By Brittany G.

If you’ve ever been to the Caribbean then you know it’s beautiful. Gorgeous blue water; warm, sunny days; soft ocean breeze. Like every other place in the Caribbean, the British Virgin Islands does fit that description.

One other thing the Virgin Islands has is sailboats. Lots and lots of sailboats. It’s one of the most popular sailing destinations in the Caribbean, housing many charter companies and popular ports.

The main island is Tortola. The airport is at the eastern tip of this island. Soon this airport will be expanded to accommodate larger jets, such as those that fly down from Atlanta and Miami, but for now this little airport only supports small connecting flights that fly in through Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

Upon arrival, there are many options for your vacation. There are hotels, resorts, and, of course, sailboats. The popular resorts and hotels are located on Tortola and its neighbor to the northeast, Virgin Gorda. These popular destinations include Frenchman’s Cay Resort in West End on Tortola, Sugar Mill Hotel on Tortola, the Bitter End Resort and Spa on Virgin Gorda, and Biras Creek Resort on Virgin Gorda. However, if you wish to explore more of the British Virgin Islands and travel out on nice waters, sailing is a good option. There are many locations to stop at, and many you can stay over night out in the coves.

Popular restaurants and locations are spread all throughout the islands that can be visited in a couple-hour sail through the channels and around the islands, giving you the perfect view of the beauty of the British Virgin Islands.

Regardless of whether you stay at a resort or on your own little house on the water, there are many activities to fill your stay. Snorkeling is an active way to see the variety of sea life that lives there, some of the best locations include Prickly Pear near the Bitter End, Virgin Gorda and the Indians off of Norman Island. Scuba diving is also a way to interact with the marine life. There are multiple dive schools throughout the islands, and many of the popular dive sites include shipwreck locations and reefs. Also, at certain ports, there are other water activities that can be done such as parasailing, paddle boarding, and wind surfing.  

For those of you who would rather have fun while staying dry, there are options to do so. Shops can be found on almost any island, and in some bays, some sales people have there own small boats where they can go from boat to boat and advertise their merchandise.

For the adults, there are some popular bars that are located in the British Virgin Islands. One of these, Foxy’s, is on Jost Van Dyke, which is located to the northwest of Tortola. Another popular, and very unique, bar is in the Bight Bay at Norman Island. It’s called Willie T’s, and it’s a floating bar that sits on an old boat anchored in the bay. During the day, however, it’s a nice, kid-friendly lunch restaurant for the whole family.

No matter what age you are, there are always things to do in the British Virgin Islands. There is never a dull day in this beautiful paradise! 

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