Have you ever found yourself needing advice? Well here you go. Thanks to these letters, you can read them whenever you need advice on feeling love struck, feeling accepted, feeling good about yourself or feeling bad about yourself. So…open when.

...you're feeling bad about yourself.
By: Avery B.

Dear friend, 
The comparison game is hard, I know. You look around and all you see are people smarter than you, prettier than you, working harder than you and you can’t help but to feel like you’re doing something wrong. It can feel like who you are isn’t enough. But the truth is – you are more than enough. By being yourself, you put something wonderful in the world that was not there before. Countless lives have been touched and changed for the before, all because you were in them. If you were anyone else, something would be missing from the world. So whenever you feel down and are being harsh on yourself, remember that nobody else can be you, do what you do. You are more than enough.  

...you're feeling accepted.
By: Lillabeth B.

I know things aren’t perfect, and they may never be. But regardless of whether or not you figure it all out, at least you have this moment, right here, right now. Surrounded by people who make you feel loved, who bring out the best in you and who you bring out the best in. The feeling of being included is one of the most valuable emotions because so much of our self-esteem relies on it. Even if you don’t have the nicest hair or the coolest clothes, you’re still loved, and that’s what matters, right? And even if others feel this way more often, it doesn’t make your time in the sun any less special.  
It takes moments like these to remind us that we are loved, really and truly, and that we deserve respect and support. If anyone ever tries to tell you otherwise, think of this moment, and remember that regardless of what anyone else thinks, you do have friends. You are worthy of affection and kindness. You are “cool.  And most importantly, you are loved. 
Lillabeth B.

...you're feeling lovestruck.
By: Emma B.

Dear Girl Crushing on a Boy 
If you’re reading this, you’re probably singing every cheesy love-song in existence on repeat. You’ve probably met this guy who just has everything you like. Maybe he has a beautiful pair of hypnotizing blue eyes, or flowing long hair, or he got all your comic book references. Whatever the reason is for feeling the way you do right now, just know, it’s totally normal.  
Girls always think of that someone who will be at their death bed, the one who will be there to the end. There is also a lot of pressure to get a boyfriend in the teen years, and it is really, really hard to deal with. In particular, I myself have dealt with others who come to me asking the simple question, “Do you have a boyfriend?”  
So, when that “Mr. Right” does come along, it’s easy to be lost in your own feelings. It’s normal to feel confused, happy, awestruck and overwhelmed with emotions. You may not know what to do or even how to progress and get to know that person better. You are not alone, we all feel this way at least once. Be assured as well, sometimes the boys are feeling the same way too!  
So pay attention girls. You need to keep in mind and remember: you are determined, smart and beautiful no matter how many times your insecurities tell you otherwise.  You may tell yourself that the world hates you or that you could never be someone’s “precious.  However, you need to know for certain that somewhere, someone, some boy thinks you’re the bomb, maybe even in more ways than one. You need to know that they are not lying if they tell you that you are beautiful. I know self-beauty vs. narcissism is tricky, but you’ll find that balance - just keep working at it. You need to know that us love birds all have one thing in common: emotion. When you are in love, emotions are raw and easily thrown off balance. So despite how in love you might be; take your time. You never know what that person could be, no matter how long you have known them. Give it a few months or maybe a year. Test the waters and make sure the person is truly “the one. 
You also need to realize that getting into a relationship does not always happen by waiting for your prince to bring the glass slipper. It takes time and effort and you need to put yourself out there. It’s hard and it can be infuriating, but it can be done. If you happen to have a class together and get a moment to chat, start a conversation by finding common ground and then turn it into something you both can enjoy. If you find yourself amused, then you may realize that something is truly there. If you are a little shy, try to attend after school events. Take a friend or two with you to a football game or maybe a movie. You never know what may happen if you run into “that guy.” 
I guess what I’m trying to say is that no matter who you are secretly writing about in your diary, we have all been there. Our friends, our parents, our teachers, even our dogs. As long as you stay you, eventually the perfect person will find you. Even if you don’t believe it, they always come.  
Emma/ Rose C.M. Brady

...you feel good about yourself.
Dear friend (yes, this means you), 
Congratulations. You did the thing. 
Maybe you got a really good grade on a test you thought you were going to fail, or absolutely nailed an audition, or you got into the college of your dreams (for those of you who are old enough for that). Maybe you finished your to-do list for the day, or finally completed a big project that you’ve been working on. Maybe you got the courage to speak out in class; maybe you feel really good about yourself today; maybe you’ve just had a really awesome day in general. But you did it. 
Unfortunately, I can’t put confetti poppers (or even confetti) in this letter; the internet doesn’t handle confetti very well. So just imagine the confetti, okay? And maybe a really dramatic fanfare, and some jazz hands. 
Are you imagining? Good. 
Now hold onto this feeling. Hold on to it really tight and for as long as you possibly can, and remember it, because you’re going to need it later. But also enjoy it, because this is an amazing feeling, and happiness can be so fleeting, so any chance you have to experience it, you should. 
Go get up and have a dance party. Even if it’s just you alone in your room—those are honestly the best dance parties because you don’t have to worry about tripping over other people’s feet or having them bump into you. Just worry a little bit about the furniture—walking into your bed or your bookshelf tends to hurt. 
You did it. And I’m so proud of you. 
Meghan K. and the Lime Green Giraffe Staff 

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