By Emery R.

Being a girl is a multitude of things
A pool of adjectives swimming in the catch-all bowl on your counter
Beautiful, magical, fun, freeing, special, lovely
Just floating around like the loose change you find in the bottom of your pocket

There are those moments where something great happens
And you walk around for days feeling invincible
Nothing can touch you because you are glowing from the inside out
And it shows on your bright face and in the swing of your limbs as you stride on air

Sometimes sobering events occur
And you walk around feeling trod upon by dozens of feet
You are down for the count, listless, not into whatever it is
And it shows on your grim face and in the slump of shoulders in your lackadaisical walk

Being a girl is talking about forever with your friends
And saying "never" to the idea of growing apart
Going to the pool, the bookstore, "your place" where only you go
To share and love laughs and talks and general company

It is liking pink or rejecting it or just plain being okay with it
Until you realize it doesn't matter what the TV shows or how many times "girly" is said
It is giving Barbie a new outfit or dissecting her for the camera inside of plastic flesh
That you could or couldn't care about, it's your choice

Being a girl is having the power to change things
It means you have influence and impact
Courage, confidence, and character running in your blood
And that you can use them to make the world a little kinder, brighter, warmer

"Girl" should never be a demeaning word
Used to make you feel inadequate
Because being a girl is a magnificent, spectacular, EXTRAORDINARY thing

And you are surrounded by astonishing possibility

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