By Nia A.

On March 2, 2014, girls from all over Atlanta received the highest Girl Scout achievement award, the Girl Scout Gold award.  Hundreds of guests from all over the greater Atlanta attended the awards ceremony.  The event consisted of honored guests in attendance that ranged from  Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta members, women executives from corporations that have collaborated with Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta and the friends and family who were supporters of the Girl Scout Gold Awardees.  The Girl Scout Gold Award recipients and guests were treated to a fabulous pre-ceremony luncheon to celebrate their accomplishments and allow time for girls to get to know one another and learn more about the various awards and honorees. 

For 2014, there were approximately 99 girls awarded at the beautiful Fox Theatre in downtown Atlanta.  Three out of the 99 girls were LGG’s own Jordan F., Jessica C., and Mykela C.  All of these girls have always been great leaders in Girl Scouts and the Gold Award Ceremony showed how much of a leader they truly are.  As an On the Scene LGG Reporter, I got the chance to speak to a few other girls to get their opinions on how it feels to be celebrated, recognized, and acknowledged at such a high level by the Girl Scout and Atlanta Community.

I had the pleasure of meeting Sydney E; she is 18 years old and is a freshman in college.  Her project was providing clothing for under privileged girls to help raise their self-esteem.

 I asked her:

  • How long did it take for the idea of your project?
    “It took me about a month to come up with a solid idea that I know I enjoyed and I would be able to continue.”
  • How long did it take to execute your project?
    “It took several months.  In my opinion, that is the longest and most difficult part of the whole project.”
  • What do you think you gained from completing this project?
    “I gained a strong sense of my community and its needs.”

  • What was the final product of your project?
    “The girls were very enthusiastic and appreciative of the clothes they received.  It made me feel like a good person and I was encouraged to do more.”
  • What was your inspiration for this project?
    “I like shopping and feeling like a brand new person because it raises my self-esteem and I think every girl should get the opportunity to feel this way at least once in their life.”

 Gold Award recipient, Arianna H.; took a few moments to share her Girl Scout Gold Award experience.  Arianna is 17 years old and is a senior in high school.  Arianna’s project was an info session on Sickle Cell Anemia.  Her goal was to bring awareness to the community about the disease. 

  • Was it difficult to choose your project?  Who was the project in honor of or inspired by?
    “I always knew what I wanted to do but, I had to perfect my plan and make sure that it was sustainable.  My project was in honor of my best friend who had Sickle Cell Anemia.”
  • What did you expect to gain from this project?
    “I expected to gain knowledge about this disease and build new relationships.”
  • What was the final product of this product?
    “I had the information and was empowered to spread awareness about Sickle Cell Anemia; the outcome was really great, because a lot of people showed up and supported me throughout the process.” 

Both of Sydney and Arianna shared the common experience of earning the Girl Scout Bronze and Girl Scout Silver awards.  With the prior experience of working on the rigorous and Girl Scouts high awards, they continue to make their mark in the community and the world, with each important project. 

Our new CEO of Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta, Amy Dosik, was also a speaker at this awesome event.  Ms. Dosik expressed her great pride in being over such an amazing group of young leaders and world changers.  I was able to sit down with Ms. Dosik to hear more about her experience in leadership and at the Girl Scout Gold Award Ceremony and learn more about why earning the Girl Scout Gold Award was so important.

  • How does it feel knowing, that you have such a major part in introducing these young women to society?
    “It feels like a privilege.  It’s a privilege to have this position and it’s an honor that I take very seriously.” 

  • What made you want to peruse a field that had such high expectations of excellence?
    “I’ve always worked in fields where much was expected.  I decided to join Girl Scouts because I wanted to give back.  I hope that you as a Girl Scout hold me to those high expectations.”
  • Did you always have a strong passion for improving society with strong-minded girls?
    “I always had a passion for mentoring others.  My favorite day was Oct. 2, because it was promotion day at my company.  There I got to see the people that I helped and mentored move forward to better things.  To me the best kind of success is, the opportunity to see your success through others.

Keynote speaker, Mrs. Felicia Hatcher-Pearson, entrepreneur and founder of Feverish Ice Cream and Gourmet Pops out of Miami, FL. Mrs. Hatcher, a Girl Scout herself, started her own business at the age of 19.  She has been recognized at the Black founder’s convention, is the author of two books, one called “How to start a business on a Ramen Noodle budget,” and the other, “The C students guide to scholarships.”  She was also named to Impact 100 List- Top 100 Business owned by entrepreneurs under 30 honored at the White House during Global Entrepreneurship Week.  Mrs. Hatcher-Pearson gave very encouraging words at the ceremony and she inspires us as young women to never give up.  She told her story of how she started her business; she shared some of the challenges of running a business at a young age.  Mrs. Hatcher also explained how the working to earn the Gold Award was the perfect start to future success and encouraged all of the girls to continue to strive for success and pursue excellence and that by earning the Gold Award; the young women were well on their way!

Mrs. Hatcher-Pearson agreed to sit down and chat with me to share some of her wisdom and keys to her success with our fellow LGG readers. 

  • Being a Girl Scout, how did the skills that you have acquired over the years help you make your decision to change the world?
    “There were many different things: being able to work with other girls, marketing, etc.  Girls Scouts helped me come out of my shell and find who Felecia is.”
  • What are some tips that you have for people who also aspire to change the world?
    “Follow your passion!  Do not be afraid to reach out and use you resources.  Use technology as much as possible to help make profit.


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