By: Edie W.
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Lime Green Giraffe is an online publication by girls, for girls. Lime Green Giraffe began in 2004 as a print-only magazine mailed to Atlanta Girl Scouts in the 6-12 grades. In 2008, it became online exclusive, and soon branched off from the council website to its own domain:
LGG is published bi-annually, and offers many different articles ranging from embarrassing moments to book reviews to an advice column. Reporter projects are also published in between issues, and usually cover events or feature interviews with prominent Girl Scouting figures.
The Lime Green Giraffe staff consists of Girl Scouts ages 11-17. While the staff of LGG writes the articles for each issue, we’d be lost without our fantastic leadership team: Marnye, who’s assisted the staff ever since the magazine’s start; Melissa, a former staff member who came back to volunteer after she graduated High School, and JoAnne, who only officially joined us in 2014!
Lime Green Giraffe strives to deliver interesting content to people of all ages, and tries to serve as an inspiration to girls, and especially writers, everywhere.

If you want to keep up with LGG, be sure to follow us on Twitter or Instagram @GiGiLGG. Also, be sure to check us out on Facebook!

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