AKA: Surviving Winter without Wireless Connections
By: Emma B.

For many girls, the notion of no wireless connection [Wi-Fi] during a snow day is utter and complete torture. I mean many of my friends at school screamed in terror as I mentioned a very specific combination of words, “no wireless connection in a survival story.” I couldn’t get enough of the shocks and gasps, but I feel they’d hyperventilate in a winter storm. This is because in a proper winter storm, the Wi-Fi might be knocked out. No one could argue that Georgia and Alabama aren’t exactly the states that mean snow and ice. However, lately temperatures have been intensifying in the winter and summer months, we might get a real snow-storm soon. So, what can you do in such a situation, well I have collected 3 tips that will help you a lot.

Tip 1: Cocoa and Magazines
When you’re on snow days, not doing homework, and you just want to cuddle up near the fireplace and read magazines, well do it. The fireplace is not only something to warm you up but it’s also something to get you closer to the family. My favorite part of the last couple winters is cuddling up with my family around the fireplace and just talking. This is cool because it gave our family a lot of opportunities to work out things as a family. Sometimes I’d just sit alone by the fire place and warm up, reading or writing. However I do realize not everyone always wants to read or write, so in that case if you like magazines, the fireplace can still be enjoyable. What’s another thing people associate with winter, hot chocolate? The hot cocoa is always something I drink and you’ve probably done it too. My ultimate tip is to brew up some cocoa, while you’re doing that pick up some literature. Once that’s done, pull the cocoa off the fire and place it on a coaster near the fireplace. Then just sit down and read. It’s a very calm thing to do and works with a girl of any crowd.

Tip 2: The Snow Trackers
When wireless connections are down it’s clearly snowing a ton. The snow will most likely be falling fast and in intense amounts. My second tip connects to this, watch the snow! Now keep in mind I realize it doesn’t sound very exciting but nature can do things to you. Nature is a very powerful thing, without basic technology nature could wipe out most human beings. Watching the snow can be very entertaining, especially if you have a respect for nature. Plus you can also play in the snow once the storm has passed over. The snow will most likely be packed, meaning you can at least make snow-angels. This is particularly fun because snow has always been considered rare and playing in it is a fun opportunity.

Tip 3: Cooks and Crafts
The third tip I have for surviving winter snow-days without wireless connections is to bake or do crafts. Now you’re probably thinking, well wait parents won’t be able to go to the store if you’re snowed in. Well most parents will buy supplies and food a few days before the storm because of weather pre-dictions, if you can ask your parents to pick up muffin mix or extra icing. While you’re snowed in you can start up the event and have something tasty to snack on while you’re done. Also even if you’re not an artist you can doodle random things into fun comic strips while you’re waiting on food to bake properly. This is fun and you’re being expressive at the same time. Plus at the end you get food.

In Conclusion:

In conclusion, not all hope is lost if the power were to go out in a winter storm. With these tips and more available you’ll probably have more fun in the darkened, candle filled house, and then you would in a normal day. If you remember that and the fact that the storm won’t last forever, minus the homework a snow day can become a fun day.

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