By: Nia H.
What’s your favorite band? Do they play soft music or fast and dance worthy tunes? What about rock music or maybe even screamo? There are many bands along the music spectrum, but I’ll key you into some of my favorites.

Ghost Town, their album covers are not only hand drawn and painted, but they’re an overall talented band. I remember the first song I heard by them was Monster, and from then on I was in love. Rock, some screaming, what is there not to love?

Not into hard music? Maybe you prefer something faster. Dubstep maybe? A great band for all your dubstep dance party needs would be Knife Party. Their name sounds scary, I know, but their music reaches a level rivaling Skrillex.

Okay. Maybe 1 and 2 were still not your style! That’s okay! There’s plenty of music to still go through. Maybe your preference is rap? A good, clean band to listen to is Fort Minor. Their messages are usually about working hard. The first song from them I heard was Remember the Name. Even my mom found it a lyrically clean enough rap song to enjoy!

Maybe you want to slow it down a little more? Maybe your music preference has no words, or artificial sounds. This artist may not be a band, but have ever heard of the YouTube sensation Lindsay Sterling, the dancing violinist? You can buy her CD in Target, but it’s worth listening to if you’re into lyric-less melodies. Many of her songs are original, but she also does covers of some of your favorite video game tunes!

Okay! Our spectrum is slowly getting softer. Maybe you’re into someone who’s beat often changes? Try Marina and the Diamonds or Lenka. Their songs can vary from fast to slow.

Are we getting too soft? Rock on! Maybe you’re into music where the singer’s screams are something wonderful? If this is your style, try bands like Black Veil Brides or Get Scared! Both have screams that make me squeal with fan girl joy.

Are you into songs that are not sung in English? Is Japanese music your type of thing? Try listening to Vocaloid. They’re artificial voice programs that people make songs with! It’s really neat!
Okay. Maybe your style isn’t Japanese? Korean maybe? If you’re into K-pop, bands like Girls Generation or EXO might be for you! Give them a try!

Maybe those two didn’t fit you? Maybe you’re into Spanish singers? Prince Royce would be a good choice for you! My Spanish teacher plays him for us.

Maybe you’re into music you that would hear on horror movie soundtracks? No shame, no shame! Try Creature Feature! Their songs are mostly horror based and are sure to give you a slight shiver!

Maybe your music style isn’t up here? I’d love to know what other music you guys listen to. So share your faves in the comments below or tweet us @GiGiLGG and use the hashtag #musicfaves!

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