By: Sarah K.
You have found an awesome game and you want to take pictures of moments or items you have collected in your game that you want to remember, but you have no idea how to take screenshots. Don't fret! Here's an easy way to do it.
Taking the screenshots themselves
There are a lot of technical things you can do to make your screenshots better, but for now getting the screenshot is most important. It can differ between computers, but the one I am most familiar with is "Print Screen". Find a shot you want to take, press "Print Screen" (sometimes marked as "PrtScn"), and move onto the next step.

Pasting and editing
Once you have pressed your button of total screenshot awesomeness, go into the art program on your computer (I use Paint, but you can use whatever is available on your computer) and press the "Ctrl" and "V" keys together and the picture should show up. It will be everything that was on your screen when you pressed "Print Screen". Now find the crop button or icon, click it and drag it from a corner to where you want the picture to be. Then press "Ctrl" and "X" and move on to the next step.
Select (goes along with crop).

Finally, getting the screenshot ready to save.
Once you have pressed Ctrl + X, there should be a white blank where the part of the picture you cropped was. Open another window of your art program. Then press Ctrl + V. The picture you cropped should appear.

Improving Your Screenshots
The technical stuff (All of this is optional, because some games don't have these features!)
Hide your user interface.
You don't want your chat window in your screenshot, right? Hiding your UI (user interface) helps with that, though not all games have this feature.
First, find the options window. Then look for "Controls" or sometimes "Key bindings". Look for "Hide interface" or "Toggle interface."

Find your camera controls.
Angling can make pictures look very nice! Finding your camera controls can make the pictures you take look nicer.
Go into your options window again and go back to the controls. Find something like "Camera right" or "Camera down." Then try them out.

The knowledge has been passed on to you! Try taking a few screenshots of random things to practice a little!

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