By: Lime Green Giraffe Webmaster, Zora F.

Choosing your braces color can be hard. But here are some tips and info to help you choose the perfect color for your almost perfect smile in training. Remember, choosing the color for your braces is a way to colorize your mouth so make sure you pick unique colors.
Choosing the right color depends on your skin tone. Lighter blue, bronze, darker purples or blues and subdued tones of red or pink might complement a lighter skin tone. Gold, turquoise, orange, green, violet or pink may look super if you have a darker skin tone. Darker braces colors may make your teeth appear whiter.
From my experience, I would recommend that you pick bright color no matter what your skin tone. I have found that because darker colors seem to fade easier. I had a purple color and when I first got the color is was bright, but after a few weeks the color started to fade and you couldn't see it at all. I currently have lime green. Lime green is a much brighter color and is lasting longer.
I think popular colors include different shades of blue like turquoise, teal, light blue but also pink and purple. If you are looking for inspiration, you might want to pick color patterns like your school colors or maybe something festive like Christmas colors.
Keep in mind, there are also colors that you should not choose. Some of the colors that I think you should stay away from include: black, white, yellow, green or brown. Black elastics may mimic rotting teeth or food in your teeth. White may seem like a good choice but may actually make your teeth appear more yellowed. Plus white elastics can stain more easily. Likewise, if your enamel already appears slightly yellow, yellow elastics will intensify this effect. Green or brown elastics can also be mistaken for food.

Be courageous. Think of the first color you choose as a practice color. After your first color, you will have more of a feeling of the next color you wan to pick. Remember, your color is uniquely you so be happy and remember to smile.

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