By: Avery B.

          Have you ever seen a cool design and wondered how you even begin drawing something like that? This edition of the Lime Green Giraffe is showing you a chain pattern that seems to pop off the page, and how to draw it. Now you can impress your friends with this awesome 3-D design that is really quite simple, and then teach them too. Take a look at this tutorial, and have fun drawing!

Step 1: Draw a curved horn

Step 2: Draw another horn curving back toward the other one, attached to the other one’s end

Step 3: Continue the chain until it’s at your desired length or goes off the page

Step 4: Draw a downwards horn as an extension of the original chain

Step 5: Draw another downwards horn, continuing from the other horns

Step 6: Continue the downward horns, curving them down around the original chain

Step 7: Color in the blank holes within the chain, adding depth to the pattern

Step 8: You can add thicker lines on the outside of the chain, as well as where it overlaps, to add even more dimension

          Ta-da! You just completed your own 3-D chain design! This design came from, where professional and unprofessional doodlers post designs they then use to create more complex patterns.

               Definitely go check out the website, where you can get lots of ideas and instructions on how to draw your own designs and weave them together into a complicated patter that is sure to impress anyone! Thanks for checking out this tutorial on how to create a super cool chain design, and keep on drawing!

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