By: Lime Green Giraffe Copy Editor, Ali S. and Lime Green Giraffe Social Director, Mimi M.

JTF is a theatre festival for all the young and talented actors/actresses. There are awesome performances, a shop full of broadway merchandise, fun classes with broadway masters, behind the scenes looks, and premiers of never before seen shows. In this article, you will learn about the spectacular junior theatre festival and all the amazing things you can see and do there.

Every company/school group that goes must make a 15-minute cut of a junior show, and perform it in front of adjudicators. For this performance, the groups are not allowed to use props, costumes, or sets. They are only allowed to use the people they brought and 4 blocks/ chairs. Some of the shows people performed were chosen to be specially premiered in front of everyone. For example, Red Phoenix, performing James and the Giant Peach Jr, was chosen for the Outstanding Performance Award and performed in front of everyone. Besides the awards, each group performed in front of 3 adjudicators. Some of the performances people had performed were Little Mermaid Jr, James and the Giant Peach Jr, Singing in the Rain Jr, and Seussical the Musical Jr.

Besides the performances, the performers could go spend some time and money at the shop or photo booth area. The shop held many cool merchandise items from all sorts of broadway shows. For example, they were selling Newsies cap, Lion King stuffed animals, musical song books, show shirts, and some JTF patches. In the photo booth area, there were backdrops from different musicals such as Into the Woods Jr, The Little Mermaid Jr, Guys and Dolls Jr, Willy Wonka Jr, High School Musical Jr, Lion King Jr, and last but certainly not least, Newsies.

Besides spending time at the shop, actors spent time in classes improving their acting, dancing, and singing skills with musical theater masters. Every year, you learn something new, and it is always a fun and exciting experience.

Probably the most exciting parts of the JTF experience was the behind the scene looks and premieres. The 2017 years behind the scene look was how they did Timone’s costume, from the Lion King on Broadway, to how they could have done it without the puppet (humanization versus puppet). Also, some groups got to perform premieres of new junior shows on stage. Some premiers included Junie B. Jones the musical Jr, Magic Tree House Pirates in the Pm the Musical and more. The main treat of the 2017 JTF was the premier of the new movie/musical of Newsies. So here you have it folks, hot off the press, the story of the 2017 JTF Experience.

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