By: Autumn R.

I flung a fireball at the nearest village hut, smirking as the villagers ran in fear from the shelter.
"You'll all pay!" I snarled, hovering over the guard tower as the guards tried to shoot me with their petty bows and arrows. A sudden, ice-cold substance hit my face, cold enough to burn. I screeched and scraped it off, spinning around to find my attacker. A small girl with ice white hair and pale skin was standing on the ground, a patch of snow under her feet and a snowball in hand. She was wearing a blue one-piece leather outfit with a mid-thigh skirt. I snarled and threw a fireball at her, avoiding the snowball as she threw it at me.
"Surrender! By the authority of the MLPF, you are under arrest for attempted murder and destruction of property!" The girl screeched, reaching for the snow again. The snow leapt into her hand in the form of a perfect sphere. I was so fascinated by the action that I didn't notice another person sneak under me and fire a dart. Crying out, I wrenched it from my arm and dropped it as the whole world spun around me. I remember falling from the sky as they hurried forward, weapons in hand. I blacked out.
I came to on a cold metal floor, with thick shackles covering my hands, holding them together. I furiously tried to break them, but they were electrified and I received a shock. I sat up quickly and looked around, trying to figure out where I was.
"My, my. Such great power in such a small child."
I stood up hurriedly and spun around. A man with greying hair and a white, one-piece, leather suit and a pair of white combat boots was standing at the far side of the room, though there was a slight blue haze force field in between us.
"Where am I?"
He smiled. "You are at the Mystery Law and Protection Force headquarters. Welcome to your new life."
The stack of books in my hands fell for the third time, making a loud noise in the quiet library. I hissed in frustration and clenched my fists together in anger.
"This job is stupid! Why can't I just go back home?" I screeched, kicking the books across the floor. A girl came running around the corner and, for a moment, I thought it was the snow girl. Then I saw that her hair was cream, not white, and she was taller. She wore a green suit instead of a blue one.
"Don't shout! It's a library!" She whispered, flustered. I snarled, her eyes widening.
"Y-you're that new girl that Damsey told us about. He said you wouldn't want to shelve books." I glared at her and started picking up the books again, balancing them in a precarious pile in my arms as I looked for the right spot. The girl followed me as I started down the next row, keeping close to my heels.
"What do you want?" I growled, shoving a book in its spot. She pulled it out and shifted it over one spot, then continued following me. She did this for about 20 minutes, at least until I snapped.
"What the heck are you still following me for?!" I hollered. She froze, then handed me a sealed note. I ripped the lid off and skimmed over the words on the page.
'You are invited to the Initiation Ceremony at noon. Please come in Formal Ceremony.'

