By: Avery B.

I run
Through a forest
Filled with beautiful flowers                 

But when night comes
The deadly creatures hunt
I run

The world is a jungle

I wander
Through school halls
Filled with interesting people
But when gossip arrives
The sharp words hurt
I wander

I chase
After the prettiest views
The best pictures
But there is always a better one
A cooler animal, a more interesting mountain
I chase

This planet is so competitive

I try
After the prettiest body
The best things
But there is always something – someone – better
A newer phone, a cuter hairstyle
I try

I do
Attempt to be perfect
But that’s so hard and frustrating
Who the world wants me to be
Is a fake person
I do

Forget the world, chase you

I am
Not going to give in
I will be my own person
Act the way I feel
Do what I want to
Not restricted by society

I am

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