Beloved Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta employee Margaret Paschal is retiring after more than 40-years helping girls DISCOVER, CONNECT and TAKE ACTION. 

In honor of her impact we are posting an LGG Classic from 2006, when the Lime Green Giraffe interviewed Margaret as she marked her 50th year as a Girl Scout. 
Enjoy. Thank you Margaret for being part of our Girl Scout story. 

Blast from the Past
Originally printed in the Lime Green Giraffe, February 2006
By: Eilidh G. 

Have you ever wondered what Girl Scouts your age did 50 years ago? Well, here is your change to find out! I asked Margaret Paschal, who was in Girl Scouts in our council 50 years ago, what it was like. Here are a few things she had to say.


-Girl Scouts used to have large, service-unit-wide candle-lighting ceremoies. Each troop had a representative who lit a candle or read something for the ceremony.

-When girls went camping, they pitched tents or slept in the open. They cooked over an open fire and had no flush toilets or warm water.


-Girls used to wear a long-sleeved green dress with a yellow tie and a green beret when they were in intermediates (Juniors and Cadettes).

-In the seventh grade girls would wear the junior high uniform: short-sleeved white blouse, dark green skirt, dark green beret, white socks and the troop tie.

-There were three uniforms for Senior Girl Scouts until 1960. One of them was the Mariner uniform that was a blue "sailor suit" with a "gob" hat. At formal occasions girls were supposed to wear gloves.

Things have changed a whole lot in 50 years! Personally I can't imagine camping like that or wearing those uniforms. 

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