By: Jordyn S.

Peeples is a hilarious comedy, directed by Tyler Perry, staring Craig Robinson, Kerry Washington, and David Alan Grier.
Set in Sag Harbor, New York (The Hamptons), this story follows Wade (Craig Robinson) as he decides to disrupt his girlfriends (Kerry Washington) family reunion and propose to her.  Little does he know that while his core values include trust and truth, the Peeples family is full of secrets.
With an inventive, yet predictable plot, this movie gives all the laughs required.  Anyone watching can easily find themselves relating to some of the situations Wade encounters being an outsider who wishes to become a part of a family lead by a very domineering patriarch (Grier).  When Wade’s brother arrives, to offer help, things take a downward spiral, which continues to add to the humor required to engage the audience.
In my opinion, this movie is worth seeing if you enjoy Tyler Perry movies.  I find that his movies are best when the character Madea is not there to distract the natural flow and intent of the film.  Rated PG-13, for language and adult situations,. I think this film is a guaranteed crowd pleaser.  Just remember, as the movie reminds us, that everyone is not meant to be a Peeples.

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