By: Sydnie C.

Whether you know the tasty cookie as the Samoa from Little Brownie Baker or the Caramel deLite from ABC Cookies you’ll be excited for this news. Attention, all of you cookie connoisseurs and my fellow Girl Scout entrepreneurs, our beloved Samoa/Caramel deLite cookie is having a very special birthday in 2015. This month one of our favorite Girl Scout cookies is turning 40 years old! But before we can celebrate this 40-year-old cookie, we need to become more familiar with its history.

Girl Scout Cookies were first introduced in 1917 by a troop in Oklahoma. Being inspired by this Oklahoma troop, the American Girl, a former Girl Scout magazine, suggested that cookies be sold by troops around the country as a fundraiser. However, the Samos/Caramel deLite would not be introduced until 1975, almost sixty years later. Today this delicious concoction of chocolate, coconut, and caramel continues to be a hit, averaging more than $133 million dollars per cookie season.                 

So what makes the Samoa/Caramel deLite so exceptional? Could it be its sweetness because, after all, its number one ingredient is sugar? Or maybe it’s the homemade caramel drizzled over the dark chocolate and shreds of coconut? The world may never know what makes this chocolate-y treat so special, but, in my opinion, all of the Samoa/ Caramel deLite’s ingredients make it a scrumptious treat that make it impossible not to devour.  

So why not celebrate this special cookie’s special birthday? Order a box or two of the Samoa/Carmel deLite today?!

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