By: Abigail M.

When Valentine’s Day is mentioned pictures of happy young couples in love usually come to mind. This isn’t always the most fun thing to happen when you don’t have the peanut butter to your jelly at the moment. But worry not! All of your worries will soon disappear as you use this list to find yourself occupied, plus the next day a lot of the extra candy is super cheap!
            Since Valentine’s Day doesn’t necessarily have to be about romantic love, you can hang out with your friends and show them how much you love them. I personally like to make my friends brownies on Valentine’s Day, but there are also so many fun things to do like go for ice cream, go to a park and talk while feeding ducks, sing together, watch a movie or whatever you like to do with your friends.

Another thing you can do is earn some cash. Since a lot of couples are going to be out on dates, someone has to look after the kiddos. Children alone are four feet of pure energy, and I don't know about you but I find children running around and screaming about how they're the princesses of fairyland very entertaining. This also includes housesitting if they’re going away for a while, and the cutest scenario, pet-sitting.
The next route you could take is having a “you” day. Go and get your nails done, eat at that restaurant your mouth waters at when you hear it’s name, go shopping, or if you’re the type to stay inside watching Netflix all day. Go ahead because it’s a you day.
Something fun to do is just pack a lunch and start driving. You can stop whenever you want but just sort of wander so it’s like an adventure. If you decide to wander in the woods try not to get lost, but nice quiet places like libraries and meadows tend to be the best.
This isn’t a list of things you have to do if you don’t have a sweet honey when Valentine’s Day rolls around but rather a list of suggestions. Whatever you do choose to do though, stay safe!  

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