By: Lillian Grace J.

     Have you ever talked with your troop about budgeting? This task is very important and it keeps your troop financially stable. Advents and activities could not take place unless they're correctly budgeted for. Troop budgeting is not just helpful for money your troop is spending, but money your troop is saving.
Here are the steps to create a troop budget:

Step 1: Sit down with your troop and find out what activities you guys want to do this year. Remember to record these ideas on paper.
Step 2: Sit down with your leader and get a approximation of how much money your troop has earned from cookie and candy sales.
Step 3: Sort your activity list that you created in step one and get rid of anything financially unrealistic.
Step 4: Break out a calculator because it's time to budget your troop's other expenses like food, transportation, and hotels.
Step 5: Create a spreadsheet of all of the well-planned out activities and give them to your troop leader to get it approved by the council.

Congratulations your troop has fully budgeted their activities and savings.

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