By Edie W.

I sat down with my mom, who has been a Girl Scout staff member since last year. I had her answer several questions about her job.

Lime Green Giraffe: What is your job title?

Maggie Walls: I am a Membership Specialist in the East Region – I work in North Fulton County with volunteers in Roswell, Alpharetta, and Johns Creek.

LGG: What exactly does a Membership Specialist do?

MW: Basically, our job is to be sort of a Council link to our members – both girls and adults. Sometimes my job is offering customer service, sometimes I help with organizing troops, and sometimes I plan and run events. It varies quite a bit, which I really like.

LGG: How did you become interested in being a Membership Specialist?

MW: I was a troop leader for several years, and was serving as a Service Unit Director when I applied for the job. I fell in love with the organization as a volunteer, and hoped that I could have an even greater impact on girl leadership as a staff member. Being a Membership Specialist is a great role for me, because I still get to work with girls and volunteers, which is where my heart is.

LGG: Were you a Girl Scout as a child?

MW: Yes. My older sister joined Girl Scouts when I was 3, and my mother was her leader. At that time, they called pre-school girls “Pixies,” and I got to participate with her troop until I was old enough to be in my own troop. My mom was my Girl Scout leader until we moved to a new city in 5th grade, at which point I decided not to join a new troop. Now that I see all of the cool stuff older girls get to do in Girl Scouting, I regret not continuing!

LGG: Where do you work?

MW: I’m based out of the Cumming office, but usually I do my office work in my home office. I often work “in the field,” too, which means I’m at Service Unit meetings with volunteers or helping with programs in North Fulton.

LGG: What’s the hardest part of your job?

MW: I wish I could be in more than one place at a time! I really like to be a part of my volunteers’ events, but I often have to miss things because of other events or personal conflicts.

LGG: What is your favorite part of your job?

MW: I loved being a troop leader, so I get excited when I have opportunities to work with girls. As part of my efforts to increase middle school programming in my area, I started a Gamma Gamma Sigma group for girls in 6th-12th grade. I love doing programming with them and learning from them.

LGG: Aside from working with Gamma Gamma Sigma and attending events, how does a Membership Specialist help girls in Girl Scouting?

MW: Well, a large part of my job is helping girls become Girl Scouts, and working with their new leaders to make their troop successful. Outside of that, though, I am a good resource for questions about Council, so girls are always welcome to email or call me if they have questions about events, awards, or ideas for their troops.

LGG: If a girl were to someday want to fill your shoes, what would she have to do?

MW: It helps to be organized and have strong computer and reporting skills, and to have a positive and flexible personality in this job. More than anything, though, I think anyone interested in this position needs to have a strong commitment to the amazing work that Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta is doing, and a commitment to sharing that work with the community.

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