By Jaelyn W.
2013 Photography Editor

Step 1: Melt some Vaseline In a microwavable safe dish or in non-stick pot to melt over the stove until it is a liquid texture. Before you start this project, be sure to ask your parents if you can use the stove.

Step 2: Once the Vaseline is melted, let It cool a bit then put It in a small non-plastic container

Step 3: Add about a teaspoon full of any flavor of Kool-Aid you like to the Vaseline, Depending on how much Vaseline you have, you might want more Kool-Aid. Go for it! 

Step 4: Stir the Vaseline & Kool-Aid together.

Step 5: Once it is stirred like you want It, you are done!

Now put it in a small container that will tit in your purse, or bag. 

You can find lip balm/gloss containers at Dollar Tree, Target, Walmart & Dollar General.

REMEMBER: Just because your lip-gloss is made from Kool-Aid, it doesn't mean you can eat it. It is still made of Vaseline, but it will sniff great! J 

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