By: Edie W.
Almost everyone like Girl Scout cookies; from chocolaty Thin Mints to peanut butter Do-Si-Do’s, there’s something for everyone. Unfortunately, despite the deliciousness of Girl Scout Cookies, there is one fatal drawback: They’re only available from February to April. Luckily (or unluckily, depending on which way you think of it), many companies have cookies on the market that are similar to Girl Scout Cookies. This is fabulous if you’re someone that requires a constant cookie fix, as these “knock-off” cookies are available year round. However, how do these cookies really stack up to actual Girl Scout Cookies? 
Through research, I discovered that the Keebler Company is owned in part by the same company that makes Girl Scout Cookies. Maybe this is the reason that many of their cookies are similar to Girl Scout Cookies? I asked around, and found three of Keebler cookies that are similar to Girl Scout Cookies: Grasshoppers, Coconut Caramels, and Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies.
Grasshoppers are cookies that are similar to Thin Mints. They both feature a chocolaty cookie with a mint filling, and both are around the same size. However, I talked to many people, and a general consensus was reached that the two cookies are distinctly different, as Thin Mints taste more minty, while Grasshoppers taste chocolatier. Still, many people could not find a difference between the two.
There was an even bigger rift between opinions about the Coconut Caramels and Samoas. As with the Grasshoppers and Thin Mints, the cookies have many definite differences, and they don’t taste as similar as they look. According to a group of Girl Scout Leaders, while Coconut Caramels are good, they don’t stack up with Samoas, and are far more caramel based as opposed to coconut. However, if you are a fan of caramel, then the Coconut Caramels may be one to try!
Finally, there was apparently no competition between Keebler’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies and Tagalongs. While Tagalongs feature a shortbread cookie with peanut butter and chocolate, the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies are much more like a chocolate bar than a cookie. While both have the same general flavor, one is definitely more of a cookie than candy.
While each of these brands are definitely similar, I can definitely say that none of them are exactly the same as the Girl Scout Cookie counterpart. They do have many of the same aspects, but nearly every person that I asked about the subject has said that Girl Scout Cookies are superior. Still, it’s all up to the person trying the cookies, and there’s no doubt that while the “knock-off” Girl Scout Cookies aren’t exactly the same, they’re still very similar!

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