By: Lime Green Giraffe Event Director,  Emily B. 

Lemme get straight to the point - embarrassment is one heck of a challenge. Your face gets red, people stare, and crowds start to gather around you. As you stare into the eyes of the people glaring at you, remember one thing: all of them have experienced an embarrassing and awkward situation. Don’t believe me? Here are some examples.
"I had a blind date and I took her to this restaurant. She was a very original girl who wasn’t into much sports. We were talking and getting to know each other before I took her to the buffet restaurant. We were going to get up from our seats to get in line for food and she mentioned that she needed to go to the bathroom. As she walked towards me when she was coming back, she points to the buffet line and says “Let’s go get our plate." As she turns around I notice that her skirt came up and got caught up in her panty hose. You could see everything. I didn’t know what to say and everyone was staring. Once I caught up to her I whispered into her ear that she might want to go to the restroom and check her skirt. When she came back she looked mortified and told me it had been a lovely night, but she needed to go home."
"I was in a production of Annie the musical, and I played Miss Hannigan. She has a big song called 'Little Girls,' and there's a little scene beforehand with one of the orphans. So the lights come up and I'm passed out on a desk drunk (acting). The kid's supposed to come out but she doesn't, and I can't continue, so I just lay there. Finally one of the kids comes out (not even the one that's supposed to), says the line, then throws a teddy bear at me AND I FALL ON MY BUTT. The end."
"My cousin and I were at this beach and there was a creek on the opposite side and it led to woods farther back. We decided to see where it would take us and so we set off on an adventure. The creek led to a small waterfall and there was a man-made tunnel up at the top.  My cousin and I thought it was just the coolest thing so we sat down on the waterfall and talked for a while. When we walked back to the beach my cousin turned to me and said, 'What are all those things all over your bottom?' She came over and pulled one off. 'You have leeches all over you!' I noticed that she had them all over her butt to and we were both screaming and picking them off each other. My sister came over with her friends and when they found out the situation they could not stop laughing!"
"I decided to make my mom and dad a meal one day while we were vacationing. My family was in Buffalo at the time so I figured it was only fitting to make Buffalo wings. I decided to make them extra crispy so I rolled them in flour and then fried them. When they both took a bite, they smiled at me and said cheerfully, 'Well, these are very interesting!' I took a bite and they were very, very sweet. My mom told me I rolled them in powdered sugar instead of flour. I was so embarrassed."
"In March my church put in a new organ from New York City that had survived all the ash from the 9/11 attack. The congregation held a big ceremony and invited a bunch of war veterans to come celebrate, listen to music, and enjoy refreshments after the concert. My job (I was volunteering) was to serve cookies with my friend. After the concert finished, elderly men and women came into the atrium and we began to serve. I wasn’t sure who had served in a war and who hadn’t, but I went on and offered my biggest smile to everyone. One of the older men stopped in line as I was about to hand him a cookie and he said, 'Can you smile for me?' Obviously I was going to smile for this sweet old man so I flashed him a cheesy grin. 'Can you open up a little wider, I want to see your teeth?' A little confused, I smiled wider. 'Now turn to the side, and if you could, pull back your gums so I can see your molars.' I didn’t want to be rude so I politely looked down at the full stack of napkins and said uncomfortably, 'I’m gonna go get more napkins.' My friend couldn’t stop laughing. When I came back, the man was still there! He came up again, 'When are you getting your braces off?' It was a simply question so I replied, 'Two months!' He looked disgusted, mumbled 'Humph,' and walked away. SO AWKWARD!"
"My friends and I were at a football game and at the entrance to the field we saw this fake blow up man. One of the guys thought it would be funny to stick the finger of the blow up man into its butt. He's pretty immature I'm just saying. Well, it turns out that the blow up man was a costume and my friend was sticking the finger of an actual person into the butt of his costume!"
Just like I said! It happens and I'm sure you've collected some funny stories that you can tell others as well! So next time you're in a situation much like one of these, just own it! Give your biggest smile and say, “This is so like me!”

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