By: Sarah K.  

A girl stood at a garden in the courtyard of a castle before dawn. The slow light was creeping across the sky. The lamps on the walls were still glowing, but the light was not as strong where the girl stood. She looked at the sky. It was getting brighter, which meant she had to sword fight in about 20-minutes. She shoved her hands in her pockets and sighed. "I am not a fighter," She thought. She then realized she hadn't brought a sword.  
She reached around her pockets for something useful. She drew something from her left pocket. A pen. She sighed again. "A pen won't help me." She told herself. Then she realized this pen could be useful in some way. A way that wasn't apparent to her yet... Oh, wait. She just forgot it. 
"Just lost my train of thought." She mused. 
She started walking around the garden, thinking hard. She didn't have a sword, not once in her life and the armory was guarded 24/7. Before she knew it, the sun had already shifted and someone was exiting the castle. She panicked. Then she remembered the pen. A pen could do more damage than a sword. Metal could kill, but words hurt more. She saw a girl walking over and waving. That was her friend, Isabella. She didn't want to try this on Isabella.  
"Hey, Anna!" she said, grinning. Isabella had dark hair and brown eyes. Anna eyed Isabella nervously and she looked her in the eye. Isabella sensed Anna's nervousness almost immediately. 
"Are you okay?" she asked. 
"I'm fine," Anna replied. "I just didn't bring a sword." 
"Okay," Isabella said. "You can always step out." 
"I'll be fine. I have something..." Anna rummaged through her pockets one more time. "I have a pen." 
"Anna, are you--" 
"I'll be fine." 
Isabella drew her sword and Anna drew her pen. The swordfight started. Isabella had the upper hand already. Anna couldn't get her pen to work. 
"I think it's out of ink," She mumbled. She started shaking it. Suddenly, it began spewing odd colored ink. 
Isabella was looking shocked. She had an ink splatter on her face. 
"Oops..." Anna repeated. A rift then appeared out of thin air. It was red and it was like a tear in the world. Both girls stared at it, confused and surprised. Someone, a girl, a little older than them, started walking out of the rift. She glared at them. 
She started mumbling something and when she stopped, Isabella and Anna where both thrown backwards. Anna grabbed her pen and it acted as an amplifier for a spell. Anna mumbled the exact words of the spell and it threw the original spell caster back through the rift. Isabella got up. 
"What just happened?" she asked. 
"Someone who knows powerful spells," Anna answered, a little shocked with herself. Just then another person came running though the rift with a sword. Isabella jumped and parried a blow directed at Anna. The new attacker then focused her attacks on Isabella. She was handling them, but not doing well. Anna saw this and improvised. She mumbled some magical sounding words and surprisingly, they worked. The attacker dashed back into the rift. 
"Wasn't that a lot of fun?" Anna said sarcastically. 
"Yup." Isabella replied, equally sarcastic. "Let's just go back to the castle and not go out for a week." 
"Mhm." agreed Anna. They both started speed walking back to the castle. Anna's hands shook. That rift could still be open, and if that was true, something could still spill out of it. 
"Do you think that rift could still be open?" Anna asked Isabella. 
"Probably," Isabella replied. "But don't worry about it. That rift shouldn't be any trouble to the trained warriors." 
"I hope you're right..." 

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