Teenage Girl Scouts from the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta joined the Lime Green Giraffe for a day of photo shoot fun on Sunday. The afternoon featured games and lots of fun poses for pictures to accompany new articles written by the LGG staff. The new photos are articles will be featured in our next issue.

Avery irons the backdrop.

Kendi, Emma & Julia prepare the opening games.

Sabrina and Nia design posters for the schedule.

The models are here!

LGG staffers lead the models in get-to-know-you games.

Kara, JoAnne and Nia hang out near the store. There is tape.

Avery and models for the Camporee photo wait their turn.
Meghan models her awesome scarf near a poster of the schedule.

Photographer, Kate Hildreth, takes pictures of two models for the travel article.

Three models pose for the Musical Theatre photo. 
Guess the story behind this photo! 

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