By. Jacqueline Y.
2015 Lime Green Giraffe Marketing Manager/Webmaster

We read comics and books all the time. We see superheroes like Wonder Woman, Katniss Everdeen, and Hermione Granger. We see them use magic, weapons, and their brains to defeat foes, but we don’t clearly see their true power. We don’t see their girl power, the power that they have as women. The power that is most important. Girl power is not just a saying. It’s not fiction and not just for fictional characters. Real people have it. It’s a real power that every woman around the world has. It’s the power of change. Every day this power is helping girls and women around the world to make change in their community, to make it a better place for them and their futures. It’s this power that helps them vote, helps them to get jobs, and helps them get an education. It’s a power that makes sure that these rights are never taken away. It’s a power that enhances their lives. It’s girl power.

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