By: Mimi M.

Dear Diary,
This morning, I had shuddered as I looked at the ancient ruins of the old, crumbling castle. I knew that the only way to find my parents was to search for them. And the only way to find them was to find the World Globe. The legends say, the Globe was lost in the confusion of the battle that defeated Evil forever.
My parents left me in 2020, when I was a baby, with my aunt and uncle. I never saw my mom or dad again. My Aunt Sally said that they had died in a carpet crash. It seemed like a good answer, because magic carpets were then and are now the cause of 55% of deaths in the world. But I just knew that my parents were alive, somewhere.
I had been living with my aunt and uncle for about 10 years when I couldn't stand just waiting for my parents to come for me. So about a week ago, on my 11th birthday, I took an old magic carpet that I'd been fixing and left. If after 11 years my parents had not been able to find me, then I was going to find them.
A year ago, I would have laughed my head off at the thought of this. Me, tiny, redhead, little book nerd Riley Johnson going to the castle ruins on a quest to find her parents? No way. At least that’s what my friends and me would've said a year ago. 
My friends, except for my best friend, would never have believed that I would do something so impulsive. (They might not even believe that I have impulses.)  Most people would say I was the smart, shy girl with basically no personality. Well, most people would say this but not my best friend, Anna. With Anna I was the smart, brave, spunky girl who loved to plan. 
I started planning for this moment about five-months ago. I just realized that I had to go out into the world, and find my parents. I started planning important things like food, and unimportant things like whether or not I would be able to bring a tent and inflatable mattress with me on my carpet. I decided to bring enough food to last me a week, and enough money to buy food for two more weeks. (Hey, I'm optimistic!) Unfortunately, I couldn't fit an inflatable mattress or tent in my bag. But, I have enough equipment to last me until I find the World Globe, and then I’ll, hopefully, restock on supplies, and find my parents.
All right, I have always hated suspense, especially in stories, so here is what happened. I walked right on in, found the World Globe sitting right on a table, below a giant neon sign that said " WORLD GLOBE RIGHT HERE!!!!" I then picked up the instruction manual, and found my parents. I wish.
So, what really happened was I walked around and found a cave or what was more like a couple of rocks put together into the shape of a shelter and ate some food. I then slept in my sleeping bag. That’s right, I don’t have yoga mat or cushion of any sort. It’s just me with my sleeping bag, and the cold, hard, rocky ground. What fun.
I know, it take a while, but I'll get to sleep. I mean, how do you sleep when the key to finding your parents is just a little bit away? But somehow I'll manage.
The morning light makes everything better. I just woke up well rested-ish and I am on my way to the castle.

Riley Johnston

What does Riley discover in the castle? Find out in Dear Diary: Part 2 on Friday, October 14.

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