By: Edie W.

            On Sunday, April 26, hundreds of Girl Scouts ranging from Daisies to Ambassadors went to Tribble Mill Park in Lawrenceville for an event called Camp Gwinnett. Camp Gwinnett, despite the rather misleading name, is not an actual camping experience. Instead, Camp Gwinnett is part of an effort to assist girls in learning various outdoor skills, both for survival and recreation.
            At Camp Gwinnett, there were many booths that girls could go around to in order to learn new skills or polish old ones. Activities including outdoor cooking, SWAPS making, archery, disc golf, and more were available, as well as booths sponsored by companies, like Bass Pro Shops and REI.
            I was able to help run the geocaching booth and interview the people who were helping to run the geocaching booth: Maggie Walls (a Girl Scout parent volunteer), and her daughter CW (a junior Girl Scout).

LGG Reporter: How would you describe Camp Gwinnett?
Maggie Walls: Camp Gwinnett is a unique opportunity for girls to sampleoutdoor activities. Its a great resource for leaders, and a fun way for girls to get excited about being outdoors.
Cady Walls: It is a fun opportunity for me and other Girl Scouts to get to take part in activities that we may not have done before.

LGG: How do you think Camp Gwinnett will help girls?
MW: I think many girls are tentative about having outdoor experiences. Camp Gwinnett helps them by giving them the opportunity to find out what they like without committing to a full weekend in the woods.
CW: Girls can learn new skills with their troop.

LGG: What exactly is geocaching? Why will girls enjoy this activity?
MW: Geocaching is a treasure hunt” – you get to search for a hidden box of goodies by using a gps device or an app on your smart phone. Geocaching is great for Girl Scout troops because it gives the girls a clear objective on their hikes, which can help shape a love for being in the outdoors.
CW: I think that girls will enjoy geocaching because they get to hunt for real-life treasure, and at the end they get to leave something and take something with them.

LGG: How important is outdoor programming to the Girl Scout movement?
MW: I think being outdoors is a very important component of Girl Scout programming. Girls can learn so much about themselves, problem solving, and leadership through the skills they develop outdoors.
CW: Being outside allows girls to learn new things that they dont learn in school. Camping and being outdoors has helped me feel confident about my problem solving and survival skills.

            Ms. Martha, a long-term Girl Scout employee, gave me her standing on the subject of Camp Gwinnett: Camp Gwinnett gives girls a chance to experience how much fun they can have outdoors. It gives adults the chance to see how easy it is to help girls get outdoors.

            All in all, Camp Gwinnett is a very fun and educational event perfect for Girl Scouts. If you didnt come this year, be sure to catch the next one!

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