"Formal Ceremony? What the heck does that mean?" I asked, giving her a guarded stare.
"This is so not my style." I grumbled, picking at my hem. The sickeningly pink dress came down to my knees, spaghetti straps holding it up on my shoulders. Ira, the girl who had given me the note, handed me a shrug, a sheet of gauzy satin that draped over both shoulders and rested inside my arms.
"I figured, but it was the only dress I own that will fit you. You're just so small." She pointed out, digging around in her desk drawer and resurfacing with a brush.
"I need to do your hair, but I'm not sure what I can do." My hair was long and wavy, a bright red-orange color, but it was a clumped, burnt, and tangled. It was a mess trailing down my back. Ira sighed. "I guess we'll just have to wash it." She concluded, trading the shrug for a towel. I’ll just skip the details and say I was not a happy camper.
            "Crap! We've got three minutes until the ceremony starts! Where's my hairdryer?" Ira squealed, trying to find it while tying her own hair in a curly bun. I just raised my eyebrow and closed my eyes, thinking about fire. I imagined it running through my hair and boiling all the water, the water evaporating away.
"Whoa." Ira gasped, tempting me to open my yellow eyes. The mirror reflected me, from my position, and my hair was in flames but did not  not burn the dress or hurt me as it trailed down my back. I smirked, canceling all thoughts of drying my hair and the flames disappeared, leaving a glossy curtain of beautiful wavy red-orange locks. "I guess we'll just pull back the strands right next to your face and pin them with a fire pin." She suggested, snapping out of her daze and rooting through her drawer again. The mention of a fire pin immediately sparked my interest.
"What kind of fire pin is it?" I asked, still guarded in my motives. Ira held up a small hair clip with a flame on it, made from a ruby. “Can you light it on fire?"
Ira nodded, handing it to me.
"The flame stays contained to the inside of the ruby, so it reflects the light everywhere. Try it!" She urged, hurriedly tugging on a pair of silver heels, that matched her strapless green dress. Her dress was skin tight to her waist and symmetrical, but it broke off into a puffy, layered dress that went to her left ankle and stopped at her right knee. There was a silver flower on her right hip.
The puffiness was absent in the skirt of my dress.
 I'm only eleven. Ira's thirteen.
We ran down the hallway, turning several corners until we reached a large set of doors. Ira snatched the clip from my hand and pulled the foremost strands back, pinning them in place. 
"Do your fire-thing." she said. I concentrated for a moment, then opened my eyes. Ira gave me a thumbs-up and opened the doors. There were so many people in the room, all wearing suits and fancy dresses. The man I met when I first arrived was walking towards us, a pleasant expression on his face.
"Ira, you made it. You didn't have any trouble with her, I presume?"
Ira shook her head, curtsying and heading towards a labeled chair.
'SG Ira Par' I was so interested in watching her that I didn't hear the question directed straight to me. The man snapped his fingers right in front of me and I jumped, turning quickly to look at him. Laughter rang throughout the room, making me flush with embarrassment.
"I said, what is your name?" He repeated, pulling my attention away from the others. I gulped, suddenly unsure of what to do.
"'s, um...Brilliant." I mumbled, barely audible. He raised an eyebrow, leaning closer.
"I'm sorry, what did you say?" He pressed.
"My name is...Brilliant. It's Brilliant Flame." I repeated, burning with embarrassment. The room stayed quiet though, confusing me.
"Well. I didn't expect much else from a Spark. Don't worry, your name isn't embarrassing." He reassured, putting a hand on my shoulder and leading me down the walkway. When we reached the stage, he nudged me in front of him and I hastened up the stairs.
He motioned to the only empty chair, right beside a very small purple-haired girl with a dark purple, vampire-style blouse and a shorter, black skirt. She wore a purple belt overtop and a pair of red and purple striped leggings. When I sat down, she flashed me a smile, showing off her spider like fangs.
"Hi! My name's Casper! My older sister, Spire, is sitting in the audience!" She whispered excitedly, practically bouncing out of her chair. On the other side of her was an older boy with grey-white hair, his head was in his hands and his shoulders were shaking lightly. Casper tugged on my arm and looked back at her.
"His name's Dusty. He's scared." She whispered, her eyes wide.
I didn't get to see the last one on the row, because the guy started talking.
"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome. Today, we are pleased to initiate two new soldiers into our program and level up two others."
"First, Eval Janson. Please step up here, Eval." The kid I couldn't see was a tall boy with a tall-necked, stiff collared black jacket, a pair of stiff black business pants, and black shoes. His hair was black and his skin fair, with purple eyes to offset.
"Now, Eval, what is your biggest goal for your first year?" He shrugged, looking at us with bored eyes. "Well, I'm sure you'll get one. Here is your schedule and your pin. Please sit with your peers."
"Thank you, Mr. Deg." He muttered, stepping off stage and sitting in a chair labeled with his name.
"Next, Dustin James. Dustin will be moving from Bronze Blue to Bronze Green. Dustin, please step up here." Mr. Deg requested. Dusty shook his head frantically, whimpering as he began to shake more. I carefully thought about a warm coat in the winter, a hug from a parent, a hot bath, all things that would comfort Dusty. I heard gasps from the people offstage and opened my eyes. A mirror in the back of the room reflected the image they saw. I had a red glow around me, Dusty with a matching one and huge eyes as he looked at his arms and legs.
"Would you look at that. Fire manipulation, with hidden secrets. Dusty, I believe she's trying to say something, hum?" Mr. Deg suggested, beckoning the boy to him. Dusty stumbled to his feet, standing beside Mr. Deg as he received a new bronze pin. He gave me a weak smile as he sat in his labeled chair.
"Please join me in welcoming Casper Maven, who is starting her first year. Casper?" He gave her an expectant look and she shot up from the chair. She tripped and fell, shooting tough webs from her wrists and catching herself with the wall-connected webs. She righted herself and hurried to Mr. Deg.
"Sorry about that!" Casper chirped, standing next to him. Mr. Deg laughed, handing her a bronze pin.
"Do you have any goals for the first year?" He asked.
"I want to be able to race my sister and win!" She cried, hopping a little.
She had way to much energy for my taste.
There was no doubt that this year was going to be a doozy.

Find out what happens next to Brilliant in part two of Mystery Law and Protection Force. You can read the second part here.

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