By: Emily B.

So dating. It’s not too hard, at first it may seem like it, but soon enough you’ll become a natural. Here are some things to keep in mind as you start dating.
Dating typically starts with a crush. Hopefully you have this particular person in a few of your classes, if not then maybe you pass them in the hallway or see them outside of school. Feel free to smile at your crush in the hallway and collect the courage to wave and find out their name. The important thing to remember is to appear happy and confident. As cheesy as it may sound, you are good enough for the most popular person in school as long as you believe in yourself.
Start having conversations with them. Ask them about the homework, even if you already have it. Ask them what classes they have, even if you already know. If you find out if he likes you and he asks you out then awesome! If not then he probably doesn’t have good taste.
Ok, so you’ve had the status change from “single” to “in a relationship”. What now? What should you do, just keep waving and smiling and asking about homework? NO WAY! Keep communicating. Send him emojis but don’t stop there! Walk to classes together and study with each other. Studying isn’t boring when you’re with a special someone. Post pictures of the two of you on Instagram or add a picture to your Snapchat story, but don’t overwhelm your followers because some people don’t appreciate when couples rub their relationship status into their faces.

Also, keep in mind if you’re only having conversation through your phone and not face-to-face, then it’s not really a relationship, but more of an, “I like you in a nonsocial way.” If you're too shy to go up to him at first (yes, awkwardness is always to be expected), then suggest a phone call. All these things lead to what both people in a relationship look forward to going on a date.
NOW YOU’RE FREAKING OUT BECAUSE WHAT IF THE DATE IS BORING? WHAT IF IT’S AWKWARD AND MY HAIR IS MESSED UP? WHAT IF I FREAK OUT AND PUKE ON THEM? Calm down, calm down. These questions are what go on in most people’s minds. If not then good for you, this must not be your first rodeo. To address the first question, it is important for you to choose an exciting place because of science. Science says that when you’re having fun and are at a very happy state, then chemicals are released in your brain that make you associate the person as being fun and exciting. It’s good to give them a suggestion or have your friend drop them a hint about where to go. I highly recommend ice-skating or roller-skating. The possibilities are endless for where you go on the first date, but the essential thing is that you are both enjoying each other’s company.
You’ve got it down now! You’re doing awesome! You both make a very cute couple, and you’ve even gone on a third date already, but something’s not right. There isn’t much communicating going on other than texting and it’s hard to tell if he’s still interested in being in a relationship. Now this is going on inside your head, “UGGGGGGGH!” Here’s the mistake that many people make; they don’t ask what’s wrong. You’ve got to be the bigger person and ask what’s going on.
Speaking from personal experience, it’s worse to be left wondering about what happened and have the relationship end than it is to find out and break up. And maybe you do break up and feel like a ton of bricks rained down on you as you’re swallowed into an abyss, don’t be discouraged because it happens to so many people. Eat ice cream, talk with friends, and know that there are other fish in the sea.
            Now, relationships don’t always end on short notice, maybe you and your boyfriend are still together, but maybe you have moved on from the person you thought would be your future husband. Life is still going great and you’ve learned through the crazy journey of dating how you act in a relationship and you probably found something out about yourself that was always hidden in the back of your brain. You’ve still got your friends, still got your ice cream, and life goes on because now, you’ve got another crush.

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