By: Sydnie C.

A life hack is a way that helps you tackle lifes daily challenges in a simpler way. The following are ten life hacks that can help you overcome lifes glitches:

1.       Forgot to charge your phone last night? Turning your phone on airplane mode can help it charge twice as fast.
2.       Does it take your nails forever to dry? Dipping your nails in ice cold water can make them dry faster.
3.       Got a Sharpie stain on your favorite pair of jeans? Squirting hand sanitizer on the blemish can help get rid of the stain instantly.
4.       Did you find the perfect shoe in a size too small but bought them anyway? Putting a thick sock on and then blowdrying the shoes can make the shoes expand. Also, adding deodorant to your shoes can prevent blisters.
5.       Are you forgetful when it comes to everything except checking your phone? Setting your lock screen to your to-do-list can remind you what activities you need to conquer before using your phone.
6.       Has being the Procrastination Queen finally made you feel overwhelmed? Here are a few ways to de-stress: go for a walk, take deep breaths, vent to a friend, or listen to music.
7.       If youre anything like me, you cling to every second of sleep you can get in the mornings, but if you happen to wake up a little before your alarm clock, stay awake! Waking up naturally will help you feel more refreshed.
8.       Looking for a tasty snack? You can make Nutella popsicles by using two cups of cool whip, six tablespoons of Nutella, and one cup of milk. Mix these ingredients together and pour them into popsicle molds and let them freeze.
9.       Are you finally regretting wearing your favorite sneakers to camp? Nail polish remover can help remove those pesky stains.

10.    Has your to-be-readbook pile grown taller than you? Chewing gum can help you read those novels faster.

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