By: Lime Green Giraffe Copy Editor, Ali S.

Welcome to this issue of Adventures with Ali. In this article, you will be taken on an amazing adventure to Callaway Gardens located in Pine Mountain, Georgia. After reading this, you will be able to start preparing for your next adventure with details on attractions, festivals and so much more information.

At Callaway Gardens, there are several remarkable activities that are fun to enjoy and experience. For example, one attraction is the Day Butterfly Center. The Day Butterfly Center is a wonderful place where you can go and experience the beauty of nature with butterflies flying all around you. Something that makes this place special is that if you are careful, a butterfly might just land on your hand, but only if you stay extremely still. The butterflies may either randomly fly onto you, or crawl onto your hand. This indoor butterfly palace lets you be surrounded by butterflies and get lost in their beauty. Afterwards, you can stop by the gift shop and buy something to take home to remind you of your visit. 

Another unique place to visit is the Callaway Discovery Center. The Callaway Discovery Center is a great place filled with many different activities. The Birds of Prey is an educational program that teaches visitors about wild raptor birds, most of whom have injuries and cannot be released back into the wild.  You can get an up-close look at these incredible animals and learn how humans affect their lives.

Also at the Discovery Center is a place called TreeTop Adventure and Zip Lines. At this place, you can go through an obstacle course in the trees filled with zip lines from one obstacle to another. As you progress through the course the obstacles become more difficult and more fun.

Bicycling is one of visitors and local’s favorite thing to do because it takes you through pathways where you can see the beauty of nature. There are 10 miles of newly repaved bicycle trails. In addition, there are more great attractions that are extremely amazing for all ages.

At Callaway Gardens, there are also opportunities to go geocaching. If you do not know what geocaching is, it is finding hidden objects using GPS coordinates. There are more than 40 caches in Callaway Gardens this means that there is more fun for you to find. Besides geocaching you can also, visit Robin Lake Beach. At the beach, you can hang out on the sand or enjoy some of the water activities. Water tubing, skiing and paddle boating are just a few of the fun things to do here. In the summer months, you can also enjoy seeing the FSU Flying High Circus.

Besides the year-round activities found in Callaway Gardens, there are also festivals that happen just once a year. One festival is called the Fantasy in Lights, which takes place around Christmas time and is a huge celebration for the holiday where they set up this large pathway filled with Christmas Lights that looks fantastic and provides a great family experience. There are 8-million lights and 15 magical scenes that make up this festival’s biggest attraction. One of the special attractions at the Fantasy in Lights is to go shopping in a huge popup tent called the Christmas Village which is open just during this festival. There are opportunities for holiday character sightings, shopping for unique holiday gifts and great food options. You can either drive through the lights in your own vehicle or take a trolley ride through the lights.  On the trolley ride each scene is narrated, everyone sings Christmas songs and you can even make some new friends.

Another one of the popular festivals here is the Sky High Hot Air Balloon Festival, this festival happens in early September. At this festival, you can either ride in a hot air balloon tethered to the ground or just see breathtaking view of the balloons as they light up the sky with bright and vibrant colors. There are several more festivals and events that are splendid and fascinating.

Callaway Gardens is a beautiful and amazing place with fun family events all year long. Anyone who has been here has not been disappointed and neither will you, if you go and have your own adventure at Callaway Gardens. This has been another Adventures with Ali. Thank you for reading my article and I hope you get a chance to visit Callaway Gardens in the future. 

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