By: Janiece J.

I asked my friends “Do you really need a boyfriend?” and majority of my responders said yes, but I disagree. I say that you don't need a boyfriend because some of them can be jerks.
As teenagers I think we should be more focus on our future than on boys. I have to say, sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have a boyfriend, but then I picture all the things that I would like to become; an actor and a dancer; and I just cant see a boy in that picture.
Sure, boys can make you happy but sometimes their distractions keep you from realizing that your not happy with yourself. I say what is the point of having a boyfriend if your not happy with yourself first? I was reading an article in Seventeen Magazine and in the article a girl said that her boyfriend was ashamed of her body and he was cheating on her. Do you really want a guy like that?
I know your probably saying that some guys are nice and sweet. Well, let me tell you something, I believe even the nicest and sweetest guys can be the biggest jerks. Now, think about it. Would you really want to take a chance and have a jerk as a boyfriend?

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