By: Kendi K.
Every shooting star, every coin wished on as I tossed it into a mall fountain, every birthday candle I’d ever blown out, I’d wished the same wish, to be a superhero. I wanted to fly through the air and save people from burning buildings and own 20 Iron Man suits! Now that I’m older and a little more in touch with reality, I realize getting injected with a serum that turns me into a big green monster that saves the world probably won’t happen. But that hasn’t stopped me from doing my research on superheroes and their stories, and by research, I mean watching every Marvel movie I could get my hands on. From best to worst rated Marvel movies, here’s seven of them.

  1. The number one Marvel movie of all time (and my personal favorite) is Iron Man 1.
  2. Guardians Of The Galaxy, with a score of 94% on the prestigious movie review website Rotten Tomatoes. 
  3. Spider-Man 2 (the original, NOT the one with dreamy male lead Andrew Garfield.) 93% 
  4. Big Hero 6 (I didn’t even know this was a Marvel movie.) 89%
  5. The Amazing Spider-Man (the new one with dreamy male lead Andrew Garfield.) 72%
  6. Howard The Duck… yeah this one just sounds terrible, 14%
  7. Finally, the worst rated Marvel movie of all time is… Fantastic Four! With a whopping 9%.

            From Iron Man, to Howard The Duck, every superhero has their perks. That’s what’s great about Marvel. Even without their powers, these superheroes still have superhuman traits. So maybe instead of wishing for powers, I’ll wish to be kind like Captain America, smart like Iron Man, or funny like Star-Lord. After all, it’s not powers that make a hero, it’s the hero that makes the hero. Or something like that. ;-)

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