By: Sabrina Y.

During my summer, I went to an amazing three-week summer camp called Explo. I took many classes including a Fantasy Writing Course.  There, we dressed up in crazy costumes to create monsters, we wore stage makeup like our create characters, designed maps of our worlds, and we got to turn normal objects into something that might appear in a fantasy novel.  Now, all of this was very fun, and I truly feel that we learned how to bring our fantastical ideas to life!  So, follow these three simple steps to write your own fantasy story!

1: Create a map of your world. It is easier to describe your world in a story if you know and can see where everything is located.  Don’t forget to label your map, and don’t be afraid to make up crazy names!

2. *Create a Character write up. 
The template should look like this. My examples are in blue.

Role (Antagonist, protagonist, friend, sidekick, etc. . .): Protagonist

Gender/age/species:  Female/ 15 years old/ princess and dragon

Traits (at least 3):  intelligent, protective, loyal, and humorous

Flaws (at least 2):  Short-tempered and always makes assumptions

Goals (at least 2) :  Wants to break the curse that turned her into a dragon, and find her way back home

Profession:  Used to be a princess, but now her job is to be a dragon warrior

Hobbies (at least 2):  Practices flame spitting , flying, and searches for the wizard that cast the spell at her.

Physical Description:  Golden Scales, scar on left wing, long claws, sparkling eyes

Speaking quirk:  Has a lisp because she sticks out her forked tongue when she talks

*Remember, try to break stereotypes!  Change one or two traits of cliché characters.  For example, maybe the “sidekick” could be female instead of male, and maybe she ends up being the hero instead of just being the comic relief.

3. Keep writing and don’t stop!  I know this is hard to do at first, but now that you have a general idea of your story, write your story without editing!  It’s better to get all of your ideas down on the paper first.

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