By: Julia H.

Where can you go to have a fun time with friends, explore being a Girl Scout and do fun outdoor activities? The answer is: Girl Scout Camp! According to Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta "Explore 4 wonderful camp locations, four resident (overnight) camps and several local day camps. In addition to having a summer full of trying new things and meeting great friends, you’ll discover teamwork, leadership and confidence skills you never knew you had."

Girl Scout camp can be an overnight or a day camp experience where you can do many things like crafts, swimming, canoeing, hiking, and much more. There are 4 camp locations and each one has a different program focus. For example, Camp Pine Valley is on a lake, and focuses on boating and swimming. Camp Misty Mountain has horses and focuses on horse riding. Every camp is special in its own way. 

Girl Scout camp is tons of fun and no matter what you do or bring, you will definitely have a great time, but here are five tips that I think will help you have an even better time at camp.

  1. If you think you would prefer to have a close friend come to camp with you, bring a buddy! Find someone who wants to go to camp and invite them to come along. You will still be able to make new friends, but it can be cool to bring a friend too. There will be other girls that don't have friends with them so you and your friend can find new friends too! 
  2. Make a packing list and stick to it. Bring at least two bathing suits and bring a pair of pants and a sweatshirt for cool nights. Also, make sure you are bringing clothes that you are okay with getting dirty. Also, bring flashlights and extra batteries for campfires and late nights. Make sure you bring all the essentials that you might forget like sunscreen, bug spray, detangling spray for your hair (for after the pool and lake), Aloe Vera, and sunglasses. It is also okay to bring a thing or two that will make camp feel more like home.
  3. Choose camp-tivities that you will actually enjoy doing. At Girl Scout, you can choose your camp-tivities, these are the activities that you will do during the day. Be sure to pick things that you really love doing and not just things that your friends are doing. You might be able to make more new friends that enjoy the same things!
  4. Stay positive! A lot of people get homesick at camp but just remember to be happy! You will see your parents in less than a week and you should focus all your energy into having fun! Your new and old friends will be your family for the week. 
  5. Meet the camp staff.  At Girl Scout camp, you will have experience to meet counselors that all have different backgrounds. For example, at some camps, there is a program where people from England and other countries come to be counselors.

Also, counselors don't go by their real names! Everyone has a camp name that is different from their actual name such Skittles, Dancer or Freckles. 

All in all, Girl Scout camp is one of the most fun things you will do all summer. You get to be independent, hang out with old friends, make new friends and participate in fun activities for a week. Girl Scout Camp is something that you will never forget. From arts and crafts to swimming to archery to paddle boarding, it is a great way to enjoy summer!

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