By: Sabrina Y.

How can something be so faraway,
Yet present in our everyday lives?

It guides us through tough times,
And in a way, helps us survive.

It is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
It is the bright light in the dark room.

It sometimes makes us take risks
That could possibly lead us to our own doom.

But most of the time it is a motivator;
Our own personal coach who is also a guide.

However, if you haven’t already noticed,
There is a great divide.

Between what our heart says and what our mind says.
Which voice do you choose to hear?

Because this determines
If you are faraway or near

To changing your own destiny,
And finding out if your dream will finally come true.

The choice may not be simple,
But it is up to you.

Sadly, many people are too busy
To accomplish their long-ago goals,

Or maybe they mistake them
As just another burden or toll.

But here’s a warning to all;
A candle will burn, but not forever.

Through time, the flame slowly fades
Getting dimmer and dimmer, and never,

Never failing to remind us
That we have a limited amount of time

Before the light goes out completely,
And we realize that it will never again shine.

The dream would be too far away
And forgotten by then.

The only trace of it would be the question of regret
Not who, where, why, or when,

But what, what if?
What if I actually tried?

What if I listened to my heart and my dream did come true?
What if I didn’t put this dream aside?

Don’t be caught up in a world of what ifs.
It isn’t worth it.

Instead do what your heart is telling you
While the candle is still lit.

And please, before it’s too late,
Grasp onto that dream

Work hard to make it into a reality.
Even though it may seem

Too hard to accomplish.
Just know that you

 can do anything
you put your mind to.

So what are you waiting for?
Go make your dreams come true!

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