By Nia A.

      Gamma Gamma Sigma (GGS) is an older Girl Scout group for girls ages 13-18 or Girl Scout Cadettes through Girl Scout Ambassadors who participate in addition to their Girl Scout troops or join as Juliettes. GGS is a new and unique leadership development Girl Scout program that combines Girl Scouts with a “Sorority Type” club. Sponsored by Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta, there are several GGS groups in Metro Atlanta that meet at various times during the month; girls have the option to participate on a regular basis or as time permits in their schedules. I am a member of the Gwinnett Gamma group that meets once every month and we plan community service, outings, and events that appeal to the likes and interest of teen girls. The purpose of GGS is to try to keep girls in Girl Scouting until high school graduation. Activities in Gamma Gamma Sigma include fun things we like to do, such as hanging-out with friends, making plans to travel, planning fun events, completing service hours and community projects and planning activities for other teen Girl Scouts. The goal of GGS is to bring girls together through the bond of sisterhood, allowing exploration of common interests and think on a global Girl Scout level. Gamma girls are encouraged to develop their leadership skills by serving as a leadership chair or on a committee. All meetings are lead by Gamma girls with adult advisors providing guidance. Gamma girls display their ability to work well as a team, by being respectful and using their voices to vote and determine what the group will do for the year.

     As an incentive to continue in Gamma Gamma Sigma until high school graduation, Gamma Girls are eligible to walk their graduation stage with an honorary GGS Green & White graduation cord and a certificate of completion. To receive the honor cord you must have participate in GGS at least two years, serve in at least one GGS leadership position, and have at least 60 hours served as a Gamma girl.

      I, myself am a member of Gamma Gamma sigma Gwinnett, and I think that it is an awesome opportunity to socialize with other girls my age and do fun activities that appeal to my likes and my age group. So far this year, we have traveled to the Georgia State National Fair, attended the Lion King, as a team, we have hosted Girl Scout Journey overnight events. We have worked with several local non-profit agencies to complete service projects such as collecting personal hygiene items for the Gwinnett County Children’s shelter, Creative Community Services, Inc, packing boxes for veterans and a landscaping and cleaning project for a local church. Gamma Gamma Sigma has given me a sense of sisterhood and the opportunity to gain adult mentors. I have also developed many skills during my time with Gamma Gamma Sigma.

      I plan to continue participating until I graduate and hope to be elected as GGS president. As of this year (2014), Gamma Gamma Sigma Gwinnett had its first graduate, Tiffany G. She has served as the GGS Gwinnett president during the 2013-2014 term and has completed countless service hours and community service. While the GGS concept is new to Girl Scouts and is still in its early stages, the program is taking hold and becoming very popular in the Atlanta area. Girls are encouraged to join at anytime during the Girl Scout year and to participate consistently or ongoing to earn the graduation cords.
      Gamma Gamma Sigma is designed to get girls out of their comfort zone and help them become better young women. By the time Gamma Girls graduate, they will have formed many friendships, worked with countless organizations, attended many events and will have developed their leadership experience. If you think GGS would be a great fit for you as a teen Girl Scout, feel free to contact one of the local groups below.

Gamma Gamma Sigma - Gwinnett                    
Contact: Mary Hughes                                           
Phone: (770) 702-9149                                         

Gamma Gamma Sigma – North Gwinnett MS
Contact: Christine Solar
Phone: (678) 389-1598

Contact: Jymme Reed                                           
Phone: (770) 702-9121                                         

Gamma Gamma Sigma – Roswell, GA
Contact: Lisa Martin
Phone: (770) 702-9120

Contact: Theresa Carcioppolo
Phone: (404) 862.8476

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