be a life-changing journey.

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