By: Lime Green Giraffe Service Director, Sydnie C. 

With 180 days in school, every break that students get is precious. The issue is sometimes we spend most of our break wondering what to do over our break. Dont know how to spend your spring break? Well, read on for some spring break inspo! 

  1. 1. Relax 
      Spring break takes place in the middle of second semester, a period of time marked by increased laziness and decreased productivity. Second semester tends to be even worse for seniors, because senioritis has fully set in by this point. Take your spring break to relax and get away from the stresses of school! This does not necessarily mean spending your entire break with your couch and Netflix, though. 

2.    Get out of the City 
       Georgia has more to offer than the concrete jungle of Atlanta and the surrounding areas. About a two-hour drive north from Atlanta, the Blue Ridge Mountains offer activities to satiate the adventurous urges of any thrill-seeker. You can bike, ride horses, canoe, kayak, white water raft, and tube in this region.  

3.    Dessert Hopping 
        Atlanta can cure the sweet tooth of any sugar-loving foodie. If youre in the mood for a scrumptious cookie, check out Insomnia Cookies or Alis Cookies. If youre in search of a good ice cream joint, check out Cami Cakes (and get the red velvet ice cream) or the new Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream shop, where they make their ice cream using liquid nitrogen. An all-time favorite dessert shop of mine is Sweet Hut.  

4.   Movie Marathon-ing 
      Gather a few friends and binge-watch movies and TV shows on Netflix. Yes, I know earlier in this article I gave advice not to spend your spring break with your couch and Netflix. This is different, though, because youre spending your spring break with your couch, Netflix, and your friends. This is technically very social.  

5.    Homework 
       Hate to say it, but you should dedicate some time to your studies. AP exam season comes rather quickly after spring break, so get a head start on your exam cramming.  

6.    Volunteer 
       What better way to spend your time than helping to improve the lives of other people. Check out to find a volunteer experience tailored to your interests to ensure an awesome volunteer experience.  

7.     Explore Atlanta 
         Hit up foodie spots like Krog Street Market or Ponce City Market. Look at Atlanta from the sky via SkyView Atlanta. Participate in the fun activities in Piedmont Park. Check out cool consignment shops like Buffalo Exchange and Rag-O-Rama. Just get out and do as much as possible.  

8.     Sleepa lot 
        But lets be real, you were already planning on doing this.  

9.    Do Something Youve Always Wanted To Do 
       During the school year, time-consuming homework and extracurricular activities make it pretty difficult to explore your hobbies. Use spring break to explore and hone your hobbies whatever they may bereading, writing a novel, coding, knitting, taking pictures.  

10.   Get an Internship 
        I know, sounds like serious adult-ing, but spring break is a great time to build your resume.  

11.    Long for summer 
         Whether your spring break is one or two weeks, it never seems like it is long enough. But keep calm, a longer break is coming!  

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