By: Abigail M.

We all know you love your friend to death but sometimes one of you crosses the line, then things start to heat up, and you end up in a fight with them - usually either giving them the cold shoulder or venting to your mom. Friendship fights make you feel incredibly spiteful, or insanely guilty and friend break-ups are pretty much 800% worse than romantic-breakups because they were passing you tissues and listening to Adele with you through those too.

The first thing to do is to try and stay calm during the fight, since us humans have a tendency to tear down our filter and say whatever comes to mind when we’re angry and in an argument. To stay calm, try slowly breathing in through the nose, holding it for about 5 seconds, and slowly breathing out, then repeat until you can’t feel the blood rushing to your face and your breathing is even.
After the fight, it’s best to think about what you are sorry about and how much they mean to you. You can’t undo what happened but you can apologize and hope for forgiveness. Another good thing to do is to always look at both sides of a situation. Don’t do something rash like post about it anywhere on the Internet or call them names because that will spread and it will be a big fat mess that’s frustrating and painful to deal with. Overall, handling everything in a calm manner will help patch things over much better than overreacting to every little thing.
Lastly, when you apologize for whatever you’re sorry for, try to explain your point of view and listen to theirs. The point of this is to gain a mutual understanding. If you try to understand them more than explain yourself or make excuses (because that’s like saying what you did wrong was actually right because a and b then c and so on and so on) when you both know you both did some wrong things. If you both want to be friends and want to be there for each other, then you are most likely going to have no problem getting over the previous disagreement.

